Friday, July 10, 2009

With deepest sympathy

As many of you know, Missy Brouillette's dad, Arthur Richard "Dick" Jones, of Ponte Vedra, Florida, passed away a few days ago.

She especially wanted me to give you this link to his obituary, which appears in today's issue of the Jacksonville News.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Madison County Fair Opens Today! (w/add-on)

It's Garbage Day!

53 degrees and foggy.

Despite chilly, wet weather, the Watering Trough in the Park is "overflowing!"

Pat's gardens on S. Babbott Avenue have never been brighter!



follow all the events on WKTV


The 170th Madison Co. Fair opens today at 1:00.

Admission: still $2.00!

(Click the link for an article in this week's Mid-York Weekly.)

And ....... Check out this link to the
Waterville Public Library's NEW BLOG!!

Fun things are happening!!

(Including the "Harry Potter Band"
Saturday the 18th at 2:00
in the Park

and Monk Rowe at the Library on the 31st.)


The Hamilton Village Concerts in the Park kicks off with “Summertime with the Syracuse Symphony, presented by National Grid” at 8 p.m. Thursday, July 9 on the village green. Area residents are invited to enjoy a free musical journey through jazz, cinema and theater!

From the WKTV Weather Center: "Improving weather for the end of the workweek.

Things look very different on the weather maps this morning. Yesterday's storm that was parked to the north is being replaced by an area of high pressure. This morning, some patchy dense fog in spots. Look for the fog to lift before 7AM. Partly to mostly sunny today with highs in the mid 70s. Skies clear out completely tonight, with overnight lows in the low 50s.

A beautiful finish to the work week! Expect mostly sunny skies on Friday, with highs near 80.

Sunshine to start out Saturday. Things will change as we head through the day. An approaching cold front will bring clouds during the late morning and early afternoon. Showers and thunderstorms are likely Saturday afternoon. Some of these storms could be on the strong side, with gusty winds and small hail possible. Stay tuned.

This cold front passes through Saturday night, and clears the area by Sunday morning. Sunshine along with a few clouds expected at the start of Boilermaker, with racetime temperatures in the low 60s. Temperatures will climb slowly through the day, with highs in the mid 70s.

in "Whiskey Hollow"

John Lincoln-Lovely came to my front door around 9:00, this morning, to tell me that this (above) was happening:
a load of sheetrock was being raised to a second-floor doorway by a very large crane.

The challenge? Look at all of those wires!

So far, so good ................

Well done!

While we stood watching, we talked about what the builders of that structure would think of what was going on: on the theory that the building was used as a storeroom for the distillery that once stood across the road, it must have been built around or before 1810. Could those carpenters have ever imagined - in their wildest dreams - that motorized vehicles would be passing on a paved roadway or that essential currents of electricity or telephone transmissions were traveling through wires like that? Sometimes events that we consider "everyday" are more historic than we realize!



Yesterday started out chilly and dank - so much so that a few of the usual vendors were missing from the weekly Farmers' Market in the Park.

I didn't get there until just a bit before closing time and, although merchants were packing up to leave, I got a good look at the Pet Supplies table. If you do not already know how to completely pamper and spoil your dog or cat, they'll be more than willing to show you how!

I didn't remember seeing this display, last week, but couldn't help stopping to look at all of the Red Hat accessories!

No: I'm not a Red Hatter, but that Teddy Bear sure is cute!

The Reiles' table was nearly empty - and more so after I bought a loaf each of whole wheat bread (with sunflower seeds and raisins!) and banana bread!


More and more Boilermaker Flags have appeared in the last few days:

At Dick Hughes' ..........

.............. the Bockos' ...............

and Kim Kempf's on Sanger Hill Road.

Things to do ................


"Once Upon a Time in Waterville"

the old-timers' Story Swap

continues tomorrow at 4:30

at the Waterville Public Library





A note from Doris Stephan:

"Waterville Book Discussion Group is reading Leif Enger's 'So Brave, Young and Handsome.
' "

Kirkus Reviews /* Starred Review */ A belated follow-up to a popular debut finds the Midwestern novelist in fine storytelling form, as he spins a picaresque tale of redemption and renewal amid the fading glories of the Old West.

Bring your lunch to the Library on Wed. July 22 at 12 noon.
Call the Library at 841 4651 to request a copy of the book."


Come sign up for

AYSO 2009 season

On Wednesday July 22nd, 2009

Time: 6:30pm-7:30pm

Where: Waterville high school cafeteria

Teams: U6-U12

Volunteers needed: coaches, referees, team parents



I'm late posting due to an unusually large amount of personal Emails.
Sorry to keep you waiting!

(I'm sure that I''ve forgotten something important:
please do remind me if YOU know what it is!)

(Thank You!)

Have a Great Weekend, Everyone!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Farmer' Market 11 - 5 in the Park!

It's recyclables day.
52 degrees and dry!

WKTV's Forecast: "Mostly cloudy today with scattered showers and thunderstorms. Temperatures on the cooler side, with highs in the upper 60s. Showers come to an end tonight, with skies turning partly cloudy. Some patchy fog possible late tonight. Overnight lows near 50.

Starting out Thursday with some cloudiness. As an area of high pressure builds in, skies are expected to gradually clear out. Becoming mostly sunny tomorrow afternoon, with highs in the mid 70s.

Warming up for Friday and Saturday, with temperatures climbing into the 80s. Saturday night looks to be on the warmer side, most likely leading to a warm start to the Boilermaker. However, as a cold front passes the region, it wont be all that warm with highs on Sunday in the upper 70s. A shower or storm is possible early Sunday morning."


Yesterday it rained. And it thundered and lightened. Then it stopped for a while but soon started over at the beginning, again and again, throughout the day.

Down in Sangerfield, at the "Green Acres Driving Range," golfers hit a few; dashed for their cars to wait out a drenching, then went back to swinging.

On Osborn Avenue, Bill Vetter and his crew stood in the doorway of Lynn William's garage, waiting for a chance to swing their paint brushes, again.

In the Park, however ........ it was a different story!

If Wednesday is "Farmers' Market" day, then Tuesday is ........

............. the DPW's mowing day, no matter what!


The lack of shadows gave me a good chance to take a picture of Suzette's front door ..........

............ and Gerda's front yard.


Pamela Brown sent me this photograph that she'd taken at Dan and Marilyn Maine's home on McCabe Road, over the weekend.

(She also mentioned that she was getting ready for Farmers' Market and that her "Pammycakes'" chocolate chip cookies were in the oven!)

(Thanks, Pam!)


I was on South Brothertown Road during one of the rain/hail showers, but the sun was shining on the hills of the Munnsville Wind Farm.

Heading out of town northward on Hanover Road, a slowdown of single lane traffic while resurfacing is in progress.

View west from "Hanover Green."

Hollyhocks are beginning to bloom.

These are next to Route 20, just West

of Nice 'n Easy.


From this morning's O-D: "Get Ready, Get Set, Go! The Boilermaker's Almost Here!"



Three years ago

............ paving near CVS ..............

.................... and at the Park.



Have a Great Day, Everyone!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tuesday - plus


Bob Ford's obituary appears in this morning's edition of the Utica Observer-Dispatch. It may also be found, and condolences posted, at the BENTZ Funeral Home website.


The WKTV Weather Forecast: "Unsettled weather returns to the region for the middle of the week.
Another upper level storm system will drop in from the north and affect our weather over the next few days. Scattered showers and thunderstorms will be with us for the majority of today. The wettest part of the day looks to be in the late morning and early afternoon. Limited sunshine, with highs around 70. A few showers are possible tonight, especially late. Overnight lows in the mid 50s.

Unsettled weather continues into Wednesday with another round of showers and thunderstorms. Highs once again only near 70 degrees. High pressure will push the storm system out on Thursday with a return to sunshine and warmer weather.

Warming up for Friday and Saturday, with temperatures climbing into the 80s. Saturday night looks to be on the warmer side, most likely leading to a warm start to the Boilermaker. However, as a cold front passes the region, it wont be all that warm with highs on Sunday in the upper 70s. A shower or storm is possible early Sunday morning.


I'm not sure who owns this home on Rt. 12B, but the front flowerbeds are spectacular and well-worth a slow-down to enjoy!
(See note below!)

In my own flowerbed - referred to, this year, as "the weedery!" - the brilliant Rose Campion is in bloom ...........

.......... as bright as the wild rose.


I'm having intermittent internet problems, this morning, so will post this with a reminder:



to benefit



at Clonan Post 1000

Oneida Street, Chadwicks.

4:00-7:00 p.m.

$7.95 -ticket.

Diane Bancroft sent this information to me, explaining:

"This is an American Legion team for 15-19 year olds. Their home field is Sauquoit HS. (Waterville doesn’t have its own Legion team in this age group. Some Waterville boys play for Helmuth-Ingalls in Clinton.) Two Waterville-area ballplayers play for Clonan Post 1000 in Chadwicks. Kids do not pay a fee to play on this Legion team. They do fundraisers."

Thanks, Diane --- that sounds good!



I've just received an Email from Kristen Strohmeyer who has her hardcopy of this morning's O-D in hand, and says that:
"There's a photograph of Mike and Gretchen Tower's daughters, Sarah and Rachel, Irish dancing on the front of today's Local section."
Unfortunately, I can't find the photograph online.

Sandy Martin wrote, right away, to tell me that the Route 12B home with the gorgeous flowerbeds belongs to Russ and Torrie Stewart.

(Thanks, Sandy!)

And - the blog's working: Linda Rauscher, who is looking for 'lost' members of the WCS Class of 69, has already had one response!

You can watch "Mohawk Valley Living's" TV Tour of Brookfield that ran on WKTV NewsChannel 2 now, on utube:
Part 1: and Part 2:


Have a Great Day!

Monday, July 6, 2009

It's Garbage Day!

Tracy Olivera and Evan Casey were married, yesterday, at St. Bernard's Catholic Church!


Right on the Front Page of yesterday morning's O-D!

The WCS Color Guard and Marching Band
also performed in the Hamilton parade in the morning.

Their next appearance will be at the
45th Annual Waterville Fire Department Field Days Parade
on Saturday, the 18th.

After that, next stop: ORLANDO!


On The Fourth there were Flags ......

... enough wild strawberries for traditional shortcake ..........

............ and the corn surely must have been "knee high by the Fourth of July," even though I couldn't find any knees but my own to prove it!


This morning it's 49 degrees and not very bright.

From the WKTV Weather Center: "After such a nice weekend, it looks like we're heading back to more unsettled weather. A cold front will drag in a pocket of cool air this afternoon. This cold front will be accompanied by a few showers and thunderstorms. Highs this afternoon in the mid 70s. A few leftover showers and storms tonight, followed by partly cloudy skies and cool temperatures once again. Highs in the low 50s.
Cooler weather expected tomorrow and Wednesday, with instability showers and thunderstorms during the afternoon hours. High temperatures both days only near 70.
Drying out, with a return to sunshine Thursday with highs in the mid to upper 70s. Warming up for Friday and Saturday, with temperatures climbing into the 80s. Boilermaker weekend looks unsettled at this point, but not a washout."


This brief notice appears in today's Observer-Dispatch:

Robert J. Ford, Jr. Clinton
Robert J. (Bob) Ford, Jr., 64, of Clinton, passed away Saturday, July 4, 2009, in his home that he built, with his wife by his side. Arrangements with the Kloster-Northrop & Bentz Funeral Home, Waterville, are incomplete. A full obituary will be in Tuesday's paper.


Linda Rauscher has sent me an Email request:

"Glenys Jones Williams and I are planning the WCS Class of ’69 40th reunion. Unfortunately, we are having trouble locating some of our classmates and are hoping that one of your blog readers might be able to help us out. These are the folks we can’t find: Tom Barron, Jane Doughty, Linda Hamm Plano, Phyllis Heim Tarbox, Sue Lewis Traylor, Joan Stephens and Ron Wisnoski. If anyone knows how to reach them, we would appreciate it if they would contact"


-and from Sandy Martin:

" The Waterville Red Hats met the last Thursday in June at the pavilion in Deansoro for a "brown bag" lunch. Each member brought an extra special lunch. The lunches were numbered and each member drew a number and received a lunch other then their own. It was a pleasant surprise to enjoy a lunch made by someone else. After lunch we played a few fun games of bingo. The weather was beautiful and the park was a great place to gather. Our thanks to Barb for arranging the get together."


The first time that Norman P. Deep, Jr. ever saw the Sanger Mansion was on May 22, 1976, when he was just a boy. Along with his two sisters and his mother and father, he had boarded a horse-drawn Conestoga wagon at their home in Clinton and riden to Waterville to join seven other wagons of the New York State Bicentennial Wagon Train, all making an historic trip to Valley Forge. The seventy-five or so wagon- and horse-borne travelers were encamped on the grounds of the mansion that night, guests of Mr. and Mrs. John Hall.

Norm Deep never forgot being there!

Over the years Mr. Deep, now a Social Studies teacher and track coach at Clinton High School, has come back to visit the mansion many times. He mourned its decline; he met the McLanes early in 2006 and followed their stunning and successful rehabilitation of what Kathryn McLane always called, simply, "the house."

Last Wednesday, Norm and his wife, Erika VonSchiller-Deep, came again to the top of Sanger Hill, followed the long driveway and parked in the courtyard, but this time they didn't come to visit: they came to stay. After all these years, Norman Deep's childhood dream has come true and the elegant old home - along with the deer and foxes and wild bunnies and heaps of history - now really is theirs.

Welcome to Waterville!

In the meantime, the McLanes, having spent the holiday with their children and Mark's parents, are now heading southward, looking for a new home in Florida: preferably, said Kathryn, one that is "already finished!"

Thank you for being here!


Another "Welcome" to Cheryl and John Lincoln-Lovely. The couple has purchased the early 19th-century building on Buell Avenue that was most recently owned by Mrs. Leigh and they are in the process of turning it into a year-'round residence!



Village Board is on Vacation: there is no meeting tonight.


Have a Great Day, Everyone!