Friday, February 27, 2009


Counting down: 20


It's 42.3 degrees.
Blustery, but starry clear.

WKTV's Weather Forecast: "(A) storm system will pass to our north and west and drag a cold front through CNY by late (Friday). As a result we expect some rain showers to develop. The best opportunity for rain will be from late morning thorugh about sunset and about 1/4 to 1/2 inch of rain is expected for most spots. Temperatures will rise into the upper 40's before the rain before readings fall back a bit during the afternoon. Winds will gust to 30 miles per hour as the cold front draw near.
Any leftover precipitation will switch over to snow showers (Friday) night as colder air works in behind the storm. We don't expect much more than a coating to an inch of new snow accumulation for much of the area as an area of High Pressure will build in by early Saturday. Winds will relax overnight and temperatures will fall into the teens.
Saturday still looks dry and pleasant with partial sunshine and temperatures within a few degrees of freezing.


Yesterday was outstanding!!

Some of our "snow birds" are returning - perhaps one of them brought this batch of Springtime home with them? If that's the case, "Thank You!"

Kids in "hoodies" out building a super snowman in the bright sun in Deansboro!


In the village, it's melty .........

......... and messy, but we don't care!

I spotted quite a few mallards enjoying a paddle in a pond next to Hanover Road just N. of the Cornishes' home. They weren't alone ...........................

About a dozen robins flew right in front of my car and landed there, too!





will have it's first meeting of the year

at 117 Barton Avenue


Tuesday, March 3 from 6:30 - 8:00.

The program will be


Anyone interested can contact Missy Brouillette at 794-7125



There's an interesting article in the MidYork Weekly about the "Common Thread Community Farm" which many of us have noticed as we drive by on Lake Moraine Road on the way to Hamilton.


All that "greenery" in the window next to "Stinkers?" Well: a closer look reveals quite an assortment of what appears to be exercise equipment and even - perhaps - a tanning bed!


On Putnam Street.


This Weekend:

It's Sesame Street Live! at the Stanley

Next Weekend:

America's Greatest Heart Run & Walk


Daylight Savings Time begins on March 8th!


Have a Great Weekend, Everyone!

Thursday, February 26, 2009



It's Garbage Day!
31.6 degrees and overcast.

From WKTV: "A weak warm front is advancing through the region. Most of the precipitation has passed to the east, but some light snow, sleet, or freezing drizzle is possible through 8AM this morning. After that, the precipitation will end, and temperatures will slowly rise through the day. Clouds and a breeze will make it feel chilly though, but high temperatures are expected to be near 40 by the end of the day. Cloudy skies tonight, and turning downright windy by daybreak, with temperatures in the 30s.
A mild and windy start to Friday as our next storm system advances closer to the region. This storm will pass to the west, and with counterclockwise winds out ahead of the storm, mild air will surge into the region. Temperatures will climb into the mid 40s across the region, before an area of rain moves in by the late morning and early afternoon. Friday afternoon will be a soggy, springlike afternoon, with a general half inch of rain. A cold front will pass through by evening, cooling off temperatures and pushing any leftover precipitation to the east. Rain showers may briefly end as a bit of snow, but little more than a coating is expected. Temperatures also will cool off quite quickly tomorrow evening, and we are watching for the possibity of a flash freeze.
Saturday should bring a mix of sun and clouds and seasonable temperatures.


Yesterday afternoon: wonderful!

Potholes ...............

.............. and puddles.

The water in Lake Hanover will surely be rising, later today.

This photo appeared in the blog last October 30th.

No wonder we're searching for any signs of Spring!

At the old Lumbard Homestead, there's a bright bouquet of forsythia in an upstairs window!

New greenery has appeared in a window next to "Stinkers," on Main Street.

It must mean something - but what?


From WKTV Sports: "Waterville Girls Wash Away Fabius-Pompey"

The girls will take on Bishop Grimes Saturday at 5:00 at Chittenango.


AYSO Registration Waterville High School Cafeteria:

February 26th and March 5th

Time: 6:00 til 7:30


Also tonight; also at 6:00!

Family Movie Night

"High School Musical III - Senior Year"

FREE at the Waterville Public Library!


The Waterville Book Discussion Group will be reading "The Jane Austen Book Club" by Karen Jay Fowler. Call the library at 841 4651 to reserve a copy. Bring your lunch, and join the discussion at 12 noon, on Wednesday, March 25th in the Meeting Room. (Click the title link for just one of the many, many glowing reviews!)



Tuesday, March 10 at the Waterville Public Library:


79 days, 10 states, 4400 miles, two people and one bicycle across America

Steve and Carol Mackintosh will be here for a slide talk which will chronicle their summer of 2008 cross-country bicycle trip. Find out how they did it and see how America looks at 12 miles per hour.


Friday, March 13, also at the Waterville Public Library

Irish Performaces starting at 6:30pm

Performances by:

Johnston School of Irish Dance
followed by Irish Folk Singer, Vince Colgan



twenty-one days from now!

If you grew up thinking, as I did, that Spring began on March 21, well - that changed a few years ago.  For clarification, click HERE!


Have a good day, everyone!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009




The WCS Girls' Varsity Basketball Team

is headed for the Section III Class C-2 Semifinals!


It's Recyclables Day!

8.1 degrees and overcast.

WKTV predicts that: "On Wednesday an area of high pressure situated to our east in the Atlantic will promote fair skies. This, coupled with an approaching (and dying) trough of low pressure from the Upper Midwest will turn our winds to a more southwesterly direction. This should allow temperatures to rebound quickly in the afternoon, despite the chilly start. Highs tomorrow will be in the mid 30's.
That weak area of low pressure will pass by to our north and west (Wednesday) night and will kick off some light showers of snow, sleet and freezing rain. A few areas across the North Country may pick up 1 to 2 inches of snow into Thursday morning, but we're keeping a close eye on the potential of a period of light freezing rain for Thursday's morning commute as warmer air builds in over top of the cooler air at the surface. By Thursday afternoon the threat of ice will subside as temperatures warm to near 40 degrees."

Skywatchers hoping for a glimpse of Comet Lulin may wait in vain, or perhaps clear skies will prevail just long enough to give them a reward.

The sun shone on Waterville, yesterday afternoon, and I went up to the driveway of the "Tyler Barn" to see the view. (Sometime I'm going to take a pair of clippers with me and do some pruning!)


Jeff Reynolds found plenty of scenic views when he went exploring in Plainfield, south of W. Winfield in the Mt. Markham area, where his maternal grandfather grew up on a hardscrabble farm with his Welsh immigrant folks and 10 brothers and sisters. "Somehow," Jeff wrote, "he made his way (probably walked) up to Clinton and got himself through Hamilton College, then on to a job with Thomas J Watson and his fledgling IBM company."

"Man, is it ever desolate up on the hilltop in Plainfield Center in mid February when the wind is blowing drifts! Hard to imagine keeping house and farming up there before automobiles, electricity and heating oil. A lot of cheese and potatoes this time of year, I'll bet."

Thanks loads, Jeff!

(Could arrangements be made for a display of Jeff's photographs in the Waterville Public Library Gallery?)


PATRICK MANGAN is looking ahead
and is already delivering his
"Happy St. Patrick's Day" cards!


"Get Better Fast!"



who has some aches and pains following what could have been a much more serious accident that took place on a snowy night when an out-of-control vehicle hit her car, head-on, in Clinton!



is certainly a big hit, here in the village!

I don't know what the most popular favorites are, but can vouch for both the French Toast
and the mayor's homemade Chicken Soup!


After just so many Fish Frys, Spaghetti Suppers and Stacks of Pancakes (all eaten for good causes, of course, let alone great taste!) more and more Watervillians are heading for the pavement outdoors or the treadmills and the WCS District Fitness Center!

Click the image for more details!




Tuesday, February 24, 2009



It's 10 degrees and cloudy

Yesterday it snowed.

There were the usual "white-outs." Speed dropped to more like 15 or 20 MPH....

...... and plows were busy........

On Barton Avenue

............ as well as shovels and snowblowers of all shapes and sizes.

On White Street

WKTV's morning forecast sounds better ......

"Good morning Central New York! Slow improvements will be the name of the game today, with morning clouds and snow showers giving way to a bit of sunshine. Bigger improvements as we head into Wednesday, with our next weather makers arriving on Thursday and Friday. Details below...
Lake effect flurries will continue through the late morning for some spots, mainly to the south and west. Additional accumulations are expected to be under an inch. As we head into the afternoon, high pressure will build in and bring with it some cooler, drier air. Sunshine is expected to develop across the region by the afternoon. It will still be a chilly day, with high temperatures only near 20. It will also be a bit breezy today, with winds out of the west around 8-16mph. Wind chills will be in the teens for most of the day.
As we head into the night tonight, skies will turn partly cloudy. Depending on the extent of cloud cover, temperatures will fall anywhere between 0 to +10 degrees, with colder spots going below zero. Winds will lighten up as well. Despite this cold start to tomorrow morning, with lots of sunshine and warmer air moving in, high temperatures will climb above freezing!
Our next weather maker doesn't waste any time. By Thursday morning, a quick moving shortwave will bring us some light precipitation in the form of snow, sleet, or freezing rain. This quick moving system moves out by late morning, with temperatures warming up to 40 or better by the afternoon.
A larger, more significant storm system moves in on Friday, giving us some snow or rain, and cooler weather heading into the weekend."



Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper


Grace Episcopal Church.
5:00 -7:00. Price $4 per person, $10 family

Serving pancakes, sausage, scrambled eggs,
homemade apple sauce,
and homemade gingerbread with whipped cream.

Proceeds benefit the Waterville Area Food Pantry.


The WCS Girls' Varsity Basketball Team Meets Fabius-Pompey in the Section III Quarter Finals tonight at 7:00
(but I don't know where.)



There has been a great deal of activity at the former Sangerfield Antique Exchange, including deliveries of construction materials, and an equal - or even greater - amount of speculation about the building's future! "The Exchange," as it has generally been called for many years, was built in 1798 by master builder Major Jotham Tower for early tavern-keeper Ebenezer Hale. Tower also built "an elegant two-story frame house across the road for 'Squire Oliver Norton" that same year. (Details on the deal - soon!)

The membership of the Waterville Historical Society began writing a new chapter in the organization's 40-year history by voting unanimously, last Saturday, to move their headquarters from the old Welsh Church on White Street to the former Waterville Public Library Building on Main Street, a building that will provide more storage, display and gathering space. (Details on the property transfer and refurbishment as they become available.)



Hanover - during a lull in the storm.

Look at the time! Nearly 5:30 P.M. and




Have a Great Day, Everyone!

Monday, February 23, 2009

for Tuesday


Gil Condon

Historical Society

Began a new chapter in the organization's 40-year history by voting unanimously to move their headquarters from the old Welsh Church on White Street ... to the former Waterville Public Library Building on Main Street.


It's Garbage Day!

18.7 degrees, with a few inches of new snow
and light snow falling in the Hollow.

WKTV predicted that: "Snow accumulations will be from 3-6 inches through (Monday) morning with high amounts closer to the lake. Lake effect snow may stretch into western Otsego County and northern Chenango County late tonight into tomorrow morning. Lake effect snow will become less intense and organized in the afternoon due to the February sunshine. Snowfall Amounts for (Sunday) into (Monday) evening:

"In addition to the snow, winds will pick up ....... lasting into (Monday), creating blowing and drifting snow, along with wind chills near 0 as highs will only be in the low 20s. High pressure should promote partly sunny skies and seasonable temperatures for Tuesday and Wednesday."


When I was collecting pictures of snowmen, on Thursday, I missed this fine example ......

........... standing at attention next to the doorway of Gates-Cole in Sangerfield!

(Thanks, Jan!)


Over the weekend six or eight inches of new snow fell.

Wind whipped the tops of snowbanks, giving them the appearance of ocean waves .........

.............. and snowblowers spouted like whales.

Between breaks at Nice 'n Easy, snowmobilers made the most of renewed trail conditions.


New York's own Iditarod took place in the Adirondacks ..........

.... and, yesterday afternoon, many of Waterville's own canines pulled their people on snowy outings.

Liska and Jane's dog ran right out of the picture!


Meanwhile, in my mailbox ........

.............. views of a sunny sort ...........

............... taken in Negril, Jamaica .........

.......... were sent to us by someone who knew that we needed something/someone bright to look at!

(Thanks, Barb!)



Gil Condon wrote to tell me that he has scanned the

1972 WCS Reunion Book

and offers to send it as an attachment to anyone who would like it!! He cautions that it's about 11 megabytes -- but he'll split it up, if necessary!

I won't post Gil's Email address, here, but if you write to me
I'll forward your letter to him - O.K.?

(Thanks, Gil!)




Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper at

Grace Episcopal Church.

5:00 -7:00. Price $4 per person, $10 family

Serving pancakes, sausage, scrambled eggs,
homemade apple sauce,
and homemade gingerbread with whipped cream.

Proceeds benefit the Waterville Area Food Pantry.




Have a Great Day, Everyone

and Drive Carefully!