Thursday, September 3, 2009

Another Great Day!

It's Garbage Day!

There's Sunshine in the Weather Channel Daily Forecast

......... and a bright outlook for the entire LABOR DAY Weekend,
according to WKTV!

"Labor Day" is a holiday that everyone looks forward to, but not many people know what it really represents: read about it HERE.


"Area Soldiers use Leave Time to Sharpen Emergeny Medical Skills" is the title of a brief report on the WKTV website. Here are some details, from Becky Maggio of the Ladies Auxiliary of the Clifford J. Fulmer Post #92 of the American Legion:

(Please click to enlarge!)

"When they said that they needed volunteers to help out with the soldiers' lunches & dinners, we jumped up to the plate!"

Becky also wrote: " Kathy Paré, another auxiliary member and I, will be at WUTR on Monday for the MDA Telethon volunteering to answer phones between 11am and 3pm. At 11:40am I will be presenting a big check for $12,000.00 that I raised for MDA when I did the Lock-Up that they held. Volunteering feels so gooooood.... And it never seems to end."

(Good for you, Becky!)


This E-note from a blog-reader in California!
"Hi from San Francisco!

If you should happen to see a house for sale (in Waterville or another village with a grocery store) with a wide front door and less than about 2 feet from the ground to the front door's threshold (for easy installation of a wheelchair ramp) could you please let me know? (finder fee available if we buy it.) Thanks in advance. ( Signed) Annmarie Patterson."


"Making Hay while the Sun Shines" up near Paris, yesterday.

At Shanley - Hanover Corners.

"Town's End"

South of Sangerfield on Route 12

At the Farmers' Market, yesterday, in the Park.

It took six hands and expert "supervision" by Norm Tower to put ceiling panels in place!


Four more days 'til they roll!


Gasoline is holding steady at $2.78.9

a year ago, it was $3.71.9!



I'll be getting a full report from my grandson on all of his Summertime fun-stuff and also spending some time on my annual search for the more and more rare Bottle Gentian!

Whatever you do,
Have a really great - and SAFE - Labor Day Weekend, everyone!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A beautiful, crisp morning!

From the Weather Channel

It'll be a Perfect Day for


It's Recyclables Day.

42.6 degrees; the furnace is humming!

The WKTV Forecast is short and sweet! "A massive area of high pressure is settling overhead. A bit of patchy fog this morning, with cool temperatures. The fog will lift shortly after daybreak, with a return to sunshine for all. Expect nearly wall to wall sunshine today with highs in the upper 70s. Another clear, cool night with overnight lows once again in the mid to upper 40's.

Encore sunshine tomorrow, with highs in the upper 80s. High pressure will retreat to the east by Friday, allowing for more clouds to move in. A moisture starved cold front will drop in from Canada and produce a few clouds on Saturday. More sunshine as another high pressure center builds in for Sunday. Nice weather expected to last through Tuesday."


It was not until yesterday that many of us heard of the death on Sunday of Mr. Edward "Inchie' Ruane, of Stockwell. His Obituary appears on the Bentz Funeral Home website, this morning.

My deepest sympathy to "Dottie" and "Inchie's" entire family.



Along with lawn placards representing Legislature hopefuls Stephenson and Brennan, more signs are appearing - these promote the Fourth Annual "Cruisin' into Waterville" that will take place on September 19th. I've added Cruise-in's link - at the left, on this page - so keep checking back for new announcements. ALSO, if you're around town, look for a Cruise-in brochure: I'm told that there's even more information to be found there.


When you go to the Farmers' Market, today, check out the latest progress on the Memorial Bandstand: not only is the roof structure an impressive piece of carpentry, but now the light fixtures are all in place and, by late yesterday afternoon, ceiling panels and soffit facing and vents were being put in place.

In the village, make a point of driving/walking on S. Babbott Avenue where Pat's "Trumpet Trees" are blooming!

In the Library Garden, some "dinner plate sized" blossoms are attracting plenty of attention.

The Library's blog challenges readers to "Name That Flower!"


A blog-reader wondered what had happened to the lot where the old "Putnam Hall" (or Mill) stood before being razed two years ago: it's empty but neatly mown. I do not know to whom it belongs.




Monday, August 31, 2009


It's Garbage Day.

It's 51 degrees this morning, and there are signs of

(Oh, no!)


The last of the roses are blooming in front of the Johnstons home on Sanger Hill Road and the 'hips" are ripening.

Purple asters and goldenrod decorate roadsides and fence lines.

It's 'way too early for sumac to turn!

Mountain Ash berries are really rushing the season!

HOWEVER .........

the rain has ended and,

according to the Weather Channel and WKTV,

we'll be warming up!

"A large area of high pressure will settle into Central New York over the next several days. Clouds will linger this morning, with a gradual return to sunshine this afternoon as this high pressure system arrives. Highs this afternoon only around 70.

Clear skies, light winds, and a chilly airmass will bring temperatures down into the low 40s tonight! No frost is expected, even in the coldest spots surrounding the valley.

High pressure will dominate our weather (and the entire eastern seaboard for that matter) for the rest of the week. Temperatures during the day will climb into the low 70s on Tuesday, and upper 70 Wednesday through Friday. Overnight lows will be on the cool side, in the upper 40s to low 50s. Skies will average mostly sunny and no rain is expected through the rest of the work week.

Looking ahead to the holiday weekend, pleasant weather is expected. A cold front dropping in from Canada will give us the chance of a shower Saturday.


Heading northward on Daytonville Road, yesterday, I slowed to look at the field of Buckwheat (yes - that's what it is) and saw something that I hadn't seen when I was driving southbound:
a long, long row of Sunflowers!

Nice view!



Mike and his crew served dinner to a sizable crowd at "Michael's Fine Food and Spirits" on Main Street in the village Wednesday night, and when it was time for lunch on Thursday, they were all up and running at the new restaurant in Sangerfield, at the corner of Routes 12 and 20!

They must have been exhausted, having been working 'til well after midnight, but Mike, Faith and Paula were grinning their heads off!

Helping to open the new establishment were twenty-two members of the "Crimson Bonnets."

(I thought there must have been at least fifty!)

Sandy Martin wrote: "The Waterville Red Hats (Crimson Bonnets) held their August meeting Thursday at the NEW and BEAUTIFUL "Michael's" in Sangerfield.
There were 22 members present. We ordered from the menu and the meals and the service were excellent. Each member brought a small gift to exchange and steal from each other. The program and arrangements were made by Shirley and Trisha Kellogg. After the meal they gave each member a bag of goodies (muffins).

We were delighted to be some of the first people to enjoy Michael's new place and encourage everyone to go see for yourselves how nice it is."


Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera in hand for the event, but another huge crowd was gathered in the Marshall Town Hall on Saturday afternoon for a party celebrating the release of The Marshall Historical Society's latest book, "Town of Marshall Barns & Farms" edited by Dorothy McConnell with "invaluable assistance" by Yvonne Durant Brady.

The publication has been in the works since April of 2008 and gives the history of nearly 100 farms in the township, complete with photographs --- some old, some new. If you missed that event, you can get your copies at Joan's Diner in Deansboro, the Deansboro Superette or Ye Old Canal Shop or at Morgan's Hardware in Waterville.


Another event worth celebrating: restoration work on the towers of St. Bernard's Catholic Church began on Friday!

This is the second church building to have been built on this site.

The first St. Bernard's Catholic Church, a wooden frame structure, was dedicated in 1854.

The cornerstone of the present building, of pressed brick trimmed with Indiana limestone, was laid in 1911 and the first mass was celebrated there in July of 1912.

The two-manual 450-pipe Morey organ was installed in September, 1941.


And what a celebration there was, on Saturday, at the Mayor's home on Buell Avenue!

(He's good for another ten, at least!)



It's Bag Sale Day from 10:0 - 5:30!

Tomorrow is "FREE DAY!" from 2:00 - 8:00



At the Waterville Bowling Center

Teams and leagues now forming
Women's Leagues -- Thursday
Men's Leagues -- Friday
Co-ed leagues -- Tuesday and Wednesday
Youth Leagues -- Saturday Morning/Afternoons
3-12 8-10am 13-18 11-1pm
Doubles Fun League -- Every other Saturday 6-8pm

Call to reserve your spot -- 315-841-8598



at the

401 Tower St., Waterville

Wed., Sept 2nd 3-6pm, Thurs., Sept 3rd 9 am - 6 pm
Friday, Sept.. 4 9 am - 12 noon

Bake Sale on Wednesday

Quality Used Clothing, Dishes, Misc. Low, Low Prices


Bus routes, school supply lists and menus are posted at the

Waterville Central School Website.


Thursday is Jamie Bechy's Birthday!

I may or may not blog every day, depending on the weather and a couple of my other projects - which include finalizing lists of names for the Bandstand Monument; researching the histories of buildings in our Historic District, and writing down some of the "Once Upon a Time in Waterville" stories that have been told during the Old-timers' Story Hours that have been held at the Library throughout the Summer!

Then there's the matter of weeds ......... and weeds............ and more weeds!!!

But if you know of something that I should post, please let me know!!

Have a great day, everyone!