Friday, July 3, 2009


Just a quick holiday morning post:

I learned, late yesterday afternoon, (thanks to Nancy Ayala) that "Mohawk Valley Living" has been spending the week in the Brookfield area, where the 170th Madison County Fair will take place from July 9 - 12, preparing their Sunday morning program.

"Mohawk Valley Living's" producer, Sharry Whitney, wrote: "Perk (Stalter)(that's Nancy's mother) has been keeping us from getting lost on the miles and miles of unpaved roads. We're exploring the back roads, horse country, and the 170th Madison County Fair. Also, one of Richard's favorite passtimes, visiting old cemeteries -Lance keeps reminding him that the show is Mohawk Valley LIVING!"

You can watch it on Sunday morning at 7:30 A.M. on WKTV; at 10:00 A.M. on CW (Channel 11) or again at 12:05 (midnight) on WKTV.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Thursday, July 2, 2009


It's Garbage Day.

61 degrees and muggy

The forecast from WKTV:


Continued unsettled weather for Central New York...

As we head through the week, an upper level low pressure system will sit in place and continue affect our weather. The greatest threat of showers and storms over the next several days will be during the afternoon hours.

A trough pivoting around and area of low pressure will drive showers and storms through Central New York today. Expect on and off rain showers this morning, followed by some breaks in the afternoon. Still the threat for popup showers and thunderstorms as we head through the day today. Highs in the low to mid 70s.

Our upper level storm will start to lift north by Friday, dragging a cold front and a pocket of cooler weather. Showers and storms are possible with this cold front. Cooler weather on Saturday, with just the outside chance of a shower. Dry, and pleasant weather expected by Sunday."


This must be a good year for clematis!

(Whether you pronounce it "clem' a-tis" or "clem-a'-tis," they're all grand - this deep wine-colored variety is at the Hammonds' atop "Livingston Hill.")


Down in the Park at the Farmers' Market, Walt Friebel and his granddaughter checked out the display of silk floral arrangements ........

Shirley Kellogg had found a new, unusual plant .........

I moved in so that I could get a better look at the purple "bow tie" blossom and forgot to make sure that everyone else had their eyes open!

They didn't.

"Sonshine" had a display that included hand-tooled leather goods, jewelry, framed photographs and more!

Emily and Roseanne!

They were headed for Edith and John Reile's display of handmade baskets and home-baked breads!

Pamela Brown of "Pammy Cakes" tempted me with her selection of muffins and truffles. I opted for buttermilk blueberry muffins; I don't know what Connie Bocko and her friend decided on!

Whatever it was, I'm sure it was GOOOOOOD!


Some of the vendors mentioned recent comments in this blog re: community residents' wishes that the Market were open later so that working people could shop. A few said that they would be glad to; others recalled staying 'til 6:00 or later, last year, and having no customers at all!


In my Email mailbox there was this nice announcement and photograph from Becky Maggio:

"New York State held their 1st American Legion Auxiliary College in Cobleskill from June 19th to 21st.

Only 3 Auxiliary Members from Oneida County were accepted to the college.

In order from Left to right back row;

* Theresa Jenson from Utica Unit #229,
* Ginger Atherly from Clark Mills Unit #26 and
* Rebecca Maggio from Clifford J. Fulmer Unit #92 Waterville.

The two Auxiliary Members in the front were chosen to teach at the college;

* Jeannine Damon from Henry P. Smith Unit #24 Rome, and
* Shelby Sobolowski from Arthur S. Moran Unit #66.

There were a total of 52 students from Legion Auxiliary across New York.

We learned so much... from Americanism to Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation and so much more. We plan to bring all of our new knowledge back to members of our units and become a much stronger American Legion Auxiliary.

The American Legion Auxiliary is the Largest Women's Volunteer Patriotic Service Organization in the Country."

Thanks, Becky --- and Congratulations!


The Munson Williams Proctor Arts Institute's Annual Arts Festival, a colorful extravaganza of live music, sidewalk art, mural painting, antique autos, and much, much more, starts today!

On July 4th:

At Fort Stanwix: the Park commemorates Public Readings of the Declaration of Independence to the Continental Troops at 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Children may participate in this event by serving as honor guards.

At Erie Canal Village in Rome: Celebrate Independence Day.

  • Free admission to the Village
  • Free lemonade at Bennett's Tavern
  • Free samples of Erie Canal Village cheese
  • Play 19th century games
  • Free exhibit from Wood Creek Reptiles from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
  • Also available:
  • Horse drawn boat
  • Train rides
  • Horse drawn wagon rides
  • Food in Bennett's Tavern
  • Souvenirs at the Erie Canal Village Museum Shop




Have a great Day, Everyone!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Farmers' Market Today!





Recyclables Day

It's 55 degrees and sunny!

The extended forecast from WKTV:


Continued unsettled weather for Central New York.

As we head through the week, an upper level low pressure system will sit in place and continue affect our weather. The greatest threat of showers and storms over the next several days will be during the afternoon hours.

Some morning fog, followed by mostly cloudy skies late this morning and early afternoon. Showers and thunderstorms will pop up once again this afternoon. Some showers and storms could be on the stronger side to the south and east of Utica. Heavy downpours are possible in spots later on this afternoon as well. High temperatures expected in the low to mid 70s. Scattered tonight and fog with overnight lows in the low 60s.

Continued unsettled weather Thursday and Friday, with a bit more in the way of sunshine but slightly cooler temperatures. This upper level storm system will lift north into the weekend, allowing for only the chance of shower both weekend days. Cool weather expected early next week. No hot summer weather expected anytime soon."



I had Email from Ken Hazard, yesterday morning, saying: "Take a gander at the new landscaping around the flagpole at Terry Meadows!"

I did. That's nice!

A bright sight on Main Street: Crayola-color Kiddie Chairs, too!


The next Email came from Jean Desany, a former resident of the Village, now living in Amherst, New Hampshire:
"The picture of Lois Durant and Orange Blossom created a flashback for me. Back in the '90's when we lived in Whiskey Hollow, I was the proud owner of a moped - top speed 35 and 100 mpg. I only had to fill it twice a season.

The baggers at Food King would look out the window to see if I was riding on any given day. If so, they knew they had to pack the bags to fit the newsboy baskets that looked like saddlebags.

The baskets actually carried newspapers as well, since all three boys had routes and it was easier for Mom to do it during Boy Scout camp, etc. than to break in anyone new. I also "commuted" to the Harding Nursing Home and always got a great parking space.

We had a large garage sale in preparation for moving to New Hampshire and the only thing I shed a tear over parting with was the moped as it puttered up the hill to its new home on E. Bacon St.

Have a blast, Lois

Jean Desany"

Thanks for writing, Jean!


And THEN I received an Email from "the Village of Waterville" asking me to post the following -----




"Due to the repeated problems at the SKATE PARK, the Village Board is considering permanently closing it down.

There have been repeated problems with:

  • trash all over the place,
  • objects thrown on the electrical wires to the well pump housing causing a minor fire,
  • motorized bikes driving on the well field causing damage.





(Signed) The Waterville Village Board.



Angelica - now blooming in wet places along the road from Oriskany Falls to Solsville - has been used for both an herbal remedy and a sugary candy. I don't advocate either: it's just a neat plant to look at!

On the same road - look for Turk's Cap Lilies, hiding in the shadows keeping their feet wet!

Have a Great Day, Everyone!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009



It's 58 degrees, dark and lowery.

The WKTV Weather Forecast: "A large, slow moving upper area of low pressure rolls in today, bringing with it clouds, showers, and a few thunderstorms. Skies will average mostly cloudy today, with occasional rain showers. A few thunderstorms are possible this afternoon, especially areas east of Utica. Any thunderstorms we do see this afternoon may be capable of producing some small hail and gusty winds. High temperatures 72-77. Clouds and scattered showers tonight. Overnight lows in the upper 50s.

As we head through the week, this upper level low pressure system will sit in place and continue affect our weather. The greatest threat of showers and storms over the next several days will be during the afternoon hours. Wednesday, expect mostly cloudy skies with scattered showers and thunderstorms. Highs in the mid 70s."


It's the little things that count: the DPW makes sure that flags on telephone poles are hanging straight .........

........ and there's a special sign on the Bulletin Board in the Park.


'Way to go!

It's Lois Durant and "Orange Blossom!"
40 mph and 60 mpg:

I like it!


There's a new planter just about at the Village limits on Hanover Road, soon to bubble over with petunias!

This linden tree, at the corner of Babbott Avenue and W. Bacon, is filled with sweet blossoms and greedy bees ...........

........ and Elderberries everywhere are blooming.


3rd Class Midshipman, Ryan J. Beha,
son of James and Deborah Beha of Marcy, NY and Grandson of Joseph and Leonie Beha of Waterville, has just completed his CORTRAMID Training in Norfolk, Va. He spent a week in Kings Bay, Ga. for submarine week; a week in Camp Lejeune, NC with the Marines and the remaining 2 weeks in Norfolk Va, learning about surface ships and naval aviation. Ryan is a sophomore at the Rochester Institute of Technology ( RIT), majoring in Mechanical Engineering and is a member of the NROTC unit at the University of Rochester.


"Once Upon a Time in Waterville," the oldtimers' story swap at the Waterville Public Library, will continue in July with meetings held on Friday the 10th and again on the 24th at 4:30 in the afternoon. (This will allow for a full morning's work, a hearty noontime meal followed by adequate "rest" before the gathering and still make it possible to go out for Fish Fry.)

At last week's gathering, in addition to celebrating Mr. Woodman's birthday, a good amount of time was spent remembering (or trying to remember) details of the annual Deansboro vs. Waterville Fourth of July Cannon Caper! (John Cornelius will have more history at the next meeting!)
Jack Youngs' colorful description of what it was like in Waterville on "the Day the War Ended" with first one and then two huge bonfires being lit, a parade and plenty of "celebrating" got everyone going on "war stories" ------ "blackouts," for instance, and the rationing of everyday essentials like gasoline, sugar, and even shoes. Then came memories of those wonderful 15-minute radio programs: "Terry and the Pirates," "Dick Tracy," "The Shadow," and on and on to the early days (with their limited hours) of black & white television.

On July 10th: summertime stuff, like: summer jobs; Where was the favorite swimming hole? What about the Roller Skating Rink and Movies at The Strand!


Have a Great Day, Everyone!

Monday, June 29, 2009


It's Garbage Day!

61 degrees and drippy, but not raining.


WKTV's prediction: "Rain comes to an end by daybreak with the return of sunshine Monday morning. An increase clouds by the afternoon with a return to rain and thunderstorms by the evening. Highs in the upper 70s to near 80 degrees.

A large area of low pressure will drop in from the northwest Monday night into Tuesday. Clouds and rain are expected, with highs only in the low 70s. This large storm system will dominate our weather for the rest of the week, as it becomes cut off from the jet stream and stalls over the region. Clouds and showers will rule, with highs only in the upper 60s to low 70s.

Optimistically, this storm should move out of the region by Friday and the 4th of July weekend, but in these sort of weather patterns nothing can be taken for granted.



(it's #96!)

The gathering of "oldtimers" at last Friday afternoon's "Story Swap" at the Waterville Public Library took the opportunity to have a little celebration for Mr. Woodman, who is always in attendance. Jill Getman (definitely NOT one of the "oldtimers," but a member of the library staff) had made two birthday cakes which she, assisted by Linda Hazelden, served to everyone - after Mr. Woodman had blown out all the candles, of course - and a hearty "Happy Birthday" was sung.

In thanking everyone for the "surprise" festivities, Mr. Woodman said something that I've heard him say many times before. I can't quote him, verbatim, but he is quick to tell people how much he appreciates living in Waterville and how much he likes both the people and the surroundings and, referring to all of that in addition to his many friends and family, he always says, "I've been blessed."

Waterville has, too.


Adding to one of the recent blog topics --- the "floribunda rose" --- here are some more reminiscences!

"Amos Beha and associates used a Rose Bush type plant to line the outfield at Memorial Park in the late 40's. If a ball went in there, it was goodbye ball. We used to get a nickel a ball for retriveing (Wes Reagan Mgr.) We lost a lot of them in Manion's corn field too, down 1st base side, 8 ft tall corn. Respectfully, Gil Condon"

Thanks, Gil!

Les Risley would like to know if there will still be strawberries available a week or so from now!


Sangerfield Historian Mabel Bushee is collecting information about the Farms and Barns of Sangerfield Township. Perhaps she's already contacted you, but - if not, and if you know that your barn (or carriage house, hop house or other significant farm structure) has a long history and especially if you have any old photographs of it, please write to her at Sangerfield History!


The items that I'd intended to place here have just flown - lost somewhere in the ether! - and may or may not appear later on!

Now blooming on roadsides: wild Sweet Peas and Daylilies



Have a Great Day!