Friday, October 16, 2009

I wasn't going to "blog," this morning, but .........

...... here's one picture that needs to be posted right away!

yes: it's WHITE.

Click image for full forecast.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Nice morning, but a heavy frost!

29 degrees: Brrrrr!

It's Recyclables Day!


The WKTV forecast; " A quiet but chilly start to the day. A widespread frost means you'll need a few extra minutes to remove the ice from your windshield this morning.

Staying dry and chilly through the day. Clouds ahead of our next storm system will dominate the skies today. High temperatures only in the low to mid 40s.

The next storm system is still expected to make a close pass to the area tonight. Areas south of route 20 are likely to see some light snow showers tonight. Accumulations up to an inch on the hills of Madison, Chenango, and Otsego County are possible.

The storm will do a sort of boomerange from Friday and into the weekend. The storm will pull away on Friday, meaning a mainly dry day, but then rebound on Saturday and Sunday. Light rain or snow showers are possible both Saturday and Sunday, but the weekend is not expected to be a washout.

Unsettled weather will linger into Sunday, with the chance for showers. Drier, warmer weather expected next week."



Please click to enlarge!

(A commuter reports that at nearly 8:00, this morning, the flowers still look good!)

Rusty sent this picture of Bluebirds to me yesterday morning, saying,

"This probably happens every year, but I've only been fortunate enough to witness it a few times. I think they are all getting together to say thanks, see ya in the spring. There will be upwards of 50 that appear for a day or two in October and they stay close to one another. Getting a photo of all takes some time and patience, but I did get one. Maybe I'll have better luck later. At the moment there is some funny looking white objects falling from above."

(Thanks, Rusty!)



Please rake leaves to the edge of the 'terrace'

- next to the road -

but NOT into the street!



from Jeff Reynolds, at the Waterville Public Library.


"Raise your sights tomorrow, Friday, October 16th at Waterville Public Library with an exciting Star Party event beginning at 7pm. Faith Thompson from the Herkimer Community College observatory and Mohawk Valley Astromomical Society will introduce the Observatory and Society and our main speaker, astronomer/NASA astronaut Dr. John Grunsfeld-- who will appear by simultaneous Webcast on the Library's big screen as he presents the keynote address at the Enchanted Skies Star Party that evening in Socorro, New Mexico .

Grunsfeld returned last May from the very successful final service mission, his third, to the Hubble Space Telescope. Come early-- this will be a great program!"



On Berrill Avenue

On White Street.




On the Champs-Elysée!

"This is not Holland. It's actually in Paris and it actually works!"

"Imagine .......

........... that you're halfway round the world and you suddenly learn that your brother is in the same city!!! Ha, we rarely can travel the 3 hours between NJ & NY but we met an 8 hour plane flight away. "

(Which brother???)

Thanks, Glen!


In Baseball ..........

just waiting for tomorrow night!


Have a great weekend, everyone!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

36.9 degrees and overcast

From WKTV:

"Remaining chilly for the rest of the week.

High pressure moves back into the area (Wednesday,) clearing out the clouds. A return to sunshine, but still chilly. Highs only in the mid 40s. Cool, dry weather is expected to stick around through the end of the week and into the weekend.


On Route 12B, North of Hamilton. Some sumac and maple leaves were brilliant, a few days ago, but two days of wind and rain have left trees bare and my camera card nearly empty.


On the Road Again .........

Glen Carroll reporting in: "13 countries in 15 days. Harrods London lit up at night. It always looks like Christmas!!!! I stayed in the Middle of London by Kings Cross to be closer to the train in the morning as I'm on my way to Paris next.

" 'Eurostar' Is the only way to travel. No hustling through an airport. No 3 hours ahead. No delays. The train was to leave at 926 and it left at 926 ."


Judy Marceau sent the next three pictures.

"The first is my daughter Lisa and her family, which I took while visiting them in Adelaide, Australia.

The next is me with a Koala!

I stopped in Carlsbad, California, on the way home to visit with my brothers George and Dan Plante for a few days."

Sounds like a great trip. Thanks, Judy!

Closer to home ..........

Jody Hildreth at "Turkey Falls."

Thanks, Jody. The beauty of our photographs and your willingness to share them are always appreciated!


New, in the Mailbox:

"We at Alcotts' would like to invite you down for a tour of the 2009 haunted house. I've heard people are dying to get in.
It's open daily for those who like a mild scare 9 to 5, and for those who like a good scare, Friday and Saturday nights October 16 & 17 and 23, 24.

Hope to see you there.

(Signed) The Bone Collector


It's "Spooktacular!"
at the Utica Zoo

"October 16,17,23, and 24. We're mostly treats (and maybe a little trick) as we celebrate Halloween here at the Zoo. Our haunted hall, haunted hayride, and 13 treat stations will all be part of the fun!"


Now in Bloom

Witch Hazel - "Good for what ails ya!"

But stay away from this one!

"Monk's Hood,"

no matter how pretty it is, beware: it's poisonous!

This one's just plain rare.
As soon as the sun come out, I'm heading northward to a spot between Eagle Bay and Inlet where Fringed Gentian bloom.


I remembered!!!


Have a great day, everyone!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It's Garbage Day!

41 degrees, and the overnight rain continues.

The Weather Channel

The WKTV meteorologist writes: "Good morning Central New York! A chilly, wet start to the day, with more of the same as we move through the day.

Bring the umbrella and jacket this morning on the way out the door. Rain continues to fall early this morning across the area.

The steady rain showers will come to an end today in some spots, but lake effect rain will develop as well. The threat for rain showers continues through the afternoon into the early evening. Any leftover rain showers may turn over to a few flakes of snow later this evening. No accumulation is expected.

High pressure moves back into the area tomorrow, clearing out the clouds. A return to sunshine, but still chilly. Highs only in the mid 40s. Cool, dry weather is expected to stick around through the end of the week and into the weekend."


AT 6:30

Go early to get good seats!


Marty Cleary marked Columbus Day by flying the Italian Flag!

The Tilbes marked the season by displaying their harvest ..........

............. and a window on East Main Street is decorated for Hallowe'en.

John Peterson sent this grand view of Nine Mile Swamp, where the "Swamp Maples" are still bright.

On Babbott Avenue, fallen leaves keep a raker busy........

............... but the grass is green on Fuess-Cleary Road!


The "seed pods" on the tree in front of Red and Rita Mack's house seem to indicate that it's a Magnolia Tree - but just which variety is still a mystery!

Wild Grapes - they've been touched by frost, so they're at their sweetest and juiciest:
it's time to make grape jam!


Out on Burnham Road at The Marshall Trail, excellent beaver work continues .......

........... and I've seen the dam-builders out working as early as four o'clock in the afternoon!

Taking pictures of them is something else: it's like watching whales dive ........ first they're there, then they're gone!




It's Something NEW

It's Something BOLD

It's Something CHARITABLE


It's going to HAPPEN in WATERVILLE

on Saturday, October 24th!

It's the area's first-ever

"Zombie Walk!!!"

(to benefit the Waterville Area Food Pantry.)

More information at the above link
and in the days to come!


The New York Yankees play Thursday night against Los Angeles at Dodger Stadium


If you didn't read yesterday's blog post, please scroll down
to read about some very unusual Occurrences!


Glen Carroll gives us a glimpse of London, then touts the Eurostar ...


Jody Hildreth goes to "Turkey Falls!"
(more fantastic photos!)

Thanks for giggling over my use of the word

"embiggen," yesterday. I like it, too!

Have a good day, everyone!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Columbus Day

It's a Holiday!

However ...........................


It's just 30 degrees and sunny.


Noreen Machold, who lives on N. Main Street in Deansboro, has one of the "best" maples, this year!

From WKTV: "A frosty start to the day for almost all locations. This is the first frost for many, and the end to the growing season for Central New York. Plenty of sunshine is expected today. Despite the cold start, temperatures this afternoon will top in the low 50s. Clouds ahead of the next weak storm system expected to arrive this evening. Rain tonight, with overnight lows near 40.

As our next weak, fast moving storm system crosses through the area, rain showers will continue through the day tomorrow. Rainfall amounts will be on the lighter side, with most areas only picking up less than a quarter inch. Cooler air on the back side of the storm will trigger some light lake effect rain showers. It's possible that the lake effect rain showers turn over to a few wet flakes of snow in the higher spots by tomorrow evening. No accumulation expected.

A brief area of high pressure moves in on Wednesday, shutting down the lake effect precipitation. The next storm system is expected to pass out to sea for Thursday and Friday, but it will be a close call. Some light rain and snow showers are possible both days, but it all depends on how close that storm tracks.



(see below.)

"Friday night, ..............., snow fell to a depth of five or six inches in this village. Many trees were broken down owing to the dampness of the snow which (clung to) the branches and leaves. The papers report a severe snow storm in St. Louis on the 5th day of October. An unheard of occurrence."


A Wonderful Occurrence!

Miss Tricia L. Prior was married to Kenneth J. Bridges on October 3rd in Slatersville, RI. Tricia is the daughter of Ms. Valerie King and Jack Prior. The couple resides in North Smithfield, RI, and both are employed by Bank of America.


Fred Ashforth has sent me this photograph and note: "The Ashforth family made our annual trek up Bald Mountain in Old Forge on Sunday (October 11) and the leaves were still beautiful. Here we are at the Fire Tower at the top of the mountain. Along with JoAnne and me are our daughter Kristen, who was visiting from Salem, MA, and son Ryan with his children Leila, Connor and Keoni."

Thanks, Fred!



from Amanda Briggs at the Library

Ghost Hunter Stacey Jones Tuesday, October 13th @ 6:30pm
Come listen to stories about the paranormal, hear aduio recordings and see photos from ghost hunting outings. This is a very interesting program to kick off the Halloween season.
Come early to get good seats!

Murder Mystery * Tuesday, October 20th
5:30pm | Sign Up by October 2nd to be part of the Tragical Mystery Tour. *Refreeshments Included

Documentary -The Old Quarry and Other Haunted Places in CNY |
Thursday, October 22nd @ 6pm

Story Swap for Old Folks* Friday, October 23rd
10:15am | Come share your stories or listen to others stories about " Once Upon A Time In Waterville"

Waterville Book Discussion Group
Book: Three Weeks with My Brother by Nicholas Sparks
Next Meeting: 4th Wednesday of every month @ 12pm

Thank you and I hope to see you at our library soon!




It's over. But there's always Next Year .........

............. and there's still Yankees action to watch!

(Click image to embiggen!)


* From The Waterville Times, October 12, 1857.

Have a good day, everyone!