Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday with "Add-on"

The Add-on is a copy of a Letter from the Memorial Bandstand Committee (Dale Meszler, Mabel Bushee and myself) that has been sent to the Village Hall and also as a "Letter to the Editor" to The Waterville Times:

"We've been given to understand that the 'Informational Kiosk' that was designed by members of the Main Street Committee and constructed at BOCES with the intent that it be located near "Stewart's," that company having provided partial funding, is in fact going to be set at the "point" end of the Park. The members of the Bandstand Committee have not been involved in any aspect of the kiosk's design, its construction or the decision to locate it there and, therefore, cannot answer any of the questions that are being asked of us!

We would, however, like to suggest that both the future appearance of the Park and the functionality of the kiosk itself would be better served if it were to be located - if not in the business district, as planned - at least closer to the site of the present "bulletin board" where it could be viewed but would not obstruct what had otherwise promised to be a very pleasant sightline through the Park, with the brightly-planted 1906 Watering Trough and the new Victorian-style Memorial Bandstand: something that we'd all looked forward to seeing for a long, long time!"

This is the Kiosk base. I don't have the measurements, but the partial view of a step-ladder in this photograph gives a hint at the kiosk's overall size.

The structure also includes a four-sided, shingled roof.



It's 31.1 and clear.

WKTV forecast begins: "Despite starting out the day in the upper 20s and low 30s, temperatures are expected to skyrocket this afternoon. Afternoon highs will approach the low 70s with plenty of sunshine. A warm front will pass through tonight, giving us some extra clouds and the slight threat of a thunderstorm. Overnight lows will only be in the low 50s. That's warmer than it was all day yesterday!

Plenty of sun is on the way for Saturday with highs 82-87. As we head into Saturday night, a backdoor cold front will push in from Canada. This will give us the threat of a late day isolated shower or thunderstorm. It will be noticeably cooler on Sunday, with highs in the low 70s. Despite the chance of a morning sprinkle, most of the day is expected to be dry with a mix of sun and clouds.

Warm air will make another surge for Monday, with highs returning to the 80s. A cold front will again pass through on Tuesday, cooling us off to the 60s for the middle and end of the week.

(I hope no one complains!)

Kirk and Lacy will love it!

Tulips and daffodils will bloom in our flowerbeds; air will be fragrant with the scent of Norway Maple blossoms (above) .........

............ and woodlands will make their own bouquets.



"grub out" the weakest shoots

and set up poles!


A new view on Stafford Avenue.

It won't be long before we've forgotten what it looked like, in the first place!


Be watching for changes to start happening in the Park!

I'm told that the concrete "floor" of the Bandstand
will be poured as early as today!

N.B. YES: as of 11:30, it's done!!!!

That's the Good News!

However, the center sightline - or view - of the Park, including the brightly-planted 1906 Watering Trough and new Bandstand, may not turn out to be as attractive as we had thought it would be!

(Explanation to follow!)


Other memories:

Three years ago today .........

.......... on Main Street!


Make reservations for the "Senior Prom."
Call Amy Bentz at 841-3850 or email:

Phone for Advance Sale Tickets for the
Brothertown Music Boosters'
Fundraiser Dinner on May 3.

(In no answer, leave a message!)

A sizable portion of ticket sales will go to the Boosters
to help defray student expenses for their July trip
to Florida to perform at Disney World!

(I've also heard that
the Boosters will raffle off two tickets to a Yankees Game!)


Get bottles/cans ready for the

Boosters' BOTTLE DRIVE Saturday a.m.


Saturday p.m. Spaghetti Dinner

to benefit the
Chenango Canal Association
Sponsored by the Hamilton Masonic Lodge from 5-8 p.m.



(Click to enlarge.)

Speaking of "high" gas prices, Judy Zirkle wrote, yesterday, to say that: "Dick and I came back from MI on Tuesday. Gas prices were $1.92 but had been as low as $1.89 while we were there over Easter."

But remember this ...................



Whether you're going to be on the road

or battling "Bishop's Leaf"

or just soaking up sunshine,

Have a Great Weekend, everyone!

Coming next week: news of a new Story Hour at the Waterville Public Library.

(But an "adult" story hour? Surely that can't be right????)

Thursday, April 23, 2009


It's Garbage Day!

35.2 degrees and drippy.

As of 7:45, a friend on his way to Utica reports that it's

From WKTV: "Rain showers will be scattered across the area through the morning. It may be cold enough in the hilltops for a few wet snowflakes to mix in with the rain, especially early this morning. Clouds will hold tough through much of the afternoon, with maybe some brief evening sun. Highs are only expected to be in the upper 40s. A bit of a breeze from the northwest will make it feel chilly.

On Friday, the storm system exits, and the warmest weather by far of the season will follow. Friday will serve as the transition day, with sunshine and highs in the low 70s. Saturday and Sunday are expected to be very warm, with highs in the 80s. This type of warmth will not be accompanied by the traditional humidity. "


Love those summer chairs!

Right down to the foundation - it's gone.



at MPS

BOOK FAIR 11:30 - 3:00 and 6:00 - 8:00

ACADEMIC FAIR 11:30 - 8:00.



Brothertown Music Boosters


9:00 - noon

at the WCS Bus Garage




to benefit the

Chenango Canal Association

Sponsored by the Hamilton Masonic Lodge from 5-8 p.m

at their new lodge building which is located behind Joy's Dance Studio on Rt. 12B.

Donation: $7 for adults, $6 seniors and $5 children.


A Special Tradition

sponsored by the WCS High School Student Council

(Click poster image to enlarge!)

The Annual Senior Citizens' Prom is scheduled for Saturday,

May 2nd, 2009, from 5-8 p.m.

at the Waterville Senior High School.

All senior citizens are invited to join us for dinner, desert, music, and dancing.

Please RSVP to Amy Bentz by Wed. April 29th : 841-3850 or email:



After reading in yesterday's blog that the price of a gallon of gas on Tuesday was $2.21.9, blog-reader Johanne Purple wrote:

"We paid $2.03 in VT for gas Sunday. The minute we hit NY State it went up fifteen to twenty cents. Ugh."

Think Sunshine, and Have a Great Day!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


It's Recyclables Day!

42.4 degrees and cloudy.

From WKTV: " A slow moving dying storm system will continue to give us clouds, showers, and cool weather. For today, mostly cloudy with sprinkles and a rain shower. Highs in the low to mid 50s. Rain showers will become a bit more widespread tonight, with overnight lows in the upper 30s. It may be cold enough in the hilltops for a few wet snowflakes to mix in with the rain. Continued cloudy, cool weather tomorrow, with highs in the low 50s. On Friday, the storm system exits, and the warmest weather by far of the season will follow. Friday will serve as the transition day, with sunshine and highs in the low 70s. Saturday and Sunday are expected to be very warm, with highs in the 80s. The warm weather is even expected to last into early next week, before a cold front moves in and cools us off."

Looking Good!


Do you remember this picture of the swing in Winter?


Here's the swing in Springtime!


Missy Brouillette phoned me, early yesterday, to tell me that THIS was happening on Stafford Avenue.

By the end of the day, the entire structure had been flattened and debris was being taken away.


Meanwhile, on Madison Street, beaver "jaws" continue to work!


The Memorial Park School PTA is following up on the recent successful Parents As Reading Partners program with a Scholastic Book Fair and an Academic Fair.

The Book Fair
Tuesday, 10:00-1:00;
Wednesday, 10:30-2:30 & 6:00-8:00;
Thursday, 11:30-3:00 & 6:00-8:00;
Friday, 10:00-2:00.

A wide variety of books that will appeal to all ages will be available for purchase.

The Academic Fair
Thursday, April 23, from 11:30-8:00.

MPS students will be entering projects based on books they have read either on their own or as a class. The projects can reflect any area of the curriculum. The Academic Fair will provide the community with a cross-section of the academic program at MPS, and will provide the students with the opportunity to proudly display their work.


On Madison Street!

Blue Scilla

It's spreading!


Pulmonaria is just beginning to bloom.


A Question ........

are there any Waterville "youngsters" who are currently attending Amherst College?

They may be surprised to find THIS in the building called "the Octagon!"

The Babbott Room

established and endowed by Frank Lusk Babbott,
another Waterville "youngster," once a student at Amherst, himself.

Babbott was the only member of the first graduating class - 1874 - of the new "Union Free School" in Waterville. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Amherst in 1878 and a Bachelor of Laws degree from Columbia.

Although he was never again a resident of Waterville, in 1916 he donated the park that we know as Babbott Field to "the youth of Waterville," and at the time of his death, in 1932, his bequests included gifts of $25,000 each to the Waterville Public Library and The Presbyterian Church.

He was most famous for his work in the field of Fine Arts and received honorary degrees both in the United States and Europe.

(I've just posted his Obituary on "Heaps of History.")



The Sox - Twins game was rained out, yesterday.
Double-header today!

Have a Good One!

Monday, April 20, 2009


Sorry that I'm late, but there's a lot of "stuff" for today's blog post!!!

It's Garbage Day!

42 degrees and lowery - cloudy & gloomy.

From WKTV: "A mild, dry, breezy start to the day. Expect mostly cloudy skies this morning, before rain moves in this afternoon. Rain is expected to start shortly after noon, with the steadiest rain falling between 2-5 PM. Keep the rain gear handy if you're planning on being outside later on this afternoon. Winds will also be an issue later on this afternoon. Winds are expected to become sustained from the east 15-25mph with gusts up to 35mph.

Winds will continue tonight, with occasional rain showers. Overnight lows will fall into the low 40s. More clouds and showers are expected tomorrow, with even the outside threat of a rumble of thunder. On Wednesday, continued cloudiness with more rain showers.

Cool, cloudy, weather continues through Thursday. Finally, by Friday a return to warm, sunny weather. Very warm air is expected to make a run into the northeast over the weekend. There is the potential for temperatures at least 70 or better on both Saturday and Sunday."



Budget Hearing

7:00 p.m. at the Municipal Hall





Tomorrow is also



On Saturday morning, Rotarian Deb Conway waited at Municipal Hall to sign up volunteers for the community Cleanup.

Of the seventeen that had shown up, I found three working near the skate park ...........

........... and three more patrolling Sanger Avenue.
(Lou was actually carrying a rake. Carol and Stan must have been supervising!)

Industrious Beavers on the midnight shift are at work next to the small pond between Jack Prior's home and the Moon residence!


Also on Saturday, Putnam Street was filled with cars and trucks ...........

.......... whose owners all hoped to be leaving with some "treasures" won at the ..........

.............. auction that took place at this famous old home.


Yesterday was grand!

I was working out in my yard, a little after noontime, and - for the first time in months! - I heard Nancy Ayala playing the bells in the Masonic Temple tower, and what a pleasure it was to just stop and listen!

Thank You, Nancy!

Sunny Sunday on Main Street

The only people in sight were enjoying a treat at Stewart's!


The "Dog Days of Summer" are when it's hot and humid and no one wants to do anything, but the "Dog Days of Springtime" mean something else!

Lurena McNamara's spaniel was pulling her right along Sanger Avenue ......

Karen Langone's two "grand-dogs" (belonging to Jeremiah) brought her to a safe stop at the corner of Park Place and Madison Street.


Have you seen the new paint and "pie" at Pumilia's Pizza Shell factory on Route 315?


ALSO: slow down and admire the nice Clean-up job done by members of SouthGate Ministries on Saturday --- they've taken out many of the old, overgrown evergreens that were crowded along the front of the church, giving the building a new, open appearance.



from Diane VanSlyke .......
"The Hamilton Masonic Lodge decided to host a Spaghetti Dinner and give the proceeds, after expenses, to the Chenango Canal Association. They choose one non-profit each year. The lodge members advertise and do all the work cooking and serving a spaghetti, meatball and sausage dinner for a donation of $7 for adults, $6 seniors and $5 children. It will be on Saturday, April 25, 5-8 p.m. at their new lodge building which is located behind Joy's Dance Studio on Rt. 12B, between Hamilton and Bouckville. "Save the Summit" is the project on the Towpath Trail. We need money to help pay for supplies, gas and equipment. We hope to see a lot of friends of the Canal there."


WHERE: Waterville Methodist Church, 401 Tower St.

WHEN: Wednesday, April 29th.; 3:00 P. M. to 7:oo P. M.
Thursday, April 30th.: 9:00 A. M. to 6:00 P. M.
Friday, May 1st.: 9:00 A. M. to 12:00 Noon

BAKE SALE on Wednesday, April 29th.

Come and rummage through this stimulus package!!


(Click poster image for enlargement and details!)



It's "Patriot's Day"
(click for pictures of Paul Revere's Ride!)

Forsythia shrubs are blooming ....

"Spring Peepers" are singing ...........

..... and I'm taking a couple more days' "vacation" to explore the woods, dig wild leeks and delve even deeper into some fun history troves!

Have a Great Day, Everyone!