Friday, January 2, 2009


It's Garbage Day!

18.1 degrees; no precipitation right now.

WKTV's forecast: "Starting out in the single digits and teens this morning. A stiff east wind will keep wind chills in the single digits for most of the morning, before clouds and warmer air move into the region. An area of snow showers in Western New York will arrive later this morning. Occasional light snow showers will fall from the late morning through the early afternoon. Accumulations are expected to be a coating to 2" regionwide before lake effect beings late in the day. Temperatures will rise a generous 15-20 degrees by this afternoon, with highs near 30.
Lake effect will develop along the Tug Hill this evening. Additional accumulations of 4"-8" along the Tug Hill is expected tonight, with 3"-6" in Northwestern Oneida/southern Lewis. The lake band is expected to shift south tonight, giving most locations 1"-3" of new snow tonight.


It was a bright, sunny day, yesterday, but COLD, and
Main Street was deserted except for a fellow snowblowing in front of SouthGate Ministries.

There had been some snowmobile activity in Hanover .......

.......... and on the trail next to Osborn Avenue.

Two vehicles were parked next to Bailey Lake, where their owners were fishing.


It was a good day for looking at shadows

- an ancient maple at the corner of Peck and Shanley Roads -

and a mini "snow fence" of corn stubble on Fuess-Cleary Road.

Afternoon sunset from Lewis Road.

Main Street a little after 4 in the afternoon:

"Closed for the Night - Open Tomorrow Morning!"



At around 3:00 p.m. .......

.......... and then at 4:00.



Amanda Briggs has sent me a list of upcoming events at the Waterville Public Library.

Some of them require sign-ups: don't miss out!!

The phone number is 841-4651!

Healthy Comfort Food * Thursday, January 8th
5:30pm | Sign Up
Try hands on, healthy cooking and enjoy your meal! Plus great tips that taste good, are good for you, are quick and are inexpensive

Movie Night * Thursday, January 15th
6pm | Free Movie
Movie title will be announced at a later date

Knitting Circle * Starting January 16th
1st Thursday of every month at 6pm OR
3rd Friday of every month at 1pm
Join others for companionship and advice as you knit, crochet the winter away.
*Please bring your own supplies, coffee and tea will be provided

Friends of the Waterville Public Library Reception
Thursday, January 22nd @ 6pm
Come to the library and find out ways you can help out the library, like volunteering, setting up fundraisers and more.

Internet Safety Course for parents * Tuesday, January 27th
6-7pm | FREE
How can you keep your children safe on the Internet? Find Out!
Offered by the Missing and Explioted Children Center

Murder Mystery * Thursday, February 5th
5:30-8pm | Space Limited Sign Up Soon
Join 8-10 people in investigating the murder that just occurred while you were all aboard a train from Paris.
*Refeshments will be served

Adult Computer Basics * Thursday, February 12th
6:30-7:30pm | Sign Up
Learn the how to operate a computer

Myspace Q & A for parents * Thursday, February 12th
6-7pm | Sign Up
Join us as Amanda Briggs answers your questions about MySpace and the safe ways your kids can use it.

Adult Internet Basics * Thursday, February 19th
6:30-7:30pm | Sign Up
Learn the basics about the Internet and how to set up your own free email account.

Adult mid-York Catalog Course * Thursday, February 26th
6:30-7:30pm | Sign Up
Learn how to request your own books, look up items in the system or renew your materials!


Book Clubs - Make your New Year's Resolution: Join a Book Club and read more this year!

Mystery Book Club
Read mystery books with other mystery lovers. Get together once a month to talk abouot them
If you are interested in joining this book club please sign up at the library or contact Amanda Briggs at the library. When we have enough interest we will set up the first meeting.

Chick Lit Book Club
Read chick lit books with other women and get together once a month to discuss them.
If you are interested in joining this book club please sign up at the library or contact Amanda Briggs at the library. When we have enough interest we will set up the first meeting.(We almost have enough interest in this book club to start it soon. I will get getting ahold of anyone who signed up late next week.)

Mother - Daughter Book Clubs
Ages 7-9, 10-13 & 14-18
Meet once a month at the library and talk about a book you read.
It's a great way to do something special with eachother.
If you are interested in joining this book club please sign up at the library or contact Amanda Briggs at the library. When we have enough interest we will set up the first meeting.




Have a Great Weekend, Everyone!!


An explanation:

A "Grummy" is, simply a
Grand Mummy - like a "Grand Ma" - only different!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome to 2009

It's 2.7 degrees;
no precipitation right now.

From WKTV: "Thursday, it will be a nice day if you can look past the cold. Temperatures will warm into the mid teens at best, but winds should subside a bit. Sunshine is expected for much of the day. Clouds will roll back in Thursday evening in advance of another storm system that should zip across the region Friday. This system will be starved for much moisture, but may bring a general light snow to much of the area. Behind it, a pretty fair setup for lake effect snow develops for Friday night and Saturday.
Another chance for perhaps more complex storms with more than one form of precipitation exist on Sunday night/Monday and again on Wednesday. Chilly weather and occasional storminess seems to be where we're locked in right now.


By this morning Hanover Lake may appear to be solid, but ..... slow down!


It was snowy and blowy on Main Street, yesterday morning.

W. Bacon Street

Most of the activity in the village involved snowplows, snowblowers and snow shovels.

I think that this is John Brouillette, who had driven a tractor to town to do some serious shovelling on Main Street.

Mark Bentz and a Sanger Avenue resident used traditional methods ....

while Al Toussaint .........

Kevin Bancroft ..........

........... and Bob Mayne maneuvered snowblowers.

(Smile, Bob! Only four months 'til Fishing Season!)

'Til then ...


Stay Warm, everyone,

and have a Great Day!

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