Thursday, April 16, 2009


It's Garbage Day!

28.2 degrees and clear.

It's going to be another super day!

What a great week it's been for all of those who have been on vacation!

I think I'll take a vacation now, too!

("Vacation" means that I'll be battling "Bishop's Leaf" in my flowerbeds, getting a supply of Lou Langone's "Special Mix" compost, exploring some woodlands either here or up North, doing lots of historical-type digging/writing and, perhaps .... just sleeping late!

Back on Monday.)


WKTV's meteorologist predicts that: "An area of high pressure will continue to dominate our weather. Expect plenty of sunshine, with highs in the low 60s. It will be quite dry outside today. Burning brush or leaves outside isn't recommended. Clear skies tonight, with overnight lows in the low 30s. More sunshine tomorrow, with temperatures heading into the upper 60s.

Some changes will be up ahead for Saturday. A cool front will push in from the north, giving us a few clouds and a sprinkle for Saturday. Temperatures will cool off into the low 50s for Sunday, with continued sunshine.

Our next storm system will arrive Monday afternoon. Rain showers and cooler weather is expected through Wednesday. "


It's that season again: something will be happening in the westbound lane of Route 20.

Something else is happening at the underpass: there's a persistent pond there!

The fields are dry.

A cloud of dust follows a tractor in a field next to Route 20 W. of Sangerfield.

On Fuess-Cleary Road, the lawn has been mown at "Bell Top Farm!"


In the woods, Bloodroot is blooming right on schedule ..........

............ tiny little Spring Beauty are opening ..........

........ and the first "periwinkle" blossoms of Myrtle bloom in Whiskey Hollow.


I was only in the village for a little while, yesterday afternoon, but .....

............. whether they were riding ............

.............. walking ..............

.............. or dancing and singing "Jingle Bells!" ............

everybody was smiling!



It was four years ago today that the Bandstand Design Workshop took place!

(Soon; very soon!)


Demolition is due to start on Friday if, in fact, it has not already begun.



The first Green Waste collection will take place on Tuesday. Remember to put clippings and rakings in dumpable containers!

The DPW will NOT take garbage bags of debris or vacuum heaps of leaves left next to the road!

Gravel may be spread in roadways for the street sweeper to pick up.


Have a Great Weekend, Everyone!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


It's Recyclables Day!

It's also Tax Day!



34.5 degrees with blue sky!

WKTV's forecast starts: "Good morning Central New York! Bonus weather will continue through the end of the work week, with some changes by Saturday.

Another cool start this morning, but with brilliant sunshine temperatures are expected to get into the low 60s by the afternoon. Clear and cool tonight, with overnight lows near 30. Beautiful, warm weather will continue for Thursday and Friday. Highs will be in the low 60s on Thursday and will approach the upper 60s by Friday.

All good things must come to an end. A cold front will drop in from the north, giving us a few clouds and a few showers for Saturday. Cooler weather to follow on Sunday."


Remember "Bud"? The lost dog wearing a Harley collar?
Well ........... I just received this E-note from his owner:

"Thank you so much for the post, got a response just a few minutes later and we picked up our beloved dog Bud at the humane society today. thanks again."


It was a great Spring Day, yesterday! Tables are out at "Stinkers,"

......... shop keepers caught some rays ............

,,,,,,,,,,, and Diane Clapp is coming back to Main Street with (what else?) .......

The "Perfect 10"


(Those aerobics and yoga classes were The Best!)


On Putnam Street.

The residence was built by entrepreneur George Putnam in 1868 and sold to E.C. Terry who, in 1871, sold it to Mrs. Alonzo Tower for $6,300.00.

She and her son, Howard, lived there for many years. On repeated occasions The Waterville Times reported that the two had "delightfully entertained about 150 of their friends at their pleasant home on Putnam Avenue." At one such event, music for dancing was provided by an orchestra and catering was by the Fort Schuyler Club of Utica.

After Mrs. Tower's death, and then Mr. Howard Tower's own, in 1932, the property became what was known for many years as "The Home for Homeless Ladies." In his will, Mr. Tower left some sums of money to the Presbyterian Church and also the Cemetery Association, but the remainder was left to endow a charitable corporation in memory of his parents. The Home closed in 1975 and contents were auctioned and property sold to a private individual by the Tower Foundation in 1976.


Outside of the village, in all directions, farmlands are being plowed, tilled, disked, and/or chiseled, all in preparation for the planting of this year's crops. Some farmers have already been drilling oats. Expect to see more fields of soy!


That was a close one!



Have a great day, Everyone!
Enjoy this super, sunny weather and


Saturday morning, 9:00 at Village Hall.

Bring Work Gloves!


Tuesday, April 14, 2009


It's 28.8 degrees and clear.

The WKTV forecaster predicts that: "Clouds and precipitation will try to move into Central New York from the south and west, but will not have any success thanks to an area of high pressure. Continued dry weather today, with faded sunshine. Temperatures will be a bit warmer than yesterday. High temperatures will climb into the upper 50s to near 60 degrees by the afternoon.

A storm system will pass to our south slowly tonight and tomorrow, but our weather will continue to stay dry. Partly to mostly clear tonight, with temperatures falling to near or below freezing.

Dry, sunny weather will continue for the middle and end of the week. High temperatures are expected to climb into the low 60s. "


It's Spring!

on West Bacon Street ......

.... at Municipal Hall .....

....... and in the Park, where Ray Drake arrived, yesterday, to begin forming before pouring the bandstand floor!

Paul Michael Holic - training for the "Boilermaker!"

Al Toussaint and "Cowboy" were strolling on Sanger Avenue.


In the midwest, sixty-four year old Don Brown continues his travels in the Mickey Mantle T-bird, using his remarkable resemblance to that famous baseball player to carry out his mission of promoting Organ Donor Awareness. "I look in the mirror and see Don Brown." he told a Mid-York Weekly reporter, two years ago, "Everyone else sees Mickey Mantle."

Always a fan of the New York Yankees and an admirer of Mantle, it was about four years ago that the subject of organ transplants hit close to home. Don's brother, Edward, was in need of a kidney transplant and Don was a match. But the operation never happened; Ed passed away too soon.

It was at that time that Don took up the challenge, and this is the third year that he's made extensive trips.

After leaving Waterville last Thursday afternoon, he headed directly to Rochester and an evening at Delmonico's; then on to Ohio where he met up with a Babe Ruth "look-alike" to visit a dialysis hospital. Yesterday he was in St. Louis, today Kansas City, Missouri. After special appearances there, it's southward to Oklahoma for an Organ Donor presentation at a Little League Tournament in Mantle's home town. His final stop before heading the T-Bird back eastward will be in Miami, Oklahoma, and a visit with some of Mickey Mantle's relatives.

Does Don Brown make a difference? Yes! He can tell scores of touching stories about people he meets on these trips and here in Central New York. "One older lady hugged me and said she wished she could do what I was doing. Her daughter had rceived a kidney and went on to have a baby." Grown men gush when they talk about Mantle, and always there are the people who proudly show him their drivers licenses showing that they are organ donors. Brown was also influencial in having New York State put an organ donor alert on the front of its licenses so that it is more apparent.

Back home, Brown will continue his work. He's never without material about organ donation and makes all kinds of appearances. He's invited to parades all over the place and makes guest appearances at card shows. He is a fixture at the Hall of Fame festivities and says, "Any time there's a benefit, especially for kids, I'm there."


According to Doug Lemery, of the ten houses that the Lemery Agency has sold
in the last seven days, four are in Waterville!

Two new Clinton Realty "Sale Pending" signs have popped up: one on Babbott Avenue ....

... and another on Berrill.


Round and Square


Saturday, April 18

from 8:00 P.M. to midnight

at the Madison Historical Museum
(turn left at the light; it's the third building!)

Donation $6.00; Food available.


Monday, April 20 at 7:00 p.m.

Madison Historical Society

will present

Madison County Historian and writer

"Back Street Mary" Messere

with a presentation about the upcoming
170th Madison County Fair and its history.

Mary will show a video on Frederick Douglass, played by Fred Morsell, who will be performing as Douglas at the 2009 County Fair on History Day, July 11th.

For more information about the program, either E-mail the blogger to relay your question or
call 315/893-7910.



Have a Great Day, Everyone!

Monday, April 13, 2009

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Monday Add-on

from village home.

very friendly

black lab mix, age 2,

wearing studded black Harley Davidson collar

Answers to "Bud".

If found/seen call 841-4027


It's Garbage Day!

25.7 degrees and Sunny!

WKTV predicts that we can: "Expect abundant sunshine today, with temperatures topping off in the low 50s. A slow moving storm system will pass south of the region, giving us a few extra clouds tonight and tomorrow. Overnight lows still expected to fall into the mid 20s."

"Filtered sunshine for tomorrow and a bit warmer. Highs in the upper 50s. The weather improves even more for Wednesday with sunny skies and highs near 60. Quiet, dry, sunny, warm weather is expected to continue into the weekend."


Puddles of Blue Scilla are appearing - this one is across the road from the pond at the foot of Grant Hill.

Members of the DPW replaced a lamp post in front of Foodking on Thursday morning. The original had been damaged first by one delivery truck and finally finished off, last Fall, by yet another!



April is Organ Donor Month, and "Mickey" is on the Road again!

Just about everyone knows that Mickey Mantle was once a great baseball player, but they probably don't remember that, shortly before his death in 1995, he received a liver transplant and that he established the Mickey Mantle Foundation to raise awareness of Organ and Tissue Donation.

Likewise - just about everyone in Waterville knows that Don Brown - the one who, along with his son, Don, is a disk-jockey; who drives Swanberg residents to appointments and serves on the Community Memorial Hospital Emergency Response Team - sometimes drives a pinstriped T-bird with the Yankee logo on the hood and Mickey Mantle's fabled #7 on the back, but they probably don't know why .......................

(to be continued.)


Saturday, April 18


an Earth Day event

sponsored by the Waterville Rotary Club


Bring a rake or shovel or broom and
meet at the Municipal Hall at 9:00.

Trash bags and other cleanup stuff will be provided!



from Karen Fox:

The Memorial Park School PTA is following up on the recent successful Parents As Reading Partners program with a Scholastic Book Fair and an Academic Fair.
The Book Fair will be running at MPS from April 21st through the 24th. The times will be Tuesday, 10:00-1:00; Wednesday, 10:30-2:30 & 6:00-8:00; Thursday, 11:30-3:00 & 6:00-8:00; and Friday, 10:00-2:00. A wide variety of books that will appeal to all ages will be available for purchase.
The Academic Fair will be held Thursday, April 23, from 11:30-8:00. MPS students will be entering projects based on books they have read either on their own or as a class. The projects can reflect any area of the curriculum. The Academic Fair will provide the community with a cross-section of the academic program at MPS, and will provide the students with the opportunity to proudly display their work.
The MPS-PTA encourages the school and local communities to visit and take part in both of these events. Memorial Park School is located at 145 East Bacon Street, Waterville, NY.



Have a Great Day!