Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thursday with "Cover Story" ADD-ON!



Farther down in the blog you'll find a reference to Louie Langone and the Compost that's manufactured at the Village's Waste Water Treatment Plant.

Well ------ look who's on the cover of the current issue of
"Treatment Plant Operator" Magazine!!

Louie Langone
(Click HERE to read the story!)

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It's a great morning!

From the Weather Center at WKTV: "Clouds will be on the increase as we head through the day today. The best part of the day will be in the morning, with some breaks of sunshine and light winds. Winds will pick up as we head into the day today, along with thickening clouds. The afternoon looks grey but dry. High temperatures are expected to climb into the mid 60s...about as warm as yesterday. Rain is expected to move in as early as 5PM today.

Rain will continue overnight, as a warm front passes through the region. Friday looks unsettled, with scattered showers, clouds, and perhaps even a thunderstorm. Highs will be in the low 70s. If we get any breaks of sunshine, the likelihood of thunderstorms will increase. A cold front will pass through late in the day, bringing with it cooler weather for the weekend.

The weekend looks cool, but mainly dry. High temperatures are expected to be near 60 degrees both Saturday and Sunday, with a mix of sun and clouds."

The DPW was mowing and then mulching. (I believe that they use wood chips for that, but both the municipality and many flower gardeners are loading up trucks, car trunks and containers of all sorts with compost from the wastewater treatment facility on Route 315.)

A year ago today, the blog featured


The white trillium are right on schedule in the "dugway" south of Clinton ....

..... and Grecian Wind Flowers bloom at Bill O'Dowd's.



"After completing a 4-month semester studying abroad, Stephanie Bancroft returned home last night from the Dominican Republic. Mom (Diane Bancroft) picked her up in Syracuse and after a brief visit at LeMoyne College they went to Canastota to watch her brother Scott play Varsity baseball. Also there to welcome her home were her Aunts Gail Prentice and Darlene Kemp and Darlene's daughter, Shannon and of course her Dad, Kevin Bancroft, who is an assistant Varsity coach." Courtesy Gail Prentice

from Mary Fanning:

"On Tuesday evening, April 28th. Crystal Chapter #188, Order of the Eastern Star greeted approximently 80 guests for the Official visitation of the District Deputy, accompanied by the District Grand Lecturer of the Lewis-Oneida District. A light repast of a chicken salad plate and homemade pie was served in the dining room. The theme of the evening was"Springtime in the Country" The tables were decorated with centerpieces of yellow daffodils,tulips and forsythia tied with bows of yellow and white checked ribbon. Members of Sanger Lodge were waiters.

Following the repast guests were entertained by the Waterville Central School Swing Choir. Many of the guests come because they love to hear the Swing Choir and see our historic Masonic Temple.

The meeting in the Chapter room included guests from the Delaware River Gap to Syracuse, Binghamton and down in the valley to Ilion and Mohawk and North to Old Forge-Inlet.


On Tuesday evening, May 12th, we will hold an open meeting and honor Master Masons. Entertainment will be at 7:00 P. M. followed by an open meeting at 7:30 P. M. and refreshments afterwards. This is an opportunity for you to visit our Masonic Temple and see an open meeting.



from Amanda Briggs

Friends of the Library Meeting
| Join us if you would like to become part of the friends group.
Thursday - that's today! - at 6:30

Munson Williams Slide Talk* Tuesday, May 5th
6:30pm | Learn about the artwork and history of Munson Williams.

Knitting Circle
Thursday, May 7th @ 6pm
Join others for companionship and advice as you knit, crochet the winter away.

*Please bring your own supplies, coffee and tea will be provided



I'll be very busy very early, tomorrow, so there won't be a blog post, but .......

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

A May Day bouquet

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


It's Recyclables Day!

31 degrees, with frost on the tulips!

WKTV's meteorologist predicts that: "The cold front responsible for the return to reality will continue its eastward progression this evening. As it moves further away we expect rain showers to wind down. Winds will continue to be gusty but the breeze will gradually diminish as well. Temperatures will be in the mid to upper 30's by daybreak.

With dry and cool air in place for Wednesday expect plenty of sun. It will be seasonable (and as result, considerably cooler than recent days) with highs in the mid 60's.

Sunshine will begin the day on Thursday but clouds will roll in during the afternoon as a new storm system approaches. Highs will be 65-70.


Not only Elaine Peterson, but Kim Kampf and Doris Brouillette, as well, have received new "knees" at the Hamilton Hospital and they are all doing very well!


Garry and Sharon Cope


After three days of ninety-degree weather, a "cold front" came through!

There was "yard work" in progress all around the village, and I found the DPW's Kevin Kelley using some of "Louie's Finest" compost to patch bare spots in the lawn at the Fire House.


Out in the "country," several of us are watching Beaverwork in progress, wondering WHEN and IN WHAT DIRECTION the tree will fall!

Right in the center of this picture is a Mother Goose, sitting on a nest not far from that tree.

There are solid masses of bright Marsh Marigolds - "Cowslips" - along portions of Swamp Road, in N. Brookfield. Although many plants are in bloom, there are still good quantities of "greens" to be had, but the forager will need tall boots, for sure!

I was really looking for "fiddleheads" --- not yet!


I may be the only villager who is NOT really planning on going to the Open House at the Sanger Mansion on Saturday, but I certainly am curious to see how traffic is managed on Sangerhill Road and at the estate! Perhaps there's a clue here:

$2.00 Admission per person
to be donated to the Waterville Fire Department.


First there's the Prom .............


Waterville Methodist Church
Sunday May 3rd.
Noon 'til gone

$8.00 adult
$4.00 child

Decisions; decisions!!!


But ---- even before then ----- starting today, perhaps:

Friday is "May Day"

(Click the image for May Day history!)

Do you remember "May Baskets?"

They don't HAVE to be baskets ........

... but when I was very young my mother and I made them out of "stars," like this,
(Click the image for instructions!)

and then I'd deliver tiny bouquets of wildflowers and Norway Maple blossoms to
all the "little old ladies" that we knew, hanging the baskets on doorknobs and rushing away so that - in theory! - no one would know where the posies had come from!

(If YOU know a "little old lady" - or a pretty lady of ANY age - I'm sure she'd appreciate
one of these old-fashioned gifts!)

Also for your MAY Calendar:

MEMORIAL DAY will be observed on Monday, May 25.

"This women's ensemble consists of 14 local women and has a lovely sound. The music has beautiful harmonies and the selections will appeal to a wide variety of people. Some of the music will be familiar while some you will carry away in your memory. Gail Prentice and Kristin Strohmeyer from Waterville both sing in the group. Do yourself a favor and attend this concert!"


From Doris Stephan: "The Waterville Book Discussion Group will meet Wed, May 27th at 12 noon. Join us for lunch, book discussion and a movie....'How Green Was My Valley' by Richard Llewellyn. Call the library at 841 4651 to reserve a copy of the book."


..... but it was really goooood baseball!

Have a great day, everyone!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


It's 58.8 degrees.

WKTV's weather forecast: "Good morning Central New York! A cold front moving through today will bring showers and thunderstorms to the area, along with an end the record heat we saw yesterday.
Early breaks of sunshine this morning, followed by clouds and eventually showers and storms this afternoon. High temperatures will reach 73-78 shortly after noon, before the rain moves in. The afternoon looks wet, with showers and thunderstorms along with some gusty winds. Most of these storms are expected to be of the non-severe variety.

Clearing and colder conditions are on tap for Tuesday Night with lows 35-40. Wednesday will be mostly sunny and seasonable with highs near 65. The nice weather will hold through Thursday, before another weather maker brings rain for Friday. The weekend right now looks cooler, with highs only expected to be in the upper 50s to low 60s with some Saturday rain showers.


Did it again!

Everything was set up for a cookout at Stinkers!

Next to Fuess-Cleary Road, this tractor-drawn implement sat idle.
Is it for "drilling" or "rolling" oats?


Charlotte Park's front door on Madison Street!

Front entryway at Grace Episcopal Church on E. Main Street

On Tyler Place - a Weeping Plum Tree

Forsythia on Bogan Road

Magnolia "Stellata" at the former Beha residence on Route 20.

Magnolia blossom - Babbott Avenue.


White Trillium

Dutchmen's Breeches


(Click to enlarge!)

Along with this cute poster advertising the 13th Annual Fifth Grade Musical, came this note from Kristin Strohmeyer.

"This Friday at 7pm in the MPS Auditorium, 25 fifth graders will be putting on a production of “The Big Bad Musical.” This is the story of the court case where the big bad wolf goes on trial for his transgressions."

"The Evil Stepmother" is the defense attorney,

"The Fairy Godmother" is the prosecuting attorney, and

witnesses include the "Three Little Pigs," the "Boy who Cried Wolf"

and "Miss Muffitt."

It’s very fun, and will prove to be a fun evening.

(It does sound like fun! Thanks, Kristin!)


From John Peterson, yesterday afternoon:

"8:30-10:00 AM - Elaine had a new knee installed in right knee. She came through it fine and is doing well!"

(That's great news! Thanks, John!)


From Doris Stephan re: the putting the new Informational Kiosk in the Park:

"No, No, No...I add my voice to yours on placing the Kiosk on the point in the park. ........ I don't even like placing it by the present bill should be in the village, where people are walking, and have access to read the info posted."


Another blog-reader wrote:

"What idiots we do have in this town. The existing sign in the park is designed to be read by drivers. And that needs replacing. As I understand it The Kiosk is designed to be read by people on foot. I would have thought the ideal spot might be by Main St in front of the Post Office/Dollar Store complex." (I've intentionally omitted the name of the sender!)


That was win #11.

On Madison Street.


Have a great day, everyone!

Monday, April 27, 2009


It's Garbage Day!

55 degrees; clear except for a few tiny clouds.

WKTV's forecast: "Good morning Central New York! Record warmth is expected today, with cooler weather by the middle of the week.
The warm air that retreated south yesterday is poised to make a return today. Some cloudiness outside this morning, but skies are expected to average mostly sunny today. High temperatures will range from mid to upper 80s, with a few spots approaching 90 today! The good news is that the humidity levels are expected to be much lower than typical summer weather. The record high for this date by the way is 86° set back in 1990. There's a good chance that will either tie or fall today.
We'll hold on to clear skies tonight. Without the humidity, temperatures will fall into the upper 50s across most spots...decent sleeping weather despite the hot day.
Continued warm tomorrow, with highs in the upper 70s. A cold front will kick off afternoon and evening showers and thunderstorms. Some of these storms could be on the strong side. Cooler but drier weather will follow for Wednesday and Thursday."


It was only last Thursday morning that the thermometer read "35 degrees" and there was snow in the air!

What happened???

By Friday morning it was warm enough for Jay Drake to pour the
floor of the Memorial Bandstand.

On Saturday morning some special "cutting" was done and a "keep-wet" blanket set in place.


It was pretty warm at The Brothertown Music Boosters' Bottle Drive,
Saturday morning at the bus garage.

Wait: here come some more!


The DPW had put the park benches out on Friday ...........

....... and they were put to good use right away!

This was what my car's dashboard looked like early Saturday afternoon!
(It was parked in the shade!)

(Yes: the dog had its own ice cream cone!)

At the "dugway," south of Clinton.

Still pretty warm at 4:30, but ..............

............... an energetic member of the Waterville Garden Club was weeding the planting at the High School.



More from Amy Bentz, faculty Advisor to the WCS Student Council, about the upcoming Senior Prom!

"This will be the 14th annual senior citizens' prom. This is a tradition that the Waterville High School Student Council began under the direction of Mrs. Leslie Olivera-Van Wormer. Mrs. Van Wormer worked with the student council to evolve the prom into a community wide event that celebrates the senior members who have done so much to enrich our community. Each year the students select a theme, decorate, provide dinner, music, dancing, and create lots of memories. The student council members placed this activity on the top of its list of priorities as a tradition that needs to be continued. This year the theme is "Carnival". The food will be catered by Michael's Fine Food and Spirits. Each student will be baking an apple pie for dessert. DJ Mr. Don Brown II will be providing the music. Invitations were mailed to those who attended past proms, but all seniors (55 and over) are welcome to RSVP to Amy Bentz: 841-3850 (you may leave a message) or email

(Thanks, Amy!)


More about .......

the "Adult Story Hour" starting May 29 at the Waterville Public Library!

(It's not what you're thinking!!)

It's just that most Library "story hours" are geared for children: this one isn't, because.........

It always happens! When you put a group of folks who grew up in or around Waterville together in the same room --- if it’s in a diner or at a card party or during church social hour --- someone will inevitably say, “Hey! Do you remember when....?” or “I can remember when (So-and-so) went to (Somewhere) and did (Something outrageous!) and it just takes off ‘til everyone’s adding bits of a story and having a great time!

That’s why THIS Library “Story Hour” is going to be different: there’s not going to be just one Story Teller - everyone will be in on the action and it will be called

“Once Upon a Time in Waterville”

I’ve told Jill Getman that I’d come prepared to toss various topics in the air, so to speak, and I’ll also be ready to do LOTS of looking up! I’ve got a laptop computer just loaded with History!” The Library has “wireless” Internet Access, so we’ll be able to go to the WorldWideWeb for historical or genealogical information if and when we want it and I have a tiny little device (about the size of a deck of playing cards) filled with nearly all the issues of The Waterville Times from 1855 - 2007! (And it’s searchable!)

With the Library's video set-up, we can watch a DVD of Hilda Barton's photo-tour of Main Street filmed by Carlton Alsheimer in 1981.

What’s the real purpose of the Story Hour?

To entertain AND also to make sure that the scores of stories about Waterville and the people who lived here are reviewed or revived, collected and aren’t forgotten!

Eventually, it would be nice if these stories - lore or legend, fact or fiction - could all be put into a book. And then Jill or Amanda could read it to even more people, right at the Library!

The first meeting of this new Story Hour will be on Friday, May 29th*, starting at at 10:15. (Refreshments at 10:00!)

*Memorial Day Weekend starts on May 23rd.


Have you Googled, today?

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Now I'm going to put the Garbage out and then go back to bed!

Have a Great Day, Everyone!