Friday, August 14, 2009

The Weekend Looks Good + ADD-ON!


is a

Special Greeting

from Tom!


and a Special Greeting

from Me!


(Watch for an add-on to the Car Wash sign, this morning!)


It's 59 degree and clear!

WKTV's forecast: "Mostly sunny Friday with temperatures into the upper 80s. Sunshine and warm weather will last through the weekend, with temperatures making a run to near 90 degrees!"

Having seen quite a few clouds like this - above - yesterday afternoon, I'm surprised that we didn't have some "fireworks" during the night!


On West Bacon Street.

(Better she than me!)

Plants everywhere - from Fr. Tom's "garden" ........

............ to planters on telephone poles are still bright!

Must have been the rain!



A nice note and very special "attachment" from Paul Fleischmann:

"Your story and photos yesterday of the (past) Methodist Church reminded me that I have a scanned image of a drawing that I did (back in 1955-ish) for the Church to raise money through sales of note paper with this drawing on them. Don't know if they made any money?
I thought the offer by Jack Brouilette for beans was especially nice! What a nice town Waterville is!"

This is wonderful!

Thank you very much, Paul!

(Do you have any other drawings to share?)


Thank you, also, to "anonymous" who left a Thank You note for me at "Heaps of History." I can't take credit for all of the typing: my husband did that (as well as everything online at Historic Archives.) I just blog, but I know that he'd appreciate your kind words!

About those green beans: Jack said that he would mark the patch --- what did I find? A "Beanie Baby!"




It was fairly late in the afternoon when I drove through Bouckville, and although some of the "shops" were closed, I was still amazed (as I always am) that the roadsides were absolutely jam-packed with displays!

Of course not everything is a genuine "antique" ........

......... nor are all of the browsers serious shoppers or collectors, for I saw very few parcels leaving stores.

Everyone seemed to be hungry, however, and there were stands along route 20 that were busy selling everything from hamburgers and hot dogs and fried bread dough to pulled pork, chicken BBQ and even steaks!


The Rotary Food Tent is surely open by now.

Follow the best aromas right to the big tent under the really big sign!


Speaking of food ..........

If you're not in Bouckville on Sunday, you could be at........



Have a Great Weekend, Everyone!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

It's Garbage Day! - 8:30 a.m. Add-on!

A very quick post:

Breakfast out, and then a look at Bouckville!

More later!


First things first:

- a nice note to blog readers from Jack Brouillette:

"Today, we left a 10X10 unharvested green bean patch near my house on 2301 Hanover Road. The patch is a few feet off the road and across the road from my house. I will mark it with a flag. Any interested community members may help themselves to very good quality Spartacus beans. Yummy!"

(Thanks for that, Jack!)



A blog reader has tipped me off to two very interesting articles in this week's issue of The Pennysaver:

  • "Seniors Helping Seniors,'" about a fairly new Waterville franchise operated by Terry Rockwell and her husband, Jack, that matches senior “helpers” with senior “receivers” to provide non-medical services including transportation to appointments, help with shopping, housework, cooking, laundry, yard work and repair and handyman services, and

  • "Disney Magic," about the WCS Marching Band and the Swing Choir's recent trip and "Bravo!" performances at Disney World in Orlando, Florida: what it took to get there and what some of the travelers thought of the experience!


Right now it's 61 degrees; a few foggy clouds.

From WKTV: "An upper level disturbance to our southeast could generate an isolated shower again (Thursday), but the vast majority of the day will be dry with highs in the lower to middle 80's. Sunshine and warm weather will last through the end of the week and into the weekend, with temperatures making a run to near 90 degrees!"




Have a Great Day!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Farmers' Market Today!


It's 59 degrees and clear.

The WKTV weather forecast is short and sweet: "Besides an early morning shower, Wednesday looks to be pleasant with a mix of sun and clouds and temperatures in the low 80s.
Sunshine and warm weather will return for the end of the week."

I'm sorry that I forgot to "blog" a reminder to watch for the Perseids. I did get up at 4:00 this morning, but didn't see any meteors at all. Perhaps tonight!


Whether you're on White Street .............

............ or Babbott Avenue South, or even glimpsed from Main Street, Pat's flowers stand out against their bright purple background ...

.......... an unexpected color for a building that was constructed as a Methodist Church in the 1860s!


Red and white flowers decorate the railing planter on the side deck of the Red Lion Pub.

I took this picture early in the day, but by quitting time Mike and Blake had done a great deal more work on the Bandstand roof and now the structure's starting to look just like the pictures!


Ready for the Rotarians and their Blueberry Pancakes at Bouckville!

(I'll blog the "restaurant" hours tomorrow!)

Have you seen a small sign at the corner of Rt 12B and Peck Road that says "Flower Stand?"
If you take time to turn, this is what you'll find!

I took a ride over to Vernon Center, yesterday afternoon, looking for the field of sunflowers
that we all enjoyed three years ago, but they weren't there. Just a big field of weeds.



But there are other side-road treasures:

there's no sign at the corner of Rt 315 and Shanley Road, but if you drive up the hill just a little way you'll find this display, at the Landis Farm.


"Old Timers' Story Swap" Friday at 4:30 at the Library.

Start-up topic: Picking Hops! This will be the only gathering in August, but in September we'll go back to our twice-monthly schedule at the 10:15 a.m. time!




Have a good day, everyone!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Rain has Stopped!


It's 65 degrees and here is the WKTV weather forecast as of last evening:

"A warm weather week on the way.
Thunderstorms will weaken overnight as muggy conditions remain in place. Overnight lows 65-70. Sun and clouds and the chance of a brief thunderstorm for our Tuesday. High in the lower 80's.

Sunshine and seasonably warm weather will return for the middle and end of the week."

I hope that WKTV's prediction of BRIEF thunderstorms is correct: neither my flowerbeds nor any of the local farm crops need any more rain!


It rained yesterday morning, but cleared up around noontime.

Dan Maine and his crew were working on the roof of the Wright residence on White Street.

Farther up White Street, scraping or painting is taking place.

Kent Cole pondered a project at the old library building on Main Street, soon to be the home of the Waterville Historical Society.

Mike and Blake were back in the Park.


Meanwhile, in Bouckville ................

............. more displays have opened ...........

............ and early browsers are gathering.


With a hot, humid afternoon in the forecast, keep in mind the fact that the new Livbrary is air conditioned and, today at 3:00 and 6:00 you can enjoy a few extra "chills" by watching Jimmy Stewart and Kim Novak in Alfred Hitchcock's classic thriller, "Vertigo," in which a San Francisco detective suffering from acrophobia investigates the strange activities of an old friend's wife, all the while becoming dangerously obsessed with her.



"Rusty" chided me, yesterday, for not posting the ball scores - the Sox have been in such a slide that my friends and relatives in Massachusetts are in noticable states of depression! (I must have the benefit of age: the team's been there before, and they always manage to come back.)

He also sent me some more beauties from his garden: a great start to anyone's day!

(Thanks, Rusty!)


Have a Great Day, everyone .......

and remember:

Tomorrow is Farmers' Market!