Friday, March 20, 2009

I hadn't intended to post, but......

I can't help it!

It's the First Day of Spring


the curtain goes up on

"Hello, Dolly!"

at 8 o'clock this evening:

don't miss it!!


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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Forecast: Good Weather for Yardwork! However.....

Here's a Special Request from the DPW!!

Village of Waterville Residents should take note of the schedule for

Although spring appears to have arrived and rakes, brooms and blowers have been put into service, it should be noted that

the first green waste collection of the
spring/summer/fall season will be on
Tuesday, April 21st.

Green waste collection for these seasons will always be the third Tuesday of the month. Green waste must be placed in dumpable containers and set out at the curb on the regularly scheduled green waste collection day.

Items can not be bagged

as the green waste is taken to the
Oneida/Herkimer Solid Waste Facility and they do not allow bags.

Leaves and branches should not be placed in the street.

As for spring cleanup of the sand and gravel on people's terraces as a result
of the winter plowing and sanding, this can be swept into the street at the curb line and this will be continually picked up with the street sweeper.

Thursday w/ Election Results & Snow Geese sightings


It's Garbage Day!

36 degrees and wet.

From WKTV: "Skies will average mostly cloudy today with high temperatures in the mid 40s. A cool breeze will make it feel chilly at times this afternoon. As we head into the night tonight, much cooler air will arrive. Overnight lows expected to fall to around 20 degrees. An area of high pressure will build in tomorrow, bringing with it wall to wall sunshine but chilly temperatures. Highs on the first day of spring are expected to be only in the upper 30s to near 40.

As we head into the weekend, skies will continue to average mostly sunny. It should be another beautiful weekend, with temperatures warming back up into the 40s on Saturday to low 50s by Sunday. This warming trend continues into next week, with temperatures approaching 60 once again by Wednesday.


At 2:15 yesterday afternoon, Sylvia Crandall, Joan Kemp, Anne Sally and Paula Burback reported that Ralph Murray (standing) and I were voters #18 and #19.


Mayor - Jim Younes - 81 votes: uncontested

Trustee - Tom McNamara: 116

Trustee - Bruce Treen: 68

Matt Tanner: 52


In Oriskany Falls

Mayor: John Misiaszek (incumbent).
Trustees, two seats: Sheila Johnson (incumbent), Brian Bell.


I spotted the first batches of little yellow "Coltsfoot," yesterday,
on Route 12B north of Hamilton.

(Click the image for information from "A Modern Herbal.")

I also saw Colleen Sullivan Marris, yesterday, and in comparing our delight with the warm weather she showed off her jewelled "flip-flops!" (I didn't have my camera!) And if Colleen is wearing thongs, certainly Sharon Stiles is wearing hers, too!

Out at Hanover, the season's started.

A flock of snowgeese flew overhead, looking for a place to land, but left, again. I drove 'round and 'round looking for them, but never did catch up.

This morning, however, Brenda Evens wrote: "On my way to work this morning, I saw a flock of snow geese on skyline drive in Deansboro heading towards Oriskany Falls from West Hill Road. At first I though it was a snow drift."

and then Mabel Bushee:

"a large flock of snow geese in the old corn field outside of Madison. The one that has the pond of water in it for a good part of the spring. We call it "Bridge's Pond". They were close to the road when I when by this morning."


It's a wonder that we aren't all rolly-polly!

Saturday Morning:


Saturday Evening:


(Click for details!)

and then on Sunday Morning:


I'll be taking an extra-long weekend break:

see you on Monday!


Have a Great Day, Everyone!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wednesday with Food King History add-on

Recyclables Day



from noon to 9:00.


It's 42.3 degrees and overcast.

WKTV predicts "A mild start to the day! Temperatures already in the 40s across the Mohawk Valley. The weather won't be quite as nice today as it was yesterday. Today's forecast features mostly cloudy skies this morning, followed by an increasing threat for rain showers by this evening. Expect temperatures to quickly rise, with an early high temperature in the mid 50s by the early afternoon.

A cold front will cross through the region tonight, accompanied by widespread rain showers. Temperatures will fall into the 30s by daybreak tomorrow, meaning any leftover rain showers will turn over to snow showers by tomorrow morning. No accumulation is expected in the lower elevations and valleys. High hilltops could see up to 1/2" of snow. Precipitation will end on Thursday morning, followed by a mix of sunshine and clouds for the rest of the day.

What a beautiful sight!

Yesterday was Steve's birthday!

Lurena McNamara paid tribute to all Irishmen .....

.... and I found the same bunch of snowdrops that I've been visiting for forty years!


Checking Out at "Foodking"

Yesterday marked a milestone in the store's history and Waterville's, as well.

Charlie Gaiser retired at around one o'clock and "Foodking" was to change hands, officially, at five.

Dottie Ruane was there in time to say "Goodbye" to both Charlie and Rick, but her chin may have quivered a little bit - and she wasn't alone. Rick said that he'd be "around for a week or so," and then ..... ?

I didn't ask, but I bet he'll head Southward!


Some history - The Garretts and their Grocery Store.

The following, which was written by the late Mary C. Cleary, is excerpted from The Waterville Times, April 26 1995, just prior to the May 1st Re-opening of Food King following an enormous fire that occurred the previous November 28th.

At first, it was debatable whether or not the Garretts would rebuild, but in late December Rick Garrett announced that - Yes! - Food King would be back!

Throughout the rest of the winter, members of the Garrett family and several Food King employees worked right alongside the contractors, rebuilding and then restocking the store.

In 1995 Mrs. Cleary wrote:

"Foodking had it’s beginnings across the street at 128 Main Street on the site now occupied by The Waterville Times. The market was started there by June and Robert Garrett who purchased the store from Stephen and Mary Congelo in 1950. Their son, Richard (Rick) was born on March 29, 1950, a few weeks opened the business, so he literally grew up in the grocery business.

The First year they were in businees the two-story wooden building caught fire, and burned to the ground, but the Garretts gamely rebuilt on the same site - this time, a one-story concrete block building. In the 1960’s, the business expanded, and Garrett bought the adjacent brick building to allow wholesale trucks to park on White Street for deliveries, but still more space was needed.

In December1965, Bob Garrett purchased the Edmund Walker home across the street and made plans to build am 8,000 square foot modern store, with room to park 22 cars. The Walker house was razed in April of 1966. The opening of the new store was November 16, 1966 for Garrett’s Foodland Supermarket. The ribbon was cut by Assemblyman William Sears, Mayor Frank Conroe and Sangerfield Supervisor Wilmor Youngs also participated in the ceremonies. The new store construction cost was $175,000.

"An ad which appeared in The Waterville Times last week listed these specials: White bread, 10cents; Maxwellhouse Coffee, 50 cents per lb.; turkeys, 39 cents per lb. and boneless round steak, 79 cents per lb.

"Since 1966, there have been three additions to the store. The parkinglot was enlarged after the Mobil Service Stsation operated by George Plante was purchased and torn down sometime after 1980.

"A few years later the store’s name was changed from Garrett’s Foodland to Waterville Food King.

"Bob and June retired and management taken over by their son, Rick. His two sisters, Mary Anne amd Kathy serve as departments heads and doug Plante is Assistant Manager.

"There are (in 1995) about 40 full-time and part-time employees. Many have worked 30 years or more at the store.”

When the 17,500 square foot "new" store opened, it had all-new equipment including new compressors for air conditioning, new shelving and, of course, all of the new canned goods, groceries and sundries were in place. The "new" store offered a five-register operation, deli department and in-store bakery, full meat department, frozen foods, produce, diary products, groceries and health and beauty aids.

Food King has always offered an "ear" to its customers, time and again placing special orders for unusual items or making charge accounts available. The Garretts have been generous to the community, either donating or providing goods at a lowered cost to school and service organizations and also welcoming the always-popular "Bake Sale" tables.

Beyond all of that, Food King stocks an uncommon product - one certainly not seen in a typical grocery store or supermarket description - Food King serves as a friendly, congenial "hub" or "social center" for the community: how many times have we all said, "I saw So-and-so at Food King!" "I was talking with Jeannie at Foodking!" "When I was at Food King......." and, of course, "They've got it at Food King!"


We’ve all known, for some time, that it’s been Rick’s dream to “retire” and enjoy a well-earned place in the sun.

Now he can do just that, and we wish him all the best.

We also offer our Congratulations and Best Wishes
to Food King’s new owner, Mr. Gary Wandley:

“Welcome to Waterville! We’re glad you’re here!”




by Kelly Falk

at the Waterville Historical Society

7:30 p.m.


Have a Great Day, Everyone!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Click the postcard for
everything you want to know about St. Patrick,
Irish History, Irish recipes, Irish traditions and symbols
all at!

(FORD, that is!)


Good Morning!

It's 30 degrees and crispy-clear.

WKTV's forecast: "Beautiful spring weather continues today. Starting out the day partly cloudy, with temperatures in the 20s and 30s. With plenty of sunshine yet again today, high temperatures are expected to top 60 in spots. A south wind will develop later on today.

A cold front will inch its way through the region tomorrow. Skies will average mostly cloudy tomorrow, with a bit of a breeze developing. High temperatures will range widely across the region. Mohawk Valley temperatures are expected to reach near 60 again by the afternoon. Rain moves in by evening, with periods of showers overnight.

Thursday's high temperatures will only be in the upper 30s to low 40s. This is about as cold as it will get though, as a bit of a warmup is expected for the weekend."


The guest speaker at this evening's meeting of the

Waterville Women's Club

will be

Charles B. Tonetti,

Chief Historical Architect at Independence National Historical Park
in Philadelphia.


At 2:15, yesterday afternoon!

Geese had gathered next to the snowmobile trail ........

walkers were out and cleanups were in progress on White Street ......

.............. and Sanger Avenue, where shorts and sandals were in style, and ......

............ where roller blades ran at least partly on dog-power!


There's nothing to be seen right now,

.......... but look again in two or three weeks!


(Click to enlarge!)


Remember that you're eating out on

Saturday morning, too!



And then: take Tammy Alcott's suggestion and advice!

  • "You can run the Boilermaker (5K or 15K)"
  • Walking & Biking for Fitness

Classes begin Thursday April 2

"The schedule for the Boilermaker Training Program is completed and it's on the Waterville School Website.
I am as always hoping for lots of walkers, bikers, and runners of all abilities to join our program!"

Running Class
6:00 p.m. WCS GYM or Cafeteria
Click for Weekly Schedule

Runners will self select into three groups:
Beginners - led by Tammy Alcott
Intermediate -led by Michelle Waufle
Experienced -led by Paul Holic

Come prepared to run! (Don't forget your reflective gear)

Walking -led by Marion Davie

Cycling -led by Liz Kane


Running -contact Tammy Alcott at 841-3826 or
Walking -contact Marion Davie at 842-3833 or
Cycling -contact Liz Kane at 841-4746 or

Click the above link for more information!

Click this link for information about the "Boilermaker" road race.


Incidentally, Barb McNamara wrote to say that she'd recently "traveled to Miami to watch my daughter Rachel run her first 1/2 marathon. It was 70 degrees at 6:15am when the race started.

Two hours and 20 minutes later, when Rachel and her friends Sarah and Zach finished, it was 79 and sunny. Hopefully we will have the same weather in July for Boilermaker!"

Click for a link to "marathons."



Both the Utica Observer-Dispatch and WKTV Newschannel2 have given a great deal of coverage to the death and funeral of former Utica Mayor Edward A. Hanna. There was a time when he was well-known in Waterville, too, and I think he deserves a little notice, here:

In 1969, Ed Hanna opened the Hanna Manufacturing Corporation in the former roller skating rink on North Stafford Avenue. In this factory, rope products (how many of us still have those rope ladders?) were made as well as cameras, photographic chemicals and electronic units relating to photography. He had long been a distributor of Eastman-Kodak products and was a consultant to the company. In 1971, at the time of Waterville's Centennial Celebration, he approached Eastman-Kodak on behalf of the village and was able to acquire an impressive collection of historic photographs.

In going back through the files of "The Waterville Times," I found that Mr. Hanna was complimented and thanked, over and over again, for doing things that helped the village: he erected a large flag pole at "the rope factory" and won many Garden Club awards for plantings and decorations. Whenever the editor of the Times asked for promotional advertisements from local businesses, those from HANNA MANUFACTURING always filled a half (if not full!) page. I remember hearing that he was generous to many organizations and, for all I know, perhaps he has continued to be a quiet but considerate friend to our community ever since.


Have a Great Day, Everyone!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday add-on

Recapping yesterday:

On my back porch at 4:15 yesterday afternoon!

It was a great day to be outdoors, and there were walkers and runners and bicyclists and skate-boarders everywhere. Two weeks ago it was snowboqrds and snowmobiles! I spotted this motorcycle on W. Bacon Street ...........

.............. and then realized that they'd stopped to chat with Paul Holic, who was out raking.


This great news arrived in the middle of the day:

The photo was taken Friday morning by Dale Meszler.

Waterville Central School Jazz Ensemble (class C)

at the

22nd Annual Oneida Jazz Festival

Overall Rating – Gold
(awards range from bronze silver and gold)


Waterville Students selected for the Class C All Star Jazz Band:

5th Trumpet – Jarrod Waufle

1st Bari Saxophone – Caleb Mariano

1st Trombone – Alex Meszler

2nd Trombone – Rory Keating

1st Vocalist – Joey Staskowski

In addition to their performance the kids spent the entire day on Friday listening to 22 other schools and attending educational clinics that were hosted by professional musicians. This year’s judges and clinicians were:

Steve Allee – Pianist
David Gibson – Trombone
Chris Vadala – Saxophone
Dr. John Coggiola – Trumpet



NOON - 9:00



Trustees Tom McNamara and Bruce Treen, each hoping to succeed themselves and newcomer Matt Tanner, hoping to replace either.


Spaghetti Dinner

Saturday, March 21

This is your chance to enjoy an entire evening on the town without leaving Waterville. Join the Music Boosters for their anual Spaghetti Dinner between 4:00 and 7:30 and stay to see this year's High School Musical Production "Hello Dolly" at 8:00pm.

Tickets for the dinner will be available at the door.

Tickets for the musical should be purchased in
advance through the school.




Saturday, March 21

8:00 a.m. - 11:30

$6 for adults; under 10 - free!

The profits will help the Masons
paint the Tower this summer.


Donkey Basketball Game

Sponsored by the Octagon and Jr. Optimist Clubs
at Waterville Middle-High School

Saturday, March 28, 2009
7:00 pm
Tickets - $5 advance sale, $7 at the door

Advance sale tickets can be purchased at Michael's Fine Food and Spirits, the Waterville Times or by contacting Brian Bogan at 841-8527.

Game will be held at Waterville Jr. Sr. High School Gymnasium, 381 Madison St., Waterville
Come see students compete against faculty and staff and students against community members.

Proceeds to benefit the Waterville Food Pantry


There's more ---- but I'll post that tomorrow!

Have a great day, everyone!


It's Garbage Day

27 degrees and perfectly clear and bright!

That's the good part.

The bad part is that my internet it "down" and, once again, I'm posting from the mini-mart in Sangerfield.

I have quite a few things to add, so will be posting them later on, today - I hope!