Friday, August 7, 2009

Just a "mini-post!"

"No internet??? Oh, No!!!"

At least that's what I said to myself at 5:30, this morning.

And so, I sorted some old pictures and typed some history - checking, every few minutes, to see whether or not a voice would say, "You've got mail!" Yes, I DID call Frontier, and a nice young lady declared that there was no outage, but did I believe her? (Not really!) And - so - (again) I sorted and typed more and then finally decided that it really was just a teeny bit possible that the "outage" actually wasn't in the Frontier system, but somewhere in my modem ..........

So - before packing up the laptop to go to Nice 'n Easy, I spent all of thirty seconds unplugging and replugging and ............. to my great embarrassment but total delight, magic happened!

My apologies to Frontier for thinking ill of them!

Anyhow - I'm late. But I have this one very important announcement to post:


I only took one picture, yesterday - this, of scraping in progress at an old apartment house on Stafford Avenue. The improvement will be fun to watch!

Mike Tower will be back in the Park, today, so you can watch the Bandstand grow, too!

The lilies in the Library Garden must be at their peak.

I've never seen anyone working in the garden and began to wonder if, in fact, elves come in the night to pull weeds.

Not so, I was told: some of Mr. Zwahlen's crew come quite regularly, during the day, to see to all of the flowerbeds, there.


Heading into the weekend, WKTV's forecast sounds good: "Bonus weather continues today and tomorrow, with some changes as we head into Sunday. Another chilly start to the day, with temperatures in the 40s and 50s. Just like yesterday, once the sun comes out this morning temperatures will quickly rise. With high pressure still in control, it will be another beautiful day! Expect lots of sunshine, with highs in the low to mid 70s. A bit of a breeze will develop in the afternoon too. Crystal clear skies tonight, with temperatures diving into the 40s by sunrise tomorrow. More sunshine expected on Saturday morning and early afternoon, with highs in the mid 70s. Things will start to change as the head into the second half of the day as a warm front begins to approach. Clouds will roll in by the end of the day, and we do run the risk of a shower or thunderstorm after 8 PM. Warm returns by Sunday along with the chance of a few thunderstorms. Temperatures are expected to be in the mid 80s both Sunday and Monday. Next week's weather looks to be near or a bit above normal, with highs in the low 80s and overnight lows in the low 60s."


I have a question for the blog-readers:

Is there a professional typing service in the community? I'd like to engage someone to type some historical clippings (PDF files) for me to that they can be available online. Just click the Email the writer link at the top of the page! Thank you!



Have a Good Weekend, Everyone!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

It's Garbage Day!


It's 49 degrees and sunny.

WKTV's forecast: "Bonus weather continues over the next few days.

A cool start to the day! Temperatures in the upper 40s and low 50s across most of the area. Look for plenty of sunshine as we head through the morning, with a few fair weather clouds developing by afternoon. Partly sunny, with highs in the mid 70s.

Mainly clear tonight, with temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s once again. Sunshine will continue tomorrow, with less cloudiness by afternoon. We'll call it mostly sunny, with highs in the mid 70s.

Some changes by the weekend. A warm front will make a run into Central New York, giving us some cloudiness and the chance for showers and thunderstorms on Saturday. Temperatures expected to be only in the low 70s because of the cloud cover.

Warm air returns by Sunday. Temperatures are expected to be in the mid 80s both Sunday and Monday. It will become a bit unsettled here by Tuesday , with showers and thunderstorms as a cold front approaches. A bit cooler by mid week."

Great weather, yesterday, and Mike Tower got a good start on the Bandstand roof.

They're picking beans in Hanover!

PIXALL bean harvesters inched up and down the rows.

I wondered if he was remembering the "old days," when things were done differently!


Speaking of times past, Gil Condon sent a few more memories of Fr. Powers: "I forgot to mention , while in Waterville, Fr. John made Monsignor. He always had Boxer dogs and drove Oldsmobiles and ran a tight ship, God Bless Him." (Thanks again, Gil!)

I saw Fr. Tom Servatius outside the St. Bernard's rectory, yesterday, and stopped to admire his front porch flowerbed. He pointed out to me four or five newly-planted trees on the front lawn: small evergreens, they appeared to be, about knee-high. He identified them as Dawn Redwoods, a nearly extinct relative of the giant Sequoias of California. (No: these will not grow THAT tall and, like the larch or tamarac, they are deciduous and loose their needles in the Winter.)


It's here agan; the time of year when gardeners ask, "What changes the color of hydrangeas?"
The cluster above is at Jack and Darcy Ruane's, on the way to Sangerfield.

There are four or five tubs of pink hydrangeas at Dan Maine's Woodworking Shop in Madison Street ...............

............ and some shrubs with bright blue blossoms in the Library Garden.
Click HERE to find out what causes the color changes!


On White Street, a photographer waited for the light on his roses to be "just right."




Bring the whole family to the 4th Annual


There will be jugglers, live music, carnival games, food,
crafts, face painting, family race events & a child ID kit station.

12:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Bring a blanket and make it an afternoon event!
*the carnival games and food cost money, everything else is FREE!


On Sunday:


at the

Paris Hill Fire Co.



Have a great day, everyone!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

65 degrees and drippy

It's recyclables day.

WKTV's meteorologst predicts that there will be: "A few wet spots this early morning, but dry and cooler weather by the afternoon."



(Weather, continued.) "A cold front will continue to march across Central New York this morning, bringing with it perhaps a passing shower. Drier weather will be the rule as we head into the day. Lowering humidity, and plenty of sun this afternoon with highs in the upper 70s. Mainly clear tonight and cool with overnight lows in the low 50s.

Sunshine and pleasant weather expected to last Thursday and Friday. Temperatures will be a bit below seasonal averages, with highs both days in the mid 70s.

A few showers and storms are possible as a warm front passes through Central New York on Saturday. Temperatures behind this front will likely be in the upper 80s to near 90 on Sunday and Monday."


Here are the "bright" shots that 'Rusty' sent to me yesterday!

(Be sure to click on the images!)


In the morning mail:

This, from Paul Fleischer: "I missed the blog yesterday so Skip Foppes beat me to it, but there was one small tweak- it's Ralph Kloser, not Closer. And another question- wasn't Fish Langone's real name Eugene? Thanks for the fun photo!"


There will only be ONE

"Old Timers' Story Swap"

in August:

that will take place on Friday, August 14 at 4:30.

In September we'll return to a morning schedule!


Yesterday was a grand day for being outdoors and, if what you were doing created a breeze, so much the better!

Work progressed in the Park ..........

........ and by late afternoon all of the beams on the new Bandstand were in place.


Up in Paris ...............

A Date to Remember!


I spent a good deal of time looking for wild Butterfly Weed. No luck!


I also stayed up VERY late, last night, watching baseball:

again, no luck!

Have a great Day!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009



It's 57 degrees with just a few light clouds.

WKTV's meteorologist predicts that: "Tuesday will start off with mostly sunny skies and temperatures quickly warming into the upper 60s. As high pressure pushes to the east, winds will turn southerly, bringing warm and more humid air into Central NY. At the same time, a cold front will approach from the west. A few clouds will begin to build as we head into the afternoon and evening. Scattered showers and thunderstorms look to hold off until after sunset but we can't rule out an isolated shower or thunderstorm late in the afternoon and evening. Highs will be in the upper 80s! .

A few showers and thunderstorms are possible early Wednesday as the cold front passes through Central New York. Much cooler weather is expected on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Highs will only be in the low to mid 70s, but lots of sunshine and dry weather."


Here's just one of several new pictures that were taken of "our kids" when they were in Florida. You can see all of the shots by clicking HERE, but I've posted this particular photograph so that you could all admire their brand new T-shirts - extra-special souvenirs of their trip; gifts from the Harding Nursing Home!!


Back to Fr. Powers and 'The St. Bernard's Bulldogs"

In the mail was this note from Skip Foppes:

"Sure we recognize them: Don Jackson, Bernard Sweeney, Lynn Browne, Danny Langone, Pierson Browne, Father Powers, Fish Langone, Bill Corbin, ? Closer, Erwin Browne and that's Gil Condon on the end."


Just as he promised, Mike made great progress yesterday: all eight columns are up and now beams are being attached .............

............. each held firmly in place by 'specially-created steel brackets.


All 'round the village, various sorts of painting and fixing are in progress. On West Bacon Street, Paul Holic is making some major repairs to his garage. The original portion of the structure - to the left - once served as a carriage/horse barn; the part that Paul is working on was added later and was the showroom of Ray Norton's Chevy-Oldsmobile Dealership in the 1930s and 40s and the original 'barn' became a repair shop for horseless carriages.

At the Sanger Lodge, Dan Maine and his crew are filling in a large hole in the tower that was intentionally opened, about two weeks ago, so that the "bee man" could rid the structure of it's thousands of stingy residents in order that - eventually - the tower can be painted.

The Conway residence on Lower White Street, which was pale yellow with blue trim last week, is now olive with white trim.

Mrs. Sexton's home, built c. 1830 by Dr. Cleveland, is getting a touch-up ..........

.............. and Bill Vetter is working at Julie Kelley's. (How long has it been since Bill painted a house using just a step-ladder?)


Seeing the wild thyme on the side lawn of the Waterville Cemetery reminded me to go in the gates and look at the real flowerbeds, of which there are many, and they're all beautiful!


I can never end my afternoon 'tours" without slowing to look at the "secret garden" on S. Babbott Avenue. That street was originally called 'Maiden Lane" - perhaps, now, it should be renamed "Garden Lane!"


In my morning mail were two fantastic photos from 'Rusty" ---- I'm ging to save those for tomorrow morning, when it may be dark and cloudy and we'll need something bright to look at!



The Sox and Yankees will get back to business tonight!

Have a Good Day, Everyone!