Thursday, April 9, 2009


Maundy Thursday


It's Garbage Day!

29 degrees and starry-clear.

While there was snow in the air a great deal of the time, yesterday, there was no real accumulation in or around Waterville. Up in Barnes Corners, though, 8" fell and 6" in Old Forge!

WKTV: Our large upper level storm system will slowly lose its influence on our weather over the next couple of days. Snow showers and flurries will subside this evening with lingering cloudiness after midnight. Lows will be 25-30.

With some instability lingering around the region tomorrow we still will see some cloudiness, but more sunshine will mix in than what we've experienced in recent days. Temperatures will rebound to near 50 for Thursday afternoon highs.

Partly to mostly cloudy skies will be the rule for Thursday Night. On Friday a new storm system will push to the south of the area with some extra cloudiness but little, if any, precipitation. Highs will again approach 50.

January 9

February 9

March 9 - Spring fog.

April 9

Wild Leeks

While I was looking at the supply of leeks, I spotted a little Hermit Thrush looking at me!

There were a pair of them and, according to Jody Hildreth, they're usually the first of the thrushes to come in the Spring.

Just now, I've heard the first Yellow-bellied Sapsucker
hammering on one of the metal roofs in the neighborhood or the township sign!


Hiding in a swampy spot, the daphne - or Spurge Laurel - should be in bloom, by now!

Canada Geese are setting up housekeeping on local ponds.

Work is under way at the old "Exchange" in Sangerfield on an addition that will accommodate the kitchen at the future home of "Michael's Fine Food & Spirits."



From Brian Bogan: "A check for $1543 was presented to Mary Beth Plourde of the Waterville Food Pantry by the Jr. Optimists and Octagon clubs because of the Donkey Basketball game."


Many area residents are saddened to learn of the death of David E. Tallman, of Oriskany Falls, who passed away Tuesday in Syracuse.


Some of the Stimulus Funds to repair area roads and bridges will find its way here:
  • $972,000 toward resurfacing about nine miles of Route 12B through the towns of Marshall, Augusta and Kirkland.
  • $3 million to paint and wash state highway bridges in Oneida, Madison, Herkimer, Hamilton, Fulton and Montgomery counties.


Now well into its second - if not third - printing, historian Dick Williams' "Farms and Barns of Kirkland, New York," has started a trend: first, Marshall historian Dorothy McConnell began assembling material for a similar project and now Mabel Bushee, historian for Sangerfield Township, has announced that she will be making the same sort of study. She has prepared surveys to send out (and to be published here, on the blog, at a future date.) If YOU grew up on one of the farms in the township or currently own one, please be thinking of information to give to her. This would include the names of former owners or the acreage or the crops grown or livestock raised. Any old photographs of barns that can be borrowed will be especially helpful!

More to come!

As historian for the Village of Waterville, I'm "pecking away" at an illustrated history of the buildings in our Triangle Historic District and the people who built them as well as the two other Waterville structures listed on the National Register of Historic Places - the Charlemagne Tower Homestead (now the Harding residence) and the Masonic "tower" building built by Ruben Tower. I, too, would appreciate any older photographs of any of the buildings and stories of people who lived in them!


The annual Ecumenical "Way of the Cross" will begin at the United Methodist Church on Tower Street at 10:00 A.M. Friday Morning.

Fish Fry at the American Legion from 4:30 - 7:30.


for preschoolers

at Hardings at noon on Saturday
sponsored by the Waterville Rotary Club.


Grace Episcopal Church, Waterville
10 a.m. Easter Sunday

St. Bernard’s Catholic Church, Waterville
Holy Thursday, Mass 7 p.m., Adoration, 8 to 9:45 p.m., Night prayer 9:45 p.m.; Good Friday morning prayer 9 a.m., Liturgy of the Word 2 p.m., Stations of the Cross 7 p.m.; Holy Saturday Easter vigil 7 p.m.; Easter Sunday Masses 8:30 and 10:30 a.m.

SouthGate Ministries
Easter Sunday Service - 10:00 A.M.

Congregational United Church of Christ of Deansboro
Maundy Thursday, Communion Seder, 6:30 p.m.; Easter Sunday, Celebration of the Resurrection, 8:45 a.m.

Three Steeples Parish at Paris Green
Easter vigil supper, Saturday, 6 p.m., in the Cafe; Easter Sunday, Sunrise service on the Green, 7 a.m., Celebration of the Resurrection, 10:30 a.m.

St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, Oriskany Falls
Holy Thursday, Mass 5 p.m., Adoration 8 p.m.; Good Friday, Adoration 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., Liturgy 2 p.m., 5 p.m. Stations of the Cross; Holy Saturday, 11 a.m. to noon, confessions, noon, Blessing of the Food, 4 p.m. Easter vigil; Easter Sunday Mass 9:30 a.m.





Have a Great Day

and a

Really Nice Easter!

I'll be taking an extra-long weekend, but will check my Email now and then, just in case ....!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

About those Comments

I've reactivated the "Comments" link on the blog because there are readers who might like to comment on the weather, seasonal wildlife, sports - whatever - but I have also removed several Comments that were made a week or so ago and, from now on, will preview any that are sent in before they're actually published. No matter what you write about, and even if you use the "anonymous" link, please sign your name or the message will go right into the trash.

I hope that those of you who have written directly to me will be willing to send copies of those comments and opinions as Letters to the Editor of The Waterville Times accompanied by a verifying address and telephone number.



Passover Begins at Sundown

(Please click the image.)


It's Recyclables Day!

28 degrees, cloudy,

and the ground is all white!

From WKTV: "The storm we've been dealing with since Monday is now parked well to our north. However, our weather will still fall under it's influence for one more day. Skies will average cloudy today, with scattered snow showers. This afternoon, some snow showers are expected to turn to rain showers in the lower elevations. Snowfall accumulations are expected to be less than 1/2". High temperatures will struggle to get to 40 today. It will be a bit breezy this afternoon, but not as much as it was yesterday.
Snow showers end tonight, with cloudy skies. Clouds will begin to thin as we head into Thursday morning. By Thursday afternoon, our weather will slowly improve. A few peaks of sunshine are expected, with highs climbing into the upper 40s. The forecast has improved for Friday too. Our next storm is now expected to pass generally south of the region late in the day on Friday. It will still pass close enough to give us the chance for rain and snow showers Friday night."



This, from Jill Getman at the Waterville Public Library:

" The Murder Mystery, 'The Unhappy Hour,'
will now take place on TUESDAY, April 28th
@ 5:30 pm.

I have had many people say they are interested but cannot make it Thursday night, so if those people can make it on Tuesday now please please call (841-4651) so we can do this fabulous game! 3-5 roles are still available."

From Wendy Paulson, at the Front Desk at the Harding Nursing Home:

"One of our volunteers has found a dog!

Female Bull Terrier Mix
Found 04/06/09 on Route 20 in Sangerfield

No collar

Not much ear flap
One eye has a large black splash
Other eye has small black splash

Please call 841-4853

Thank you!


In an attempt to find something "Springish" to look at, I went to Merri Rose Florists - it worked! In fact I'd have liked to have gotten right into the cooler with all of the flowers!

I also found the Easter Bunny - whose name is "Flopsy" - and who is a temporary guest at the store but really belongs to Janice's daughter, Alicia.

Alicia had a few other pets with her ----- a surprise for her mother: Rhode Island Red chicks to take home to the farm!

(Adorable, yes!

But No: I do NOT need a Chicken!)


Then I went out to Alcotts, where the greenery is lush ........

............. and the Easter plants are bright and bountiful.

(Besides azaleas and tulips and Easter lilies and mums, there were some Gloxinias: I hadn't seen those for a long time!)

I would be happy if I could say the same about snow:

Perhaps soon!


John Savage sent this article and photograph to me about a week ago: sorry I'm late posting it!

"The Brothertown Breakers, a Waterville Area AAU 14 Basketball team, opened their 2009 tournament season by taking second place in the April Fools Ambush held March 28th and 29th in Sidney, New York. The Breakers posted convincing wins on Saturday against Sherburne and Norwich before playing in the finals on Sunday against Binghamton Area Class A Powerhouse Maine-Endwell. The Breakers waged a hard fought battle and were leading early in game before closing out at the half down by 6 points. Unfortunately the Breakers shooting prowess took a day off and eventually the Spartans pulled away to secure a first place finish. Although the players were disappointed in the final outcome the team played very well and earned their first AAU tournament trophy for second place.
AAU stands for the American Athletic Union, an organization dedicated exclusively to the promotion and development of amateur sports and physical fitness programs. The Breakers compete at the U14 level and all players must be 14 or younger as of September 1st, 2009. There is a grade exception rule for Eighth graders who are 15 however the Breakers do not have any "grade exception" players.
The breakers are coached by Gary Schmidt and John Savage with assistance from Aurelius Henderson. Clinton Moving & Packaging, Inc. is the Team Sponsor.

Thanks, John!



Have a Great Day!!

P.S. Sue Tice has Girl Scout Cookies! Phone 841-3215.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009





It's 30 degrees and cloudy.

The Weather Channel's look at the day.

- and here is WKTV's forecast: "Good morning Central New York! Winter has returned, with snow and cold expected for the next few days.

A large storm that gave us rain yesterday has passed to the north and east of the area. Cold air will continue to build in behind the storm today, along with a combination of snow showers and lake effect. Expect light snow showers to continue for the better part of today and tonight. Some raindrops may mix in at times, especially in the afternoon. It's going to be difficult for the snow to accumulate during the daylight hours in the valleys. The hilltops surrounding the Mohawk Valley will likely see a slushy inch by tonight. High temperatures are expected only to be in the upper 30s, and with a cold west wind it will feel like 20s.

Snow showers will continue tonight. Without daytime heating, snow will have an easier time accumulating, even in the valley. Expect up to an inch of snow in the valleys, with an additional inch or two in the hills. Overnight lows will be a degree or two below freezing.

Some showers of wet snow and rain may linger into Wednesday but they ought to be more scattered in nature. Temps will recover a bit, but there will still be a chill in the air as readings climb to near or just above 40. Dry weather returns Thursday. Our next storm will pass south on Friday, but may be close enough to give us a mix of rain and snow. At this point, Easter Weekend is looking chilly, but dry.

Just as Annmarie Patterson advised in the letter re: NYRI that was in yesterday morning's blog posting - "No one has tried again....but they will, eventually. Vigilance is needed, both here and in Waterville" - a story on the WKTV website echoes her admonition: "NYRI may be withdrawing application, but the issue isn't over yet."

Maybe we should save the signs - just in case!


On Barton Avenue ......

It was a miserably damp and gray day, yesterday, but there were bright spots!

.......and on E. Bacon Street.

Walkers and runners were out on Sanger Avenue ......

........... and West Bacon Street .......

........... and dog tails were wagging!


In my mailbox, yesterday, was this photograph of Ms. Alyssa Loudon - the Brothertown Optimist Youth of the Month.


Also, this note, from Hugh and Val Way, and these pictures: Enjoy!

"Called home on Sunday and talked to my sister and mother over on Thistle Hill.* They said it was snowing and cold. So I'm sending some pics just to let you know not to give up hope.

Spring was slow starting but has burst out all over in the last week in Williamsburg!! The forsythia are almost ready to go from the bright yellow spring color to summer green, the dogwoods and cherry trees have bloomed and the myrtles are dropping purple petals all over!!!

Spring will get there soon!!!

Hugh and Val Way
Williamsburg, VA"

* "Thistle Hill" --- I think that that's a particular area along Skyline Drive: is that correct?

(Thank You!)



The Redsox-Rays game was postponed because of rain and will start today - hopefully! - at 4:05 P.M.

Sports Fans: According to a story on WKTV, the NY Jets could be coming to Utica College this summer!


- and me!

Instead of the traditional gift of an special Optimist coffee mug, the blogger received a Boston Redsox "backsack" from the Brothertown Optimists, last week!
That's so neat!!
Thank you very much!!!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

How to be a Winning Donkey

Brian Bogan gave me a whole CD of pictures taken at the Donkey Basketball Game.

I couldn't resist:

How to be a Winning Donkey

in 2 Easy Lessons

Rule #1.

Even if you think you're the most handsome dude donkey there is, remember that it's not YOU they're taking pictures of, and ........

............ never ever try to be cuter than a pretty girl!

Rule #2. There are several ways to lose points with the audience:

Lying down on the job is one ......

... and behaving like a jackass is another!

(Oh, oh! The ref does NOT look happy!)

See how much more popular you can be if you just go along with the act?

Sometimes that's hard, because you don't know if your rider is trying to stay on or get off.....

but just be patient and and make it look as if they're in charge!

That's the way!

Well done!

For extra points, let the rider steer you around so he can show off!

This can be really fun because the audience will cheer ......

and your rider will want to ride faster and faster!

So - you see - if you play the game by their rules, you'll really end up being the winner!

At the end of the show, the children will all make a big fuss over you and want to take you home with them and maybe you'll even get a chance to apply for a job with the DPW!

The End