Friday, September 11, 2009

NOW it's Garbage Day!

(I'm sorry, but 'Blogspot" is driving me crazy, this morning, and I don't have time to go through the html line by line because I've got to go to "Dunkin" to get the donuts for "Story Swap!")


It's 45 degrees and cloudy.

From WKTV: "A cool, cloudy day expected across the area with some wet weather.

An area of low pressure off the Atlantic Coast will impact our weather today and early tomorrow. Winds coming from the southeast will draw in clouds and showers into Central New York. A few peaks of sunshine poking through high clouds are expected this morning, but this will not last long. Temperatures are starting out on the cool side this morning.

Turning cloudy this afternoon, with highs only in the mid 60s. Rain showers are expected to develop from southeast to northwest through the day. We're timing the wet weather to arrive in the Mohawk Valley between 5-8 PM. If you're heading out to the high school football games, bring an umbrella. Cloudy tonight with rain showers. Lows near 50.

Today's storm system will slowly retreat from Central New York tomorrow. Clouds and a few showers to start out Saturday morning. Saturday is not expected to be a washout. Drier weather will slowly work in by the afternoon and evening. Most of the day will feature mostly cloudy skies.

Improvements for Sunday. Expect partly sunny weather with highs in the low to mid 70s. Pleasant weather will continue into Monday."



It was Waterville over Dolgeville 2 - 0

Vs. Notre Dame Saturday at 5:00


Here was a bright spot on W. Main Street

Diane Cornish and Val Schenk.

Bright new paint on this Stafford Avenue bailding!

All of the "eyebrows" on this W. Bacon Street home have their "painted lady" look except for one --- I think I can see the reason!

Tom seemed to have a paintbrush in his hand, too.

Paint on the pavement on Elmwood?

It's not decorative, for sure!


Have your driven through the village in the last two evenings, after dark?

There's something new: you can't miss it!



"Looking Back Eight Years Later"

from WKTV.


Down another penny.

The Yankees will meet Baltimore, this evening, at 7:05

It's the Redsox Vs. TB at 7:10

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

It's 47 degrees and sunny!








in Florida!



Between the ballgame (Boston won, 7 - 5) and President Obama's speech and the reviews that followed, it was a very late night, last night!


Recyclables day: Garbage Collection is Tomorrow!

From WKTV: "A quiet, seasonably cool start to the day today. A bit of a breeze has kept fog from developing in most spots this morning.
Plenty of sunshine is expected this afternoon with highs in the low 70s. Clouds work back in to Central New York late tonight, with overnight lows near 50.
A storm system hovering offshore for the majority of the week will finally impact our weather. This storm has been suppressed to the south thanks to high pressure to our north. High pressure will weaken today, and this will allow the clouds and showers to work in during the day on Friday. At this point, it does not appear to be a washout for Friday. Showers are expected to develop in the afternoon and evening. Temperatures will be on the cool side, with highs only in the mid to upper 60s."

Clouds and showers will linger into the frist half of Saturday. Drier weather will work in by the afternoon. Sunday is expected to feature partly sunny weather with highs in the low to mid 70s. Pleasant weather will continue into Monday."


Back in the Springtime, when the Meszlers' yellow magnolia was supposed to bloom, it got "nipped" by frost. It's making up for that delay, however, and now has some lovely huge blossoms!



Story Swap for Old-timers

resumes tomorrow morning at 10:15

(with coffee and doughnuts!)

at the Library.



6:30 P.M. on Friday




to Heather Davis from her family!

Heather is a freshman at St John Fisher College in Rochester. She has made the women’s varsity soccer team. Previously she played here at Waterville under Coach Tammy Alcott.


I spotted Val Schenk and Kirk and Cally Hudson who, along with a few other customers, were keeping the Blunts busy at their "Longview Farms" stand in the Park, yesterday.

Green Beans!

(a giant green truck for the Jolly Green Giant, I presume!)


Have you seen the giant "scaffolding" at St. Bernard's?


Another "Have you seen?"

(please click the image.)


It's been eight years.

Are there any 9/11 events planned, locally?




"HOPS" are going to have to wait - maybe over the weekend.

The best around seem to be those planted in front of the Library as an Eagle Scout project by Jonathan Olin in 2008.

Have a great day, everyone!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It's still Dark out!!

Too dark to tell whether it's clear or cloudy!

But it's 54 degrees and dry.

WKTV predicts that: "Good morning Central New York! Bonus weather to continue with some rain before the weekend.
Much less foggy this morning compared to yesterday. Temperatures are starting out in the mid to upper 50s, so a light jacket may be required on the way out the door.
No jacket required this afternoon though, with temperatures this afternoon expected to reach the mid 70s. Some high clouds will dominate the sky this morning, but more sunshine is expected to develop by the afternoon. Mainly clear tonight, with overnight lows on the cool side in the upper 40s. Some patchy fog is possible, though limited.
Over the next three days, we'll be watching a storm system along the Carolina coast. This will try to move up the east coast by Thursday. Clouds from this system will reach Central New York late in the day Thursday, with showers developing Thursday night. Clouds and showers on Friday, with cooler temperatures.





11:00 - 5:00




I believe that the ceiling paneling was finished, yesterday, and some earthwork took place.


It's that time of year, again, to look at some pictures of hops, hop "houses,"
and remember what put Waterville "on the map."

Unfortunately, Blogspot is loading very slowly, this morning and, because I know a lot of you just want the nitty-gritty of the blog news, I'm going to hit "publish and add many more photographs - new and old - later this morning!


At the Gordon Farm on Sanger Hill Road.

At the Cleary Farm, on Route 315.



Back later: have a great day!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First Day of School!


Travis Olivera of Waterville and Marissa Fiorentino of Utica were married last Friday evening in the Library Garden!




I've heard that the Boys' Varsity Soccer Team won their first game, too, but don't have any details.


It was a quiet day on Main Street.



51 degrees and cloudy.


From WKTV: "Good morning Central New York! A great start to the beginning of the school year.
An area of high pressure from Ontario moves in throughout the day today, deflecting any clouds to our south. Today will start off under partly cloudy skies with some patchy fog, especially near bodies of water. By afternoon, expect mostly sunny skies by the afternoon with a high in the upper 70s.
Quiet conditions continue for Wednesday with partly sunny skies and temperatures in the mid to upper 70s. We will be watching a storm system along the Carolina coast that will try to move up the east coast by Thursday. Moisture from this system may reach central NY on Thursday with scattered showers and thunderstorms, along with cooler weather."




11:00 - 5:00




Here's a special note from Amanda Briggs, at the Library:

"September is Library Card Sign Up Month. Anyone who comes into the Waterville Library and signs up for a library card this month will be eligible to win a Library Bag & Library Mug.

A library card has always been the most important school supply of all. Kids can come to the library to get homework help and check out books, but they can also play games, check out music, books and DVDs and use the Internet to help make after school life fun. There’s a lot happening at the library and the best part for both kids and parents is that it’s all free with a library card. Children can sign up for a library card as soon as they are in Kindergarten."


Did you notice?

Mike couldn't resist seeing how the brackets would look:


There's still quite lot of picky work to be done on the Bandstand, but the important stuff's all in place - including electricity - and there's a full lineup of bands scheduled to perform there at the Cruise-in on the 19th!


I found them!

The deep, deep blue "Bottle" (or "Closed") Gentian, hiding in tall weeds here and there in the Brookfield Horse Trail System!


When I first spotted this cluster of Northern Tooth Fungus I thought it might have been a clump of Oyster Mushrooms --- a very choice discovery --- but not so. Still, a weird late-summer "find."



Have a great day, everyone!