Friday, May 15, 2009


A very brief post, this morning,
mostly to let those blog readers who had an interest in when the beaver tree would fall and where it would land:


I found "voice mail" recorded at 10:38 telling me that the tree had fallen in the road and that the Township crew had been there with chain saw and muscle to get it out of the way.

Will the beaver appreciate it?

We'll see!


WKTV's forecast:

Dense fog advisories for Oneida, Madison, Chenango, and Otsego County until 9AM this morning

Good morning Central New York! A return to nice and quiet weather today, but more unsettled weather as we head into the weekend.
Yesterday's cold front has now pushed well to the east. An area of high pressure is expected to build into the region today, and give us pleasant weather today. For this morning, some fog has settled across the region. Dense fog is expected in spots this morning before lifting between 7-9AM. Expect plenty of sunshine this afternoon. High temperatures will reach 68-73.
Clouds will be on the increase late tonight, as our next weather maker approaches the region. Overnight lows will be quiet mild, in the low 50s.

Some sunshine to start out Saturday morning. Temperatures will climb into the upper 70s during the afternoon before a cold front sparks off showers and thunderstorms. We expect the chance of showers and storms in the afternoon and evening, and some of these storms could be on the strong side. Thunderstorms may be accompanied by gusty winds and/or small hail.

Much cooler weather expected on Sunday, if not downright chilly. Highs on Sunday only expected in the low 50s with the chance for some rain showers. Better weather is expected for next week. A return to sunshine, with temperatures warming up into the 60s and 70s by mid week. By the end of the week, temperatures may approach 80 degrees or better. Have a great weekend!"

Right now it's 42 degrees and pleasant.


Dicentra Spectabilis

"Bleeding Heart"

......... and old apple trees are in bloom.


Have a great weekend, everyone!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


It's Garbage Day!

50 degrees, rainy and windy.

WKTV's meteorologist predicts that: "A cold front will approach from the west and affect our weather over the next 24 hours. For tonight, clouds will increase. There is a slight risk for a shower well after midnight, but the vast majority of the night will be dry. Low 50.

For tomorrow, showers are likely with the chance of an afternoon thunderstorm as the front edges eastward across the state. High 65-70.

Showers and skies will clear out by late tomorrow night. Low in the mie 40's. Ample sun returns Friday with a high in the low 70's."

Tom had it right! It was a fantastic day!

The DPW mowed and trimmed and set up the "stage" in the Park getting ready for the Saturday "Mayfest" sponsored by the Waterville Area Chamber of Commerce.

A great day for a bike ride!

There are tractors everywhere: in fields and on roadways, as they go from one location to another.

I don't think that it was more than two weeks ago that I watched Sally Zweifel "rolling oats" at this field in Hanover where, now, the oats are already looking green.

I'd been watching little yellow blobs on a magnolia at the Meszlers' on Sanger Avenue - the blossoms are opening!

On Sanger Avenue, where repairs and refurbishments have been under way for several months, a four-unit apartment house will soon be ready for occupancy.

Also on Sanger Avenue, Mrs. Lew's residence is now getting new white siding.

In Sangerfield at the old "Exchange," the oven has been saved as a curiosity .....

..... and, under "Duke's" supervision, an all-new barroom is being built where a much earlier one once existed.

At Alcotts ......... an annual (and perennial) delight!

Judy Christman turned around and asked if I'd found what I wanted:
"Yes," I said, " I'll take some of everything,

But I'll come back later."




Friday May 15th from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm

Blood Drive at the High School gym

sponsored by The National Honor Society

Donors can sign up by calling the high school guidance office at 841-3823.



Kids Concert


May 16th @ 10:30am

Ages 1-8 |

Join us as Mama Pajama's and Jammin Annie
perform music and tell stories live at our library.





Open House from 9:00 - 10:00




Memorial Day Exercises

will take place on Monday, May 25th.

Barb McNamara sent me this photograph of an enormous American Flag that she spotted in Middleburgh, last week.

(I Googled "Middleburgh flag" and found an ad labeled "120' flagpole." That gives some idea of the size.) I also discovered the web site of the New York State Military Museum in Saratoga Springs, sponsors of the New York State Battle Flag Preservation Project.


Friday, May 29.

"Once Upon a Time in Waterville"

Story Hour for Old Folks!

Waterville Public Library
at a little after ten.




Saturday, May 30th from 10 - 1

or until sold out

Waterville United Methodist Church - Tower Street

*It happens every year!

(and yes - they do offer "annuals," as well as "perennials,"
vegetables and other related garden items.)



Have a good day, everyone!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


It's Recyclables Day

32.9 degrees and some very "heavy" dew on the lawn.

The forecast from WKTV: "An area of high pressure that's been responsible for bringing us beautiful weather this week will continue to slide east. Behind this area of high pressure is a cold front, which will be the weather spoiler for the week.

In the meantime, grab the jacket heading out the door this morning. It's another chilly morning. Bright blue skies and sunshine will continue through the day today with afternoon highs around 70 degrees! This will be the best day of the week.

Increasing clouds tonight, with overnight lows much less chilly, near 50. Winds will pick up from the east between 10-20mph and will be with us tomorrow as well. A few sprinkles are also possible early tomorrow morning, but the bulk of the wet weather is expected tomorrow afternoon. Highs in the mid 60s.

A return to sunshine for Friday, with highs in the low 70s. Another cold front moves in Saturday afternoon, giving us showers and thunderstorms. Much cooler weather is expected on Sunday, with highs only in the 50s. Frost may be an issue again Sunday night."

Lilacs are in bloom and, even this early in the morning and with frost on the ground, the air is filled with their scent.

Wild strawberries are blooming, too: it's going to be a good year!


On Madison Street, as of Tuesday afternoon: status quo.


After school in Sangerfield:

"I hit the ball THAT FAR, Dad!"

- on Main Street:

"Hurry up, Mom! Run faster!"

- in the Park:

"I'm King of the Mountain!"

- next to Route 20, near the old Mayflower Motel:

"Now children: stay away from the road!"

Afternoon view from "Parkwood" - the Gordon residence - on Sangerhill Road.

Once the home of Sen. Henry J. Coggeshall, this is also where the late Hilda Ridings Barton spent her childhood. She liked to tell us about the times when, as a young girl, her father sent her across the road to these fields, in the afternoon, to bring the cows home.


The tennis courts at the high school were full, yesterday afternoon. Herkimer's Boys' Varsity Tennis team was in town, and there were plenty of spectators up on the lawn, too.


Last Saturday at the high school:

(Click the image to see all of the Jr.-Sr. Prom Photos, provided to the high school by Patty Louise, Editor & Publisher of The Waterville Times!)


Newly installed at the town houses on Madison Street,

back yard dividers.



Last Wednesday: $2.23.9


Have a Great Day, Everyone!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009



It's just 32 degrees and there's frost on the lawn.

WKTV's meteorologist predicts: "A frosty start to the day, with continued sunshine. Our beautiful weather pattern will continue today and beyond. By Thursday, a cold front will bring some changes.
Chilly this morning, with patchy frost. Keep the jacket handy. An area of high pressure slowly moving in from the west will bring us lots of sunshine and seasonable temperatures here for the next few days. Temperatures will quickly climb today, with highs in the mid 60s by the afternoon. Clear skies and light winds tonight, along with more patchy frost. Overnight lows in the low 30s.
More sunshine expected tomorrow, with highs in the upper 60s to near 70. A cold front will spoil our weather for Thursday, bringing clouds, showers, and thunderstorms. A return to drier weather will return on Friday, and may last into part of the upcoming weekend.


Tuesday May 12
High School Library at 7:00 p.m.

Budget available in pdf format



Three Springtime views by Library Director Jeff Reynolds.


A new view behind Debby and Gary Camp's home on Stafford Avenue!

Hiding on Babbott Avenue.


In this morning's issue of the Observer-Dispatch, a link to the obituary of
Mr. Neil Jeffers, of Oriskany Falls.



Mr. Bechy gave these to me, yesterday!

I know that there are some blog readers who are quite at home looking at drawings like this, so - for their eyes - here are the drawings of the Kiosk. If I have time later today I'll turn them into a regular "picture."

If you're in the Village, look for a spot that will accommodate the structure, allowing its eight display panels to be accessible but not force pedestrians into traffic nor create snow-removal havoc in the winter:

- the four uprights are each 10" square and take up a space that is 8' on each of four sides.

- the maximum roof spread is 9' 2.25".

- from ground level to the top of the roof is just about 10'.

Click the images to enlarge views.

Design & Drawings by Jennifer Dapson.




Have a Great Day, Everyone!