Friday, September 18, 2009

Tomorrow is "Cruise-in!"

# 16


It's 50 degrees and super-clear, at 5:30, with the "Belt of Orion" unmistakable in "The Hunter," leading to neighboring stars and constellations.

The WKTV forecast for the weekend: "Good morning Central New York! A changeable weather day expected today, with much cooler weather by tonight.

Clear to partly cloudy skies this morning. Temperatures have fallen into the upper 40s to low 50s in many areas. Bring a light jacket heading out the door this morning.
A cold front will drop in from the north today. Ahead of the front, temperatures will quickly rise into the mid 60s shortly after noon with a mix of sunshine and clouds. The front will bring clouds and showers between noon and 3pm this afternoon. Once the front passes, much cooler and breezy weather will arrive by the evening. Temperatures will fall into the 50s near dinner.

Skies clear out tonight and the breeze dies down. Overnight lows will fall into the upper 30s to near 40!

High pressure builds in Saturday, bringing us abundant sunshine. Temepratures will be on the cool side, in the mid 60s. A breeze will pick up by afternoon, but will die down towards evening. Overnight lows Saturday night will fall into the mid 30s across much of the Mohawk Valley. Widespread frost is likely heading into Sunday morning. Make preparations to bring in or cover sensitive plants.

Sunshine will continue on Sunday. Despite the chilly start, temperatures will approach the low 70s by afternoon! Warm weather is expected as we head into next week, with a few showers here and there."


Boys' Varsity Soccer - Thursday night

Sauquoit Valley 1, Waterville 0
Waterville: Alex Stroh-Meyer 9 saves.
Sauquoit Valley (2-0, 3-0): Dave Stuhlman 1-0, Tyler Denton 0-1, Evan Owens 6 saves.
Halftime: 0-0.

Q. AND A. about Cruise-in:

Unfortunately, we did not receive a reply to Sandy Harding's query about the location of vendors. We have, however, been told that the Trolley will be stopping at the Park, even though that is not indicated on the map (downloadable at the Cruisin in website.)


It was a drizzly morning, yesterday, but Mike, Blake and Chris were right at work, early.

Ray Drake had finished the sidewalks - both front and rear - on Wednesday, and by late Thursday afternoon the carpentry team had done about all they could do - until remaining spindles and stair railings arrive - including installing the Victorian lamp post which had been removed several months ago.


Mike and I are both receiving a great many compliments which should be shared with


Jean B. Davis
Don Brown II
Jennifer Dobmeier Dapson
Joe and Kelly Falk
Louis C. Langone
Carol and Stanley Sambora
Wendy Sexton
Susannah Quayle
Betsey and Larry Youngs

and committee members

Mabel Bushee and Dale Meszler.


The Memorial Bandstand Fund will close its Donation Lists at the end of the month so that bronze plaques for the monument can be cast.

If there are any more contributions being considered, now's the time to let me know!



Guess Who!


If you think that this is a short blog post, you're right! I began reading Dan Brown's new novel, "The Lost Symbol," at around 5:00 on Wednesday afternoon and ............... well ............ I haven't done much of anything but read, since then!


If "Cruise-in' activities just aren't your "thing" (and that IS possible!)
remember that the 14th Annual Oneida County Hop Fest is in progress in Oneida!

Whatever you do, tomorrow,

Have a Great Weekend, Everyone!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

53 degrees with light rain

.............. but that's O.K.: look what's coming!



WKTV's forecast for today: "Clouds and a few showers are expected this morning. A light jacket is a good idea heading out the door this morning, as temperatures will be a bit on the cooler side today.

Unsettled weather will hang around Central New York today, with a few clouds and showers through the morning. As we progress into the afternoon, the showers will become less numerous. Temperatures will be on the cool side, with highs only in the low to mid 60s. The lack of sunshine will make it feel much cooler than previous days. Partly cloudy tonight with overnight lows around 50.
On Friday, a cold front will approach from the northwest. A mix of sunshine and clouds is expected Friday morning, followed by a few showers in the middle of the day. Highs on Friday in the mid to upper 60s.
The weekend will start out cool but sunny. Highs on Saturday in the 60s, but temperatures will get quite chilly by Sunday morning. Some of the coolest weather of the season is possible, with mid to upper 30s even here in town. We will have to watch for the potential of widespread frost in areas outside of the Mohawk Valley. Sunshine will continue on Sunday, with highs near 70."




Today's Garbage Day.

Yesterday was bright and sunny and things were happening!

Back in Firemen's Field the picnic tables are out, amusement rides are arriving...

............... and the big tent for the Alumni-Community Dinner is up.

If you haven't already made your reservation, you can still assure yourself of a ticket by phoning Jody Barnes by calling her cellphone at 725-5639 to be added to the reservation list and then pay at the door.

On the menu:

Hats & Broccoli,Lemon Pepper Chicken, Sausage, peppers and onions, salt potatoes, tossed salad with sweet cider vinaigrette, gourmet rolls and butter and complimentary coffee.

There will also be a cash bar serving beer, wine mixed drinks, soda, lemonade and iced tea.

Jody adds, "Could you please note that we have listened to past concerns and will have 4 lines for the buffet and one large full service bar."


There's sign in front of St. Bernard's Catholic Church that's a little hard to read, if you're driving, but this makes it easier!



Sandy Harding has a question:

"I've downloaded the vendor map but can't find a list of the vendors that matches up with the numbers. Can you tell me where to find the list of vendors?"

If you know the answer, just write to me and I'll forward it to Sandy, right away!

Thank You!


While Mike Tower and Blake Hotaling installed sections of baluster ......

... Chris Harter applied dentils: the row of little blocks beneath the soffit; one of the "Victorian" touches that, along with the brackets, make the bandstand "ours!"

Looking at the balusters from outside is grand:

looking from the inside out is even better!


Elsewhere in the park .....

... there was plenty going on at Farmers' Market , but I only took one picture:
Edith Reile's jars of preserves gleaming like jewels n the afternoon sun!


It was a great day for painting, and Honnelore was up in the lift, again!

Detail of the wonderful colors that she's using!


More wonderful colors, in this photograph sent to me by Glen Carroll .......

............ who was playing "tourist" ..........

.......... and sent these pictures of St. Basil's Cathedral, Red Square and Lenin's Tomb.....

in Moscow, of course!!

He wrote: "Even at night Red Square was amazing. Remember the military parades in
red square??? Lenin's tomb used to have an honor guard always. Now there was one
lonely private strolling nearby."

And: "Since I won't be getting home till Saturday, I should get the award for coming the farthest for Cruisin in to Waterville :)"

I asked Glen if he was* really multi-lingual: "Multi-lingual? One would think after 8 years of French I would be...... sigh..... I understand written and spoken French, I understand spoken German; I understand spoken Spanish. But I don't speak French or Spanish enough to talk it.... but... as I speak German every day now I am getting better.

Arabic is just too harsh for me to understand. I know many phrases but wouldn't know if someone was happy or upset at me..... :)

* I debated typing "if he WERE...". ... Here's the rule: "If it were" is used for conditions contrary to fact, whereas "if it was" is used for simple conditions. To test the clause you can add an imaginary statement of fact. If this statement begins with "but" the condition is contrary to fact."

I'm still not sure. Sometimes just speaking English is complicated enough!


This photo file JUST arrived, with the caption "Some things are easy to understand, even in Russian!"

Thanks loads, Glen!



The Greater Waterville Area Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring a “Business After Hours” event on Monday, September 21, 2009 from 5:30-7:30pm. Hosting this event will be Schwartz’s Forge & Metalworks, Inc. 2695 State Route 315 in Deansboro, and parking will be available along the Town Barn Road.

The BAH is open to area business and community leaders and is hosted by different chamber members throughout each year.

A selection of refreshments and hors d’oeuvres, provided by Schwartz’s Forge & Metalworks, Inc., will be available. Admission is free for Waterville Area Chamber members and $5.00 for non-members.



Have a great Day, Everyone!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

42 degrees and crispy clear!



11:00 - 5:00 in the Park


WKTV predicts that: "Wednesday will start off with partly sunny skies but chilly, with temperatures only near 50 degrees!

By Wednesday afternoon, clouds will build back into the region as winds turn to the east. With an easterly wind, there will be added moisture in the atmosphere. Pair that with some instability in the atmosphere, a few showers may pop up Wednesday afternoon and evening. Slightly cooler weather with highs in the mid to upper 60s.

Unsettled weather continues for Thursday with scattered showers and highs in the mid to upper 60s. A potent cold front moves in Friday late afternoon and evening, with cloudy skies and scattered showers. This cold front will bring chilly but dry weather for the start of the weekend but a warm up by Monday." (my emphasis!)

Only two more days, and still looking good!!


Also on the WKTV website, this morning: "Incumbents Lose Primaries......."

The O-D carries a complete list of Primary Results. (Note: Both Mr. Stephenson and Mr. Brennan's names will be on the ballott in the General Election in November.)


Yesterday morning in the Park.

While Mike (Tower) and Blake stood on scaffolding attaching Fypon facing to the beam on the front of the Bandstand, mason Ray Drake guided concrete into the form for the front steps of the structure and DPW Superintendent Jamie Bechy and his crew raked and leveled, making sure that new pavement (which will probably be poured today) will meet old - precisely.

By afternoon, the stairs were done and .............

............ and Ray Drake was putting the finishing touches on the sidewalk leading from Park Place to the Monument Circle.

Today, watch for sidewalk from the front steps into the Park to be poured and for the elaborate balusters - which had already been assembled but then removed for safe-keeping - to be reinstalled.

If all goes as planned, the Bandstand - tho not completed - will be ready for use by musical groups all day on Saturday!

10:00 AM

Don Cartwell's "Cleffdwellers"

11:00 AM

"String Bee"

1:00 PM

Jimmy Wolf

2:00 PM

"All Tuned Up"

3:00 PM

Line Dancers!

(To answer two FAQs: the Monument will be set in place later this autumn and the Formal Dedication of the Bandstand will take place next Spring.)


In the afternoon ...........

............. the DPW moved to West Main Street, between the Main Street Garage and Stewart's ....

.......... and attacked the "jungle" that had been growing next to the guardrail!
What a difference that made!

Jamie explained that it had been impossible for the men to cut around the roses, so those got trimmed, as well, but they'll be back next Spring.


Special visitors, taking it all in:

Marjorie Barnes and her son Tom, after lunch at "Michael's."



From Becky Maggio:

"I just wanted to share with you that we had many members of our Legion Family (Legioniars, Auxiliary, SAL & Junior Auxiliary) volunteer to help out with cooking, transporting food and serving food to the Fort Drum Soldiers while they were here for the EMT Course.

We served them supper Wednesday the 9th and lunch and supper on Saturday the 12th.

We also had one of our junior members put together goodie bags for them.

We hope they will keep in touch. Many of them will be deployed in October to Iraq. God Bless them all."

(Click to enlarge!)


"Where in the World is........"



1. He's not in Paris, any more.

2. The bathroom in his hotel room is 4' x 6'.

3. There are little "electric blankets" hanging next to windows, for super-cold weather.

4. But there's a familiar sign!!!

(More photos and notes just arrived in Waterville, where it's nearly 7:00 AM - eight hours later than Glen-time - and I'll post those tomorrow.)



Have a Great Day, Everyone!

See you in the Park!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Balmy with a few clouds

Dumpable Containers Only.



Three days between now and Cruise-in!

From WKTV: "Good morning Central New York! A cloudier, cooler day in store today, with cooler weather by tomorrow.

Some patchy fog across the area, especially in the hills surrounding the valley. Temperatures are about 10 degrees warmer than yesterday morning, so you may not need the jacket. Skies will remain mostly cloudy, with perhaps a passing sprinkle.

Mostly cloudy today, with a few showers possible through about noon. Most areas will stay dry. Some sunshine will develop this afternoon, bringing temperatures to near 70. Partly cloudy skies tonight, with overnight lows on the chilly side, in the mid 40s.
High pressure builds in from the north tomorrow, bringing partly sunny skies and slightly cooler weather. Highs on Wednesday only in the upper 60s. This fair weather system only lasts for a day. As it moves out by Thursday we will run the risk of a few showers by Thursday afternoon and evening.
A potent cold front moves in Friday afternoon, bringing us much cooler weather by Saturday afternoon. The weekend looks cool but dry."

From WKTV Sports: Sauquoit Girls Blank Waterville ."


A note from Lawrence Gilley, the Marshall Historial Society's webmaster, with the link to the Society's August-September Newsletter: Click HERE.

- and from Glen Carroll, who works for Par Technologies, and whose letters to the blog always give new meaning to the hackneyed job description: "Travelling Salesman!"

He writes: "Hi, hi, hi. I thought it would be fun to document my trip this week. This is the River Seine in Paris. It must be beautiful to live on these boats in the summer but even the warmer winters they must be cold! The weather is nice here. In the 70's but the Parisians think the 50 nights are far too chilly for Sept! Swine Flu is such a fear here that most businesses have banned the French cheek kissing!! And no hand shaking!!! They all bump elbows now."

Thanks, Glen!!


Wave "Happy Birthday!"

That's Catherine Harding, aloft, yesterday morning, celebrating #97!

(Thanks to Patty Harding Ford for the photo!)



Mike and his crew were attaching more ornamental brackets ........

............. while Ray Drake of Drake Masonry & Construction
built the framework for the front steps that will face the Park and then for
the rear sidewalk/monument area between the Bandstand and Park Place.

Watch for concrete to be poured today!



At Savicki's, beyond Paris Hill ........

.............. and the Pryputniewicz Potato Farm -



Speaking of Food .........

(which we weren't, really, but .............)

I have the Waterville Historical Society's Fall Newsletter right at hand and
they advertise their

Cruise-in FOOD BOOTH

which will be located just inside the east gate of the Harding lawn

offering Salt Potatoes, Nachos, Kielbasa w/ Kraut, Cheese Dogs, Chili Dogs,
Hotdogs w/ Kraut, Chips, Drinks and Cookies!

Look, too, for their Sales Booth next to Stewarts!



More games tonight.


(Have you clicked on the Google Heading today?)

Have a Great Day, Everybody!