Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday afternoon EXTRA!

NEW - at the CAR WASH


NEW in the PARK

By late morning, four of the eight Fypon columns were up.

Contractor Mike Tower invited me to check out the entire supply of Fypon pieces and parts
that will go into the Bandstand.

The newel post that he's standing behind actually has some decoration and isn't really as plain as it looks.

This bracket, on the other hand ---------- just plain beautiful!!

And then there's even more material that looks like wood, but isn't.

Mike and Blake Hotaling cutting a length of steel pipe to go inside another Fypon column.

The space between the pipe and the column coat is then filled with concrete.

(Mike expressed their appreciation to Dave Sullivan for being able to use water from the Sullivan Apartment building to mix the concrete.)


Once all eight columns have been installed, the roof will be built:

keep watching!



"The Game Show Network"

on Monday, between 1:00 and 2:00 P.M.

to see Angela Davis,

live and in living color,

direct from Hollywood, California!

Her winning entry, "Spottacus,"

in the "Name the Dalmatian" contest

has won Angie and a guest a three-day, two-night stay at the Renaissance Hollywood.

(How tough is that?!?)

The guest? Her sister, Michelle Waufel.

One of the hosts on GSN: the "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air's" own Carlton Banks!



Tomorrow's weather forecast is looking better all the time.


If afternoon weather includes a few brief, off-and-on showers,

the concert by

"Kingsley & the Shaklebolts"

will still take place in the Park.

If, however, the skies have opened and it's pouring,

you'll find everyone keeping dry

in the Library!


See you then!


58 degrees and sunny.


WKTV's forecast: "Unsettled weather expected again late today and especially tonight.

Yesterday's cold front that brought severe thunderstorms in spots has now push to the east. The next storm won't be far behind, and will be here before the day is over. For this morning and early afternoon, expect a mix of sunshine and clouds, with a bit of humidity. High temperatures this afternoon in the low 80s.

An area of low pressure will develop and move in from the south and west tonight. Widespread thunderstorms are expected after 8pm this evening. Heavy rain, frequent lightning, and gusty winds will accompany some of these storms. Total rainfall tonight is expected to average around 1-2" in spots. Rain will taper down after midnight, with overnight lows near 60.

This storm will generally exit the area by Saturday. While the steady rain will end before Saturday morning, clouds and a few showers are still expected. Temperatures will be on the cooler side, with highs in the low 70s. A bit more sunshine for Sunday and generally dry with highs in the mid 70s."


45th Annual Waterville Fire Department




Midway Opens at 6:30
Kiddie Parade 6:30
Music by
All Tuned Up 8:30pm-12:30am



Softball Tourney 8 am
Midway Opens 12 noon


At 2:00 in the Park, it's

"Kingsley & the Shaklebolts"

A rock/punk band based out of Cicero, NY., they write and sing songs about Harry Potter. sponsored by the Waterville Public Library


Firemen's Parade 6:30 pm

Fireworks at Dusk

Music by Savage & Carter 5:30-9 pm
Music by Stage Road 9pm-1 am



Softball Tourney 8 am
Chicken BBQ 12 noon
Ride Special
12-4 pm

Music by Good Ole Boy 12-4 pm
Music by G-J the D-J 4-8 pm

Field closes at 8 pm


AYSO Soccer Camp has been taking place all this week on the fields at the WCS high school.


At first I thought that painting had begun on the tower of the historic Sanger Lodge building.......

..... but when I looked at my pictures, really close up, I could see that something else was going on! See all those little black dots? Bees, I bet!





Jack Brouillette identified the 'mystery plant" that I'd seen next to Lewis road as "Field Peas,' and wrote:

"Many Dairy Farmers in the area use a combination of field peas and oats, which are annuals, as a "nurse crop" to help establish a grass or alfalfa seeding. The nurse crops create competition for weeds like lambs quarter, rag weed, mustard, etc., and pressure them out. Generally the crop is harvested before the peas and oats blossom, but mother nature has not cooperated well this year. The pea/oats/alfalfa mix make a nice, high quality forage for dairy cows."

Barb McNamara sent this picture of two fawns that visit the McNamaras' back yard every afternoon.

Learning about the cirus.

Judy Zirkle and Madelaine Gorton went to Oriskany Falls on Wednesday morning to see the Circus come to town. Judy has a new camera and sent not only great pictures but even made a collage out of some, showing the tent finally assembled. Thanks, Judy

With a little bit of help............

............ it's done!!


This letter came addressed to
Waterville "At Home In The Huddle" Readers:
I am deeply saddened to learn of the loss of Waterville artist W. Ralph Murray. He was a friend, a mentor for nearly twenty years, and an inspiration to all who knew him.
I began painting with Ralph during his "plein air" sessions in and around the Waterville countryside. Since he knew many of the local & rural residents, Ralph was able to find wonderful locations for his small groups of students to sit and paint those heavenly July afternoon hours away. It was unforgettable.
Ralph was a wonderful teacher and watercolor artist. He inspired me, and encouraged countless others to pick up their brushes, and paint from their hearts.
He will be greatly missed by all who knew him. Farewell Ralph.........artist's heaven is fortunate to have you!
With Sincere Sympathy,
Angela M. Wilson
140 Oxford Road
New Hartford, NY


You may now find Ralph Murray's obituary and also leave your condolences at the Benz Funeral Homes website.


Blooming in fields and along roadsides,

Queen Anne's Lace

Queen Anne's Lace, or Wild carrot, was introduced and naturalized in North America, where it is often known as "Queen Anne's lace". It is so called because the flower resembles lace; the red flower in the center represents a blood droplet where Queen Anne pricked herself with a needle when she was making the lace. The function of the tiny red flower, coloured by anthocyanin, is to attract insects.


Have a good day, everyone!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Great Loss


Villagers were the first to know, but now word is spreading throughout Central New York and beyond of the sudden death, on Tuesday, of Watervillian and famed watercolorist W. Ralph Murray.

He was a most accomplished artist and sought-after instructor, but he wore his great talents and enormous popularity in a cloak of kindness, generosity and humility.

He will be greatly missed by a great many.


It's Garbage Day

59 degrees - showery.

WKTV's forecast: "An area of low pressure passing to the north of Central New York will draw in warm, humid air today, along with showers and thunderstorms.

A mild, wet start to the day. Clouds and showers passed through early this morning, and we expect more showers and storms are we head into the day today. Some storms may be capable of producing gusty winds and small hail. In between those storms, expect mostly cloudy skies and humid weather, with highs in the low 80s.

Thunderstorm activity is expected to die down this evening. Mostly cloudy tonight, with overnight lows in the upper 50s.

More showers and storms on Friday as a cold front stalls near the area.

As we head into the weekend, an area of low pressure is expected to develop along a stalled frontal boundary. This storm is expected to cross through the northeast Saturday, likely giving us a period of rain. The storm exits by Sunday, with a few leftover showers. Drying out, but staying on the humid side as we head into next week."


Not completely trusting in Nature to provide, Fr. Tom Servatius - supervised by Erwin Browne - waters the front porch "garden" at the St. Bernard's rectory.


There was some excitement at The Waterville Times, yesterday, when a swarm of bees moved into a young linden tree in front of the Times' office. Such was the buzzing activity there, for a few hours, that the DPW were summoned to block off the area to prevent pedestrian conflict with the small creatures.

This was as close to the tree as I was inclined to get, but watch next week's issue of The Times for a photograph of the bees and their rapidly-constructed nest taken by fearless Kristi Kosmoski who actually took an office chair out to the sidewalk and stood on it, nearly amongst the branches, "to get a better look" (and some good pictures, too!)


In the Park at the Farmers' Market, Mary's girls picked out crunchy, healthy items at the Longview Farms tables ......................

............ while other shoppers (and I) gave serious consideration to which of the
"Pammyakes" goodies would taste the best ...........

Cute cap, at "Sonshine."

.......... Mary ponders another wonderful selection offered by "the plant lady."


The Car Wash Sign

The wonderful new sign at "Louie's."


I love the blossoms on this crop, growing next to Lewis Road, but I don't know what it is! Do you?


Baseball games will resume tomorrow night.

Have a good day, everyone.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


It's Recyclables Day

48 degree and sunny

WKTV's forecast: "Warming up nicely today, with unsettled weather expected as we head closer to the weekend.

Despite the chilly start to the day, we expect a nice and warm afternoon. Sunshine will be in abundance today, with temperatures climbing to near 80 by the afternoon. Winds will be light today too. Overnight, expect increasing clouds, with temperatures not anywhere near as chilly, falling to near 60 by tomorrow morning. An isolated thunderstorm is possible late tonight as a warm front crosses the region.

Waking up to clouds and higher humidity tomorrow. A cold front will approach by later in the day. Expect variable cloudiness tomorrow, with showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. Some showers and thunderstorms could be on the stronger side, capable of producing gusty winds and small hail. Temperatures expected to be near 80 again before the thunderstorms arrive.

More showers and storms on Friday as our cold front stalls near the area.

As we head into the weekend, an area of low pressure is expected to develop along a stalled frontal boundary. This storm is expected to cross through the northeast Saturday, likely giving us a period of rain. The storm exits by Sunday, with a few leftover showers. Drying out, but staying on the humid side as we head into next week.

Cruising Main Street

I remembered that I'd gotten an Email yesterday morning from Mary Fanning, who wrote: "Keep watch on the Masonic Temple. The Masons have contracted to have it painted. Someone with a lift truck was there yesterday and put up ladders, but later they were gone."

So I pulled around behind the building. There wasn't anyone there, but what looked just like Wayne Brouillette's "lift" was parked on the rear lawn and someone had been working on the narrow walkway outside the "console room" of the tower. A sizable portion of the railing had been removed and replaced with temporary orange safety fence."


When I as leaving, I coudn't help but stop and take a picture of this view of Judy Christman's walled garden at the St. John Apartments!


Out on Fuess-Cleary Road, the field to my right had rolls of hay;

and on my left were scores of large-sized bales.

The edges of the road are bordered with the tiny white daisy-like flowers of wild cammomile .......

or patches of blue Cornflower.

On Loomis Road, I slowed to search for any remaining "Turk's Cap" lilies. They were there, their petals turned up ..................

........... and, right on schedule, the first bright red blossoms of Cardinal Flower are opening.


The following poster was sent to me by "Rusty," who explained that:

"A Bible study group from SouthGate Ministries is cooking! With the money raised, they'll send a few children to Christian camp."
(Click to enlarge.)


Terry Tanner wrote to ask me to tell you that:

The WCS Alumni Committee is ready to take your reservations for the third Annual All-Class Reunion & Community Get-Together which will take place on September 19th - the evening of the "Cruisin in to Waterville."

It will again by catered by Michael’s and will be held from 6-10 in a tent on the library grounds. Jody Wester Barnes will be the contact for any questions <>

(Click to enlarge. Save image on your desktop for printing.)


Have a great day, everyone, and

Thank You for putting the blog over the 100,000 hit mark!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Blue skies and Brisk!

It's only 47 degrees!

(Black Flies don't come out until the temperature reaches 57!)

WKTV predicts: "Pleasant, but unseasonably cool weather continues this week.

An upper level low pressure system will continue to sit and spin across Eastern Canada today. This storm will continue to give us a few clouds, some sprinkles in the hilltops, and breezy conditions for one more day. A mix of sunshine and clouds today, with highs only near 70. Winds expected from the west between 10-20mph, but gusts up to 30mph are possible. An isolated shower is possible in the higher spots.

Clearing out tonight, with overnight lows dropping into the upper 40s.

The storm in Eastern Canada will retreat by tomorrow, allowing for warmer weather to move into Central New York. Plenty of sunshine is expected, with highs in the upper 70s. Turning a bit humid on Thursday, with the threat for showers and thunderstorms. Another cold front will move through and cool us off just in time for the weekend."




Two of the usual "whirley" rides ...........

............ along with several trailers (and a giant strawberry) have already arrived in Firemen's Field!

Field Days action all begins with the Kiddie Parade on Friday evening at 6:30 P.M.


Out in the country, crops have been thriving .............

.............. and several homes in the village are undergoing the Summertime scraping, priming and painting routine. The Raker residence on W. Bacon Street also has some new plantings!

It's a good thing that this sight is on a side street (S. Babbott) where there is not a great deal of traffic. Nearly everyone who drives (or walks) by pauses to look at Pat's gardens!

Here's another eye-catcher ---- this one is on Babbott Avenue N. ---

and another on Conger Avenue.

The beautifully "laid up" stone walls that have appeared at the Sullivan Homestead on Grant Hill .....

........... inspired the installation of this wall, on Osborn Avenue.




at the Waterville Public Library

"The Wizard of Oz"

shown at 3:00 P.M. and again at 6:00!




from 11:00 - 5:00



While I was searching the internet this morning for bloggable items, I came upon a link on Google NEWS that led me to a link to a link and finally to a blog called "Unchained Restaurants". (The blogger's goal is to convince diners that there ARE good things to eat - even better! - than at eateries belonging to "chains!") Considering that the blogger is somewhat local, I was surprised that he hadn't mentioned either 'Michael's Fine Food & Spirits" or 'La Petite Maison" ------- and so I've written to him, saying "You must visit us!"

In Baseball, it's mid-season break
and the All-star Game, which takes place tonight at 8:00,
can be viewed on FOX TV.


Last year, it took 8 months and 10 days for the 'hit counter' to register 100,000.

I think we may make that mark today - 6 months and 14 days.

(That's neat!)

Thank You!