Friday, May 29, 2009


NOW it's Garbage Day!

57 degrees and damp, but not drippy.

From WKTV: "A cold front pushing through the region this morning will continue to deliver us scattered showers. A few lingering sprinkles are possible early in the afternoon, especially east of Utica, but most areas will dry out. Cool and dry weather expected for the rest of the afternoon. High temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. Some breaks of sunshine are possible late in the day. More clouds tonight, with overnight lows in the upper 40s to low 50s.
Saturday morning will start out cloudy with sprinkles and mist. We will see some improvements by the afternoon. Some breaks of sunshine, with highs in the mid 60s. Unfortunately, that's about as nice as it will get here for the weekend. Another storm system will race in from Canada and give us a quick but sharp blast of chilly weather. Some scattered showers and an isolated thunderstorm on Sunday morning, followed by windy, chilly weather. Highs on Sunday only expected to be in the upper 50s! The record lowest high temperature for the date is 58 degrees set in 2001. This record may be in jeopardy.
Clearing skies Sunday night, with the threat of frost in spots. There is still uncertainty as to how widespread the frost will be, if at all, at this time. Be prepared to take precautions to protect your sensitive plants Sunday night.


At the McAdam Ponds on Gridley-Paige Road.

"Russian Iris" or Yellow Flag

Zach's back ....

in his Eisenhut Farm pasture on Brouillette Road.

"Gas Plants" are blooming!

(Click the image to learn where they got their name!)


There is a very brief notice in today's Observer-Dispatch of the death on May 27th of Spencer McLaughlin, age 77. Arrangements are by Kloster-Northrop & Bentz Funeral Home, Waterville.

There also appears the obituary of Bruce McLean, who passed away in January, for whom a memorial service will take place tomorrow (Saturday) at 11:00 A.M. at the New Hartford Presbyterian Church.


Advertisements have appeared in the past two issues of The Waterville Times placed there by the Village of Waterville inviting the public to participate in a discussion at the next Village Board Meeting, on Monday at 7:00, of where to locate the new Informational Kiosk which has been stored, in two sections, in the Village Barn for several months.

The idea of a kiosk was introduced by the Main Street Committee four or five years ago, at the start of the Highway Reconstruction Project.

The purpose of such a kiosk is to provide information about the village to residents and travelers including everything from its history to a map of merchants and services to posters advertising upcoming events.

The original plan was to place such a structure on an "overlook" next to the Stewart's Shops parking lot where there would be a level base and its eight display panels could easily be viewed by pedestrians.

The Stewart's Shops Corporation agreed to provide partial funding for the structure.

However .................

Although the DOT said that there could be no "overlook," the idea of an informational kiosk was still appealing and, so, design proceeded and construction of the wooden structure was completed by BOCES last Fall.

Now the search is on for a site that will offer the most pedestrian accessibility in a level location where traffic will not be impeded and snow removal can be accomplished in order to protect the wooden structure from road salt in the Winter.

The structure requires a space
a little over 9' square and
about 10' high.

Please make your opinions known
on Monday night!



The Annual Rotary Club Auction!

(details next week!)



"Once Upon a Time in Waterville"

a completely unscripted story hour

at the Library

a little after 10:00!


Have a great weekend, everyone!

Thursday, May 28, 2009


It's Recyclables Day

59 degrees and sprinkling.




7:30 in the High School Auditorium

with performances by the
The Band, Jazz Band, Men's and Women's Ensembles
and the High School Chorus




Everything else is rainy-day normal.

From WKTV: "Tropical moisture continues to advance into Central New York, and will keep us wet for the next 24 hours.
An area of low pressure continues to slowly advance into the region. More showers will continue this morning, as a warm front crosses the region. Once the front passes, the steady rain will taper off to rain showers. It will still be unsettled today, with the chance of a shower at any point this afternoon. High temperatures expected to be in the upper 60s to low 70s. It's also possible we could see a peak or two of sunshine, and if that happens there's a good chance we'll see a thunderstorm this afternoon. Any storms that do develop aren't expected to be severe.
A cold front will slowly move through the region tonight. Continued clouds and showers, with an isolated thunderstorm tonight. Temperatures will fall into the upper 50s by tomorrow morning. This cold front will pass through tomorrow morning, so the first half of Friday still looks wet. After the front crosses, the weather will gradually improve. Mostly cloudy skies with lingering sprinkles Friday afternoon, with temperatures in the mid to upper 60s.

A break in the wet weather on Saturday, before a quick moving storm gives us clouds, showers, and chilly weather for Sunday. "


Soaking up the rain --- corn's up!

The deck at the diner is all dressed up!

(Sorry about the reflection of my Redsox cap!)

A new sign and new paint - "Puff-fect 10" is coming soon!

There's a new planting at Pumilia's Pizza Shell factory on Route 315!

. and in a bike basket on Madison Street.

"Cow Parsnip"

definitely not good for cooking and not Queen Anne's Lace.

Chives on a roadside.



"Michael's Fine Food & Spirits"

will remain open

at its present location throughout the month of June.


Have a good day, everyone, and

Stay Dry!



Waterville Garden Club Plant Sale

opens at 9:00

at the Methodist Church on Tower St. and Terry Place.


Coming to the


on Sunday afternoon,

people you know


"Voices of Tabernacle"

and the

"Blue Parsley Boys"

Wednesday, May 27, 2009



It's 49 degrees and raining - gently.

We needed it!

That's John (Jack) Brouillette using a grain drill to plant soy beans in a field next to Fuess- Cleary Road yesterday afternoon.

WKTV predicts that: "Tropical moisture from the south will continue to advance through Central New York today and tomorrow. Expect cloudy and cool conditions today with occasional rain showers, especially this morning. Highs only expected to be in the 60s. A warm front will cross the region tonight, bringing with it more rain showers. Overnight lows near 60.

Tomorrow, an area of low pressure will advance close to the region. It will continue to stay unsettled, with scattered rain showers and maybe a thunderstorm. Some breaks of sunshine are possible, and with that temperatures are expected to be warmer. Highs expected to be in the low to mid 70s.

A cold front will drive the showers and tropical mositure to the north of the region by Friday. Drier weather is expected, with a return to sunshine. Temperatures expected to be near or slightly below normal this weekend."

Even from the road you can see it ...........

.......... the "Swamp Pink" (Rhododendron nudiflora) at the Coffmans' on Route 12 on the way to Sangerfield.

I wish I'd spotted this small Marine at Jack and Darcy Ruane's on Route 12 on Memorial Day!

This Madison Street door is 'specially decorated, too.

"Bridal Wreath" is in bloom on West Bacon Street ...

There's new gray-green siding on this house on Barton Avenue ........

...... and fresh paint brings out the Victorian "eyebrow" details on this W. Bacon Street residence.


I only have one child - a daughter, Allison, who lives in Ballston Lake - but I do have other favorite "kids," and one of them came to visit last Saturday evening. It's been over 25 years since Jim Vivyan moved to New York City, but every time he's in town he comes to call. He was here helping his mother, Jane, celebrate her 90th birthday. He's been with Random House Publishers for many years, is always busy singing, traveling and, even with a few "prematurely gray" hairs, he really looks great! Thanks, Jim!


With thanks to Sandy Martin, the latest news from the "Crimson Bonnets"!

"The Waterville Red Hats held their May outing at the Colgate Inn. Eighteen members were in attendance. Luncheon choices consisted of: Chicken Cesar salad, Quiche or soup and sandwich. I had the Quiche, which was just ok. My friend Nancy Lewis had the chicken salad and she said that was very good. We all had a great time there and the service was excellent. After lunch we went on to the Earlville Opera House for a tour. We toured the two art galleries, the gift shop as well as the opera stage area. One of the art galleries was having an area high school art school and we could vote on our favorate piece. It was all very interesting. They have done a wonderful job with restoration. Our thanks go out to our hostesses Mary Lou VonMatt and Carol Tower for the interesting and enjoyable time."


In yesterday's Email there was an enquiry from Mike Burnham asking why the name of Glenn Kelley had been omitted from the list of those killed in combat. According to a remark printed in the blog in January, 2008, , he and Billy Reese both died in Vietnam.

"Dan Ford, Bob McNamara and Bob Treen all remembered that "Billy" Reese, who lived just up the street from the House in the Hollow, and Glenn Kelley, of N. Brookfield, were both killed in Vietnam. "........ both friends .... great people," McNamara said."

Backy Maggio is looking into this.


Three photographs from Karin Pender,

Memorial Day in Deansboro.

At the Veterans' Park

and in the Deansboro Cemetery.

(Thanks, Karin!)



On Friday the 29th, at a little after 10:00,


will sponsor a

"story hour for old folks!"

"Once Upon a Time in Waterville"


Come share your memories or listen to others tell their favorite bits of
local lore and legend!

For instance:

"Who packed a pair of six-shooters and held up the Wonderbread Man then robbed the barber?"


"What reclusive person was convinced that fabric dyes and laundry soaps were harmful?"

(There will be coffee and doughnuts and the latest in technological audio-visual memory aides and entertainments, as well!)

There are, alas, still some folks who do not have computers and, therefore, are unaware of this blog or - especially - this special Library Story Hour. If you know who they are, please tell them to come!


Saturday, May 30th from 9 - 1

or until sold out


Waterville United Methodist Church - Tower Street

*It happens every year!

(and yes - they do offer "annuals," as well as "perennials,"
vegetables and other related garden items.)



Have a Great Day, Everyone!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tuesday Re-post

(I don't know whether to be amused or not: having "lost" the first blog post that I put together and then spent an hour composing it for the second time, I've discovered that the original has returned. I could erase it, but ............ I won't .......... that could be tempting another fateful failure!)

Memorial Day

(click to enlarge.)

On Main Street, crowds had begun to arrive soon after 8:00, with many wearing red, white and blue and carrying small American Flags.

While onlookers gathered, Nancy Ayala (I've been told) played patriotic songs on the bells in the tower of the Masonic Temple.

........ and in Monument Park, DJ Don Brown II had his amplification equipment in place filling the air with the long-ago but still familiar sounds of "It's a Long Way to Tipperary," "Over Hill, Over Dale, we shall hit the dusty trail..." "The White Cliffs of Dover" and "We'll Meet Again."

The bronze soldier waited ..........

The parade began, and unit after unit reached the Park ..........

One of the larger contingents was the Waterville J.V. Marching Band.

By the time the High School Marching Band and Color Guard had arrived, plus all of the people who had been standing along Main Street, the Park was full!

After the ceremonial draping of a POW MIA flag on a single chair placed all by itself at the base of the monument, Rebecca Maggio, President of the Ladies Auxiliary of the Clifford J. Fulmer Post #92 of the American Legion, dedicated the day's Ceremony to those of our community who died in battle.

Clifford J Fulmer

("Waterville's First Hero," Fulmer had enlisted when he was 17 and was killed during a major campaign in France just after he had turned 19.)

Robert Blair - Killed in Action
Royce G Cook - Killed in Action
Edward Crowe - Missing in Action
Delos Tuffey - Killed in Action
Francis Tuffey - Died in a Prisoner of War Camp in the Philippines
Elwyn (Max) Wilbur - Missing in Action
Harry Madsen - Missing in Action
Stanley Chrzanowski -Killed in Action

Leslie Jones - Missing in Action

William Reese

John Sigsbee - Killed in Action

The primary speaker was Attorney Mark Barnes. In closing his predictably clear and meaningful remarks, he asked the assemblage to show their gratitude to the many veterans who were present, and a loud and lasting applause followed that request.

I was not situated where I could take a picture of everyone in that honored row, but Richard S. Woodman was there .............

..... and Don Hazard and Lou Langone and Bill O'Dowd and Jack Youngs .........

....... as was Master Sgt. Miss Helen Voll, who had enlisted in the Women's Auxiliary Corps (the WACS) as soon as she was old enough, following the attack on Pearl Harbor.


The salute.

WCS trumpeter Joel Kahn echoed Jared Waufle in the traditional playing of TAPS with a dual performance so perfect as to leave listeners in chilled, yet appreciative, silence.


Around noontime, it seemed that The Legion's Chicken BBQ and then Chittening Pond or Nine Mile Swamp were the places to be!

Later, I discovered that Fr. Tom's front porch garden has been planted:

the show's begun!



FROM WKTV: "Chilly this morning! Some of the coldest spots across the region are reporting patchy frost. Expect sunshine to continue this morning and early afternoon, with highs in the upper 60s to near 70. Clouds will start to move in from the south this afternoon, and eventually some rain showers late in the day. Expect rain showers to break out after 7 PM this evening from south to north. Cloudy with rain showers tonight, with lows only in the low 50s.

Tropical moisture from the south will continue to advance through Central New York tomorrow. Expect cloudy skies with occasional rain showers and maybe a rumble of thunder. Highs only expected to be in the 60s. Some sunshine is expected Thursday with the chance of rain showers or a thunderstorm. Highs a bit warmer, in the low 70."


The sun's bright ---- it's going to be a good day!

(especially if you spend some time sitting in the Garden at the Library!)