Friday, May 8, 2009


It's 50 degrees; damp, with patchy clouds.


"She" is Trisha VanSlyke

but I haven't been able to find out who Matt is!


The WKTV Weather Forecast: "Clouds and a few sprinkles this morning will give way to partial sunshine this afternoon. A warm front that passed through last night will bring a mild day to Central New York. Temperatures this afternoon are expected to climb into the low 70s. Instability showers and storms will pop up in spots this afternoon as a weak disturbance lingers around. Some of these storms will be capable of producing some small hail. Leftover showers and a rouge thunderstorm is possible this evening, with scattered showers tonight. Overnight lows in the upper 50s.

The weekend looks like a mixed bag. Saturday will be the better of the two days, with a mix of sun and clouds with highs in the mid 70s. Showers and thunderstorms will develop in the afternoon and evening. For Mother's Day, cooler temperatures are in the forecast as a cold front pushes east. An upper level area of low pressure may generate a couple of showers but it is not looking like a an all day rain event at this time. Highs will be in the upper 50s.

Drier weather with a return to sunshine (finally) for next week. Temperatures will average close to our seasonal averages."

Also from WKTV: NYRI Requests Rehearing for Power Line Project
"Just several weeks after officially withdrawing their application for a power line project that would run from Marcy to Orange County, New York Regional Interconnect is back again."


The Persons are back!



Mary Beth VanDenbergh sent me this photograph of Memorial Park School students helping
Mr. St.Peter celebrate his 40th birthday yesterday. "Some 5th grade band members played Happy Birthday. Everyone sang to him while enjoying "PARP"cycles provided by MPS-PTA for the conclusion of our PARP program."

(Click the image for a super-sized enlargement!)


in diners and parking lots

There was an MVA (motor vehicle accident) near the corner of Sanger Avenue and Park Place on Wednesday evening. What's being talked about is NOT who was involved, but how very rapidly WAVAC and the Waterville Fire Department responded: between two and three minutes! That deserves notice and praise!

Also on Route 12 in the village -- it seems that a question arose, late one night, as to who had the right-of-way: motorists or skateboarders! (I would have thought that the answer was obvious, however ................ )

About the "motorcycles only" parking spots on West Main Street? (Ask Village Board!)


Maple blossoms!

Jack Prior has been keeping track of the family of Canada Geese that spent early Springtime in the small pond on Madison Street and says that the goslings are all afloat, now, and that they've all found their way to the larger pond, behind the Moons.

The beaver would be amazed at how many humans are watching this tree: the animals just seem to be nibbling on it, but - some day soon - it's bound to fall!

This is what many of us are really on the lookout for!
(Click the link. It's a fun website!)


The Bentz Funeral Homes obituary listings include that of Phyllis J. "Mitch" Plourde, whose funeral will take place tomorrow (Saturday) morning and that of James G. "Jim" Kimball whose funeral took place on Thursday evening. The same website will provide information about services for Mr. Leon Idzi of Oriskany Falls, who passed away yesterday, May 7th.


Saturday, May 9th at 1pm

The public is cordially invited
to a



Chicken BBQ meal for attendees following the service


The Mohawk Valley Frasers

will present

"Celtic Evening III"

Saturday at 7:00 at the Capital Theater in Rome.





On Tuesday evening, May 12th,
Crystal Chapter #188, Order of the Eastern Star
will hold an open meeting and honor Master Masons.

Entertainment will be at 7:00 P. M.
followed by an open meeting at 7:30 P. M.
and refreshments afterwards.

This is an opportunity for you to visit our
Masonic Temple and see an open meeting.




High School Libary at 7:00 p.m.

Budget available in pdf format



Have a Great Weekend, Everyone!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thursday with Add-on!

(Thanks for the photo, "J.I." !


(It's on both sides of the sign!)

Be watching, today --- will she answer?

I hope she says



It's Garbage Day!

54 degrees and wet.

From WKTV: "Another storm system moves through today followed by a brief warmup tomorrow and Saturday. An area of low pressure is tracking through Central New York today. Rain early this morning will gradually taper off to showers. Showers will end shortly after noon. Some drier air working in behind this storm may give us some peaks of sunshine this afternoon. High temperatures expected to be in the mid 60s.

Clouds will build in again tonight, as a warm front passes through. Some showers are possible again tonight. Overnight lows will only fall down into the upper 40s and low 50s.

A mix of sun and clouds tomorrow with much warmer temperatures. Highs are expected to crack 70 degrees or better! A weak disturbance lingering around will introduce some scattered showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. Some of these storms will be capable of causing some small hail.

At this point the weekend looks like a mixed bag. Saturday will be the better of the two days, with a mix of sun and clouds with highs in the mid 70s. Showers and thunderstorms will develop in the afternoon and evening. For Mother's Day, cooler temperatures are in the forecast as a cold front pushes east. An upper level area of low pressure may generate a couple of showers but it is not looking like a an all day rain event at this time. Highs will be around 60."


I hope it won't be rainy on Saturday morning. It'll be "Open House," again, at the Sanger Mansion, from 10:00 - 1:00 .......

(Clicking the poster image will take you to an interview with Wm. Cary Sanger, Jr., published in 1951.)

Part II of the Auction at the former "Home for Homeless Ladies" on Putnam Street will also take place on Saturday.



Fr. Tom gave a big wave from the front porch of the St. Bernard's rectory and shouted,

"Let the games begin!"

At Foodking!

A "Red Bud" on Putnam Street is beginning to bloom.

Tulips rule the tidy plantings at the Zwahlen home in Sangerfield.

Nearly everyone who has spoken or written to me thinks the "kiosk" should go in the parking lot in front of the Post Office and Dollar General.

Is this East Main Street site a possible spot? The paved area seems wide enough --- 'though we still don't know how large (or small) the structure actually is. Both location are problematic because they're slanted, but our DPW men are clever enough to overcome that difficulty, I'm sure!


Out in the country ............. dandelions!

At The Root Glen in Clinton - Virginia Bluebells.

The Rome Sand Plains - Trailing Arbutus.

Near York Road, south of Sangerfield - Painted Trillium.



Have a great day, everyone!

(I'll let you know if the car wash sign gives her answer!)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


It's Recyclables Day!

47 degrees and drippy.

The meteorologist at WKTV predicts that, after a rainy night: "We'll take a temporary break from the unsettled weather today, but more rain is expected tonight.

Another area of low pressure has developed to the south of the region along an old frontal boundary. This weak storm will pass east, and will drag any leftover rain showers this morning with it. The steadier rain showers will end by 7 AM this morning. Slow but gradual improvements are expected as we head into the afternoon. Increasing sunshine, with afternoon highs in the upper 60s.

Our break in the weather won't last. Another storm system will bring in rain later on tonight. Rain will fall heavy at times early tomorrow morning, with a rumble of thunder possible. Overnight lows only in the mid 50s. Clouds and showers for Thursday, with highs in the mid 60s."



to The Kelleys of Sangerhill Road

and Mr. Browne and Mrs. Mizener of E. Bacon Street!



An E-note from Village Clerk-Treasurer Lorena Lenard:

"The Village Board is looking for ideas as to where the KIOSK should go.

They are inviting the public to come to the June 1st meeting with their ideas."

(Save June 1st on your calendar, but also watch for a complete description with specifications or the designer's drawing of the kiosk, without which it's hard to be objective!)


Is this YOUR house?

This picture postcard and accompanying note came from Connie Bocko, who wrote:

"I have a photo that I would be willing to give someone if they live in the house that is pictured. I collect Waterville stuff, but it would mean more if this were my house. If you'd like to post it, I'd be glad to give the original to someone, if they recognize their porch."


A Special Announcement and Invitation


The public is cordially invited

to a






Saturday, May 9th at 1pm

Chicken BBQ meal for attendees following the service


Here's another wonderful story about the Sanger Mansion and its eccentric owner, William Cary Sanger, Jr., sent by Helen Tower Brunet.

"Bill Sanger, who lived in the Sanger 'Mansion' in Waterville, had known my father growing up in Waterville. In the l940’s he was sometimes invited for Sunday dinner at our house at the Tower Homestead. My father picked him up in the car, as Bill did not drive.

He was thin and balding, with pasty white skin. My parents enjoyed him because he was well educated and a good conversationalist and they knew he must be lonely living the life of a recluse. He would arrive looking disheveled and a bit nervous with a stack of NATIONAL
GEOGRAPHIC magazines for my brother and me.

After dinner, as soon as he had left, and before we had even had a chance to look through the magazines, we would be told once again to never go to his house without a grown up. My brother had no particular interest in seeing his house, but I did. I talked my two best friends, Murney Tyler, and Carolyn Tester, into biking up to see him one Saturday in spring. We were about twelve years old and we loved adventure. And, we knew that just about anything our parents told us not to do was worth doing.

We were breathless by the time we had pedaled up the hill. As we rode into the courtyard, the house seemed bigger than ever before. It was built of grey stone and could have been used in the filming of WUTHERING HEIGHTS. Gazing up at the parapets, I began to wonder if this had been such a good idea after all. But we three prided ourselves on being fearless, so we banged on the front door with the knocker and waited.

Finally the door was opened by Bill, who seemed surprised but very pleased that we had come.

He showed us through the house, room by room. The living room, dining room, library, pantries, kitchen, all the bedrooms upstairs and even the attic. It was not the haunted house that we had imagined. There were suits of armor in the corners of the hall and armor displayed on the walls. The furniture was old and worn, but the sun shown through the lead glass windows and the views were breathtaking. Bill was obviously enjoying the chance to show it off.

The tour ended in the basement game room where we all played billiards. It was damp in the billiard room; shelves of books in the bookcase has fused together in the dampness. Before we left he served us ginger ale from not very clean glasses and we promised we would visit again.

We discussed every detail of the experience on the way home. Of course, we could never tell our parents or any of our friends. We agreed on a code word for discussing this adventure on the phone in case the operator was listening.

The code word was "Armor."


"Tides of Commerce," a collection of poems by Wm. Cary Sanger, Jr. can be read in its entirety at Google Books. The obituary of Col. William Cary Sanger, who built the "mansion," is posted on "Heaps of History."

Helen Tower Brunet is the author of "Nellie and Charlie: a Family Memoir of the Gilded Age," published in 2005, which is available at the Waterville Public Library, and also from AND (I just discovered that much of it can be read, and photographs viewed, at Google Books by clicking HERE!)


The Baltimore Orioles and Rose-breasted Grosbeaks have arrived at the Heidels, East of the Village, and at Whiskey Hollow and, presumably, to points between.

The ornamental pear trees along West Main Street are blooming as are bright Azaleas at the Kelley residence on Sangerhill Road ...........

......... and the home of Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Plourde on Tower Street.

This brick residence seems to me to be of the "Federal" style of architecture and was built by (or for) one of the Terry family quite early in the 1800s.

Other Federal style buildings in the area are the white apartment house in Sangerfield that always shows up in the background of "Gas" photographs ..........

and it's twin ......

........ the former "Sangerfield Exchange," both of which were built by Jotham Tower in 1798 or 99, and where renovations are well under way for the future location of "Michael's Fine Food & Spirits."



Have a Good Day, Everyone!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


(Click the image; catch the mood!)


It's 41 degrees and cloudy.


WKTV's forecast: "An area of low pressure will pass south of the region, but will pass close enough to give us scattered showers and clouds throughout the day. Expect a few peaks of sunshine in spots this morning, with thickening clouds. Scattered showers are likely this afternoon, with perhaps a steadier light rain for areas east of Utica. High temperatures expected to be near 60 degrees. A noticeable easterly breeze is expected through the day as well.

As this storm passes out to sea, it will drag the clouds and showers with it. Expect improving conditions tonight, with generally dry conditions and some breaks in the overcast. A return to sunshine is expected tomorrow, with highs 65-70.

Our next storm will be fast approaching, and will be with us as early as late Wednesday night. Rain is expected on Thursday."

I've received an E-mail from a blog-reader who was quite sure that she'd seen an eagle at Chittening Pond! I made a few trips there, over the weekend, but just saw lots of fisherman families having some grand fun!

Perhaps Jim Kloster will be able to spot the eagle!

Out next to Madison Street. The tree still stands, but .........



"Twink" has been found!

He had been "vacationing" with the Brouillettes and was returned to his owners last night!!!

(Thanks, Missy!)


Linda (Lew) Hazelden wrote, yesterday, to share some of her memories of the Sanger Mansion:

"When I was a child, I grew up living next door to the Gerwitz farm on Sanger Ave. Marlene was my ” best friend” and her mother Olga did errands for Mr. Sanger. Marlene and I would beg to go with Olga to the “Castle” to deliver the food requested by Mr. Sanger.

My memories of the Mansion consist of a very heavy front door, dark long heavy drapes, mostly pulled closed, body armor statues here and there and heavy dark tables and chairs.

Mr. Sanger was a bit odd and would hide behind the drapes and peer out at us. After several trips there, he would come out briefly but had very little to say. If my memory is correct, he insisted on several cans of tomato soup included in each delivery.

What a treat it was to visit Mr. Sanger and his magnificent home!"


Thanks, Linda! You reminded me that I had a photograph in my "archives" ------

This photograph of Joan (Best) McLaughlin admiring one of the knights in shining armor was taken by Dante Tranquille in 1950.


The following announcement has come from Bob Gray at Waterville Central School:

The National Honor Society will be sponsoring a Blood Drive in the High School Gymnasium (The James VanWormer Gymnasium) on Friday May 15th from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm . Donors can sign up by calling the high school guidance office at 841-3823 .


Jill Getman has sent these pictures of events that have taken place, recently, at the Waterville Public Library!

The Cast of Characters

in the Murder Mystery, "The Unhappy Hour"

that took place on Tuesday night.



The "Hula," of course ----------

"Sand Art"

.... and "Tropical Bowling!"

(I think our Library must be the most FUN library anywhere around!)

(That's a link: click on it!)


This game had a two hour and fifteen minute rain delay
and didn't end until 1:15 a.m.

That's my excuse!

Have a Great Day, Everyone!