Thursday, August 27, 2009

Lots of New Bits & Pieces!

It's Garbage Day.

46 degrees and clear. It's going to be a nice day!


FROM WKTV: "Chilly this morning, with widespread 40s across the area. We'll warm up quicky this morning, with plenty of sunshine. Temperatures this afternoon expected to be in the low 70s with a light breeze.

Clear skies, light winds, and a cool air mass in place will mean another chilly night. Overnight lows tonight are expected to be about 5 degrees cooler compared to this morning, with low to mid 40s across much of the area.

As we head closer to the weekend, it will turn towards the unsettled side. For tomorrow, starting out with some sunshine, but clouds will increase as we head through the day. Showers will begin to develop as early as the evening.

Tropical storm Danny looks to pass close to the east coast, and will not directly affect our weather for the weekend.

A cold front will attempt to drop in from Canada, along with a surge of tropical moisture coming in from the Atlantic. Rain looks to be a good bet Friday night into Saturday morning. Showers and clouds are expected to linger through most of Saturday. The cold front itself will cross the area Saturday night into early Sunday, giving us more showers and thunderstorms Saturday night and early Sunday.

Drier weather expected late in the day Sunday, with much cooler weather as we head into next week.


Yesterday afternoon it looked as if Michael and Duke were supervising the husky helpers carrying out one of the last things to go - the monster refrigerator.

Everything else was already in place and, without missing a single day ...........

......... at the corner of Routes 12 & 20 in Sangerfield!



The mottled gray and black shingles on the roof of the Bandstand seem to blend right in to the park scene, echoing the shades of gray in the granite of the Watering Trough and the many tree trunks.

From Park Place you can now see how a slightly graded paved walkway will lead from the street to the circular area where the Monument will be placed and then up another bit of grade right to the rear of the Bandstand.

If you wonder - as I did - where the railings and balusters that we saw in a place a few days ago have gone ---- they've all been assembled but have been removed and put in Mike Tower's garage for safe-keeping until the installation of light fixtures and panelling the ceiling have been completed.


At the other end of the village, a monster crane is parked on the side lawn of St. Bernard's Catholic Church.

Fr. Tom Servatius had the Building Permit right in his hands, and I imagine that any day now the crane will lift a crew to the towers and restoration work will finally begin!



Tracy Lynn Olivera


Tracy will appear in the revival of the musical "Ragtime" at the Neil Simon Theater in New York City. The show opens on Broadway for previews on October 23rd and the opening night is scheduled for November 15th.


Hank Gardner sends a Thank You to Gil Condon for the picture of "Frankie Cowen!"




Jeff Reynolds has been having fun photographing the late-season flowers: top; cone flower or Echinacea and, bottom, Sunflower.

For those of you who have ever tried to figure out or draw the pattern of sunflower seeds - a Mr. H. Vogel offers this formula (which didn't help me, but might interest you!)

"Where θ is the angle, r is the radius or distance from the center, and n is the index number of the floret and c is a constant scaling factor. It is a form of Fermat's spiral. The angle 137.5° is related to the golden ratio and gives a close packing of florets. This model has been used to produce computer graphics representations of sunflowers."



Not until a few days ago had I ever paid any attention to the tall trees in front of "Illahee" - the Mack residence on Berrill Avenue, but, one day when the sun was shining just right, I saw red: at least reddish-looking blobs here and there on the tree. What strange fruit or seeds! Nothing I'd ever seen before!

The closest I can come to identifying the tree - which must be a hundred years old and is at least 60 feet tall - is some variety of Magnolia. I'm going to send these pictures to Phillip Sexton: he'll help, I'm sure!


Red and green political posters are decorating lawns throughout the community. It's a seasonal thing, but not Christmas! Democratic legislator Edward C. Stephenson is being challenged by former State Agriculture Commissioner then State Director of USDA Rural Development in New York, Patrick Brennan. An Ice Cream Social Fund Raiser in support of Brennan will take place on Saturday from 1:00 - 3:00 at the Clifford J. Fulmer Post of the American Legion on Route 20.


The introduction of Dorothy McConnell's new book, "Town of Marshall Barns & Farms," at the Town Hall in Deansboro from 1:00 - 3:00.


Bob Belouin's band, "Crushing June," will be at Cavallo's in New Hartford.


Have a Great Weekend, Everyone!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Aaaaahhh: it's cooler!

It's Garbage Day!

62 degrees and dry.

The WKTV weather forecast: "Slowly improving weather today, with a return to sunshine by the late afternoon. A taste of fall expected by the end of the week.

Leftover clouds and showers continue in spots early this morning. As high pressure gradually builds in from the west, expect slow improvements in the weather today. Some breaks in the clouds are expected late this morning, with partly cloudy skies by the afternoon. Highs in the upper 70s. Less humid.

Clear skies tonight, with overnight lows in the mid 50s. A great day expected tomorrow. Mostly sunny and warmer on Tuesday with highs in the low 80s.

A cold front approaches Wednesday, giving us the chance for a few showers and thunderstorms. Behind the front, much cooler and drier air. In fact, we'll call it our first taste of fall by the end of the week. Daytime highs in the upper 60s and low 70s, with overnight lows in the 40s."


I have just found the obituary of Mr. Forrest Cooper of Sangerfield in this morning's Observer-Dispatch.



Annual Book Sale

opens this morning!

Special Preview Hour from 9:00 - 10:00



Hardcover - $1.00 | Paperbacks - 25 cents DVD's - $2.00 | VHS - $1.00

Regular Priced Days:
Monday, August 24th – 10-5:30pm Tuesday, August 25th – 2-8pm Wednesday, August 26th – 10-5:30pm
Half Priced Days:
Thursday, August 27th – 2-8pm Friday, August 28th – 10-5:30pm
Bag Sale Day:
Monday, August 31st – 10-5:30pm
Free Day:
Tuesday, September 1st – 2-8pm


Two years ago, this was the big news:

(Click the link for more photos.)


Connie Bocko sent me this photograph of Dave putting the finishing touches on a round woodpile. She called it "Estonian Influence," but I didn't really know where Estonia was:


it's a cold country in the northern part of Europe.

(That might account for the similarity of Estonian woodpiles to the round woodpiles that Dick and I had seen in restored villages on the Gaspé Peninsula / Cape Breton Island.)


From Jeff Reynolds come these two lovely pictures taken in "Chepachet," an area somewhat north of Route 20 along Route 51.
CHEPACHET is a Native American word (Algonquin) that means "the place at the crossing" like a road that splits or a river that divides. 

(Thanks, Jeff!)


Gil Condon has sent this photo and a salute to his fine old friend, 'Frankie" Cowen, who is currently at the Presbyterian Home.

He wrote: "He fought in Korea, at minus 40F, crawled up a hill under fire and dragged back a fellow soldier. (He fought) in Syracuse at the War Memorial against heavyweights like the DeJohns."

(Sounds to me like he's still fighting!) (Thanks, Gil!)




This is probably the last one!





Last Friday afternoon.

Testing railing and balusters: "Nice!"


I think that this is going to be a slow, lazy week, so - unless you send me some Very Important News - I'm taking blog-time off to work on a few other projects and might even sneak in a bit of "vacation."

Have a good week, Everyone!