Friday, March 6, 2009


I know: I SAID that I wasn't going to post anything, this morning - primarily because I was out of town most of yesterday and didn't take any local pictures AND because I have an early breakfast date this morning - however .....................

in my VERY early morning Email, this announcement from Fr. Tom Servatius at St. Bernard's Catholic Church:

Students from Notre Dame High School
will be at St. Bernard's tonight to present:
"The Stations of the Cross - Through the Eyes of Mary"

The Stations of the Cross is a prayerful reflection on the events of Good Friday which led to the crucifixion of Christ. While it can be done many different ways, this evening's presentation will reflect on these events from the perspective of Mary, the Mother of Jesus.

7:00 pm.

Come early for a good seat.

Free Will Offering to support this wonderful ministry.


Also in the morning mail, a new poster for "Hello, Dolly!" and the following ticket information, all sent to me by Andrew Rycraft, a.k.a. Ambrose Kemper:

(Click to enlarge!)

Andrew wrote: "Cast members will not be selling tickets this year, but people can get tickets by calling the District Office at the high school (841-3900) or they can buy them at the door on the nights of the show. Tickets are $6."


This interesting article is in this morning's O-D. Deansboro Fire Chief Jerry Sehn and Assistant Fire Chief Bob Welch: "At the Right Place at the Right Time!"


Frances Ditch, in N. Brookfield, is collecting


to help out a friend - Bob Jaquin.

You can send the tabs to Frances at

9137 Main St., North Brookfield, NY, 13418.


New - for your calendars - especially if you live anywhere near Albany!

Click to enlarge and you'll find MATT QUAYLE'S name!

An especially exciting coincidence is that a Quayle Family Guideboat, donated to the Museum in the 1980's, is part of the Adirondack backdrop!


At 6:37 a.m. it's 38.5 degrees and drippy.

WKTV's forecast: "On Friday the warm front will push to the east and only some light sprinkles or rain showers are expected after some spotty early morning ice. Temperatures will climb into the mid 40's.

For Heart Run and Walk Day we still expect plenty of clouds but mild temperatures. Highs will be 45-50."


I'm sure that there will be several "teams" of runners and walkers participating in tomorrow's Heart Run & Walk. If you have any pictures to share, send them along!

Now - Have a Great Day, everyone!

12 days and counting!

Thursday, March 5, 2009


It's Garbage Day!

It's 9.7 degrees and clear.

13 Days 'til Spring!

WKTV's Weather Forecast: "The day will start out with partly to mostly sunny skies, but more clouds will move in as we head through the afternoon. High temperatures are expected to range in the mid to upper 30s, with a light wind from the east around 5-12mph. The day will stay precipitation free. Clouds will thicken up as we head into the evening.

Overnight, a warm front will approach the region. Precipitation may start as early as midnight, with some light freezing rain possible during the onset of the precipitation. Precipitation is expected to be light, and the freezing rain window looks to be between midnight and 4am in most locations. By the morning hours, temperatures are expected to warm up, and any problem spots will change over to plain rain for most spots by the morning commute. Some areas in the Eastern Mohawk Valley may see freezing rain lasting through as late as 7am. Temperatures Friday afternoon are expected to jump into the mid 40s, with mostly cloudy skies.

On Saturday, for the Heart Run & Walk, more clouds thans sun with morning temperatures ranging from mid 30s to low 40s. Compared to previous years, this will feel great! By afternoon, temperatures are expected to top off in the mid to upper 40s. A few showers are possible in the afternoon but they look to be scattered and light. A better chance for showers will arrive Saturday evening."


Well - it had to happen! We're making those rash promises, again: the ones in which we swear that
"I don't care HOW hot it gets this summer, I'm not going to complain!"

One good thing about this bitter cold weather is that Lake Hanover is staying in the field - not covering the road.

Something had better happen soon, though - even Red Mack's supply of firewood is dwindling!

The sun shone most brightly around four o'clock yesterday afternoon. I was heading into town on Tower Street, and there seemed to be a spotlight shining on Grace Episcopal Church, making it seem much closer than it really was.

A cloud had come along by the time I reached Main Street .........

but the sun was bright, again, on Conger Avenue, where the Red osier dogwood (cornus stolonifera) in the creek caught my eye.


The most recent news story re: the house fire on Stafford Avenue is that which was released by WKTV just before 2:00 yesterday afternoon.

When I was on my afternoon "tour" of the village, I spotted Dave Wicks' van parked at the burned-out home on Stafford Avenue and stopped to talk. He said he'd done a great deal of work on the house, over the past fifteen years or so. His last job there was yesterday: boarding up the broken windows and doors.


I received this Special Request from Keri Roys at Memorial Park School, yesterday afternoon:

"MPS PTA is looking for vendors for our upcoming craft fair. The craft fair will take place on March 28th and 29th, 2009. Anyone interested can contact either Heather Misiaszek at 841-4699 or Keri Roys at 841-8066 for details. "

- and then something else really neat happened: I received an Email from Joe DeVecchio, in Arizona, asking me to forward a note to Mike Burnham. I did ....... and now the two old buddies are in happy communication with each other, again, after a long time!

About a week ago, someone (who does not follow the blog) suggested that I "get hooked up with" ("Facebook," I think she said) "so everyone could get in touch!" I don't think that's really necessary. We're doing just fine the way things are.


There's Irish at the Falks' on Putnam Street .......

............ and "vintage" lamp posts at the Pumilia Townhouses on Madison Street.

Best shot of the day: kids' bikes parked outside the pizzaria!!!



I'm taking tomorrow off, so will remind you now:

Don't forget to "Spring Ahead"

Daylight Savings Time begins Sunday.



Wednesday, March 4, 2009


It's Recyclables Day!
10 degrees and starry clear.

The headline on the O-D's website reads:
"Deadly Waterville Fire likely started in victom's apartment."
More information is provided in a news story and video on the WKTV website.

I knew that the house was old, but not HOW old: in notes in the late Hilda Barton's handwriting, the construction date is given as 1802. (The structure does not, however, appear on Amos O. Osborn's 1805 list of buildings.) In 1852 it was the residence of a Mr. Ballard and then, for many years, belonged to J.S. Hitchcock. It became "Doc (E. Deland) Battle's Office" in the early 1930's and has carried that name ever since, even though the doctor retired some twenty-five years ago.

The WKTV weather forecast: "Sunshine (Wednesday) will boost temperature to levels a little higher than what we saw (yesterday). Highs should be near 25.
As that area of high pressure departs, warmer air will build in to the region as winds turn more southwesterly. High temperatures are expected to be in the mid 30's on Thursday. Our next storm system will arrive Thursday Night and Friday, and will likely give us a light wintry mix. Heavy precipitation amounts are not expected but some icy spots on the roadways will be possible for the first half of Friday. A surge of warmer air will make its way into Central New York over the weekend, accompanied by more active weather heading into next week.

The Weather Channel's forecast for today.


I went to Wampsville, yesterday, to renew my driver's license, and stopped on the way to take yet another picture of this
round stone Hop Kiln - or "oast house" - on the road to Knoxboro.


When I got back home, I found a nice letter and these pictures, all from Gil Condon!
"Philadelphia Flower Show. The theme this year is Italy gardens , but folks from Frog Park NY were there in full force, as always. The show even had an Opera this year, Rome background. Gardens from many sections of Italy, even combo J(unk) yards and gardens, ha ha ....
All is still white here in SE Pa., but seed potatoes and peas are yelling at me..... we take the train in, and the place is packed .. what recession? Gardening comes first!"

Thanks loads, Gil! That sure brightened the day!


Marc Masca also answered my appeal for something bright to look at with this photo of Lionfish - fascinating to look at, but not at all welcome in the Florida Keyes!


A nice E-note came from Brian Stone:

"The benefit last Sunday at the Hotel Solsville for Alexis Maine was a huge success. There were hundreds of people there to enjoy the chicken barbeque. There were dozens of baskets and gift certificates that were raffled off. Several bands played throughout the day and a good time was had by all. It never ceases to amaze me how even in “hard” times people still come out and support a good cause. We are so fortunate to live in central New York.

FYI: Alexis is the daughter of Christopher Maine, the granddaughter of Kim and Dan Maine, the great gd of Denise Reuter and the gggd of Gladys, Denise’s mother. Alexis has a rare cancer that she is being treated for. The prognosis is good, but she may lose some of her hearing because of the treatments. She is responding well to the treatments and we hope for the best. Alexis is ten months old."


I'd received a note from Mike Burnham, several days ago, after he had "discovered" the blog! I wrote and asked him where he was, at the time, and he reports that he and and his wife and two youngsters live in Sammamish, Washington, about 15 mikes east of Seattle. "I can send you lots of rain!" he said. "(don't have to shovel that!) Summers are perfect so we deal with the soggy weather rest of the time." (Thanks for the note and the offer, Mike!)


Add this to your list of things to do this weekend!



The Yo-yo effect!


Tom said it for me!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tuesday with 12:30 p.m. add-on

WKTV image.

12:30 P.M. According to news releases on WKTV and the Observer-Dispatch websites, Police have released the name of the victim of the fire.


Fire broke out around 5:30 yesterday afternoon in the little white building on Stafford Avenue known to many as "Doc. Battles' Office," two doors South of St. Bernard's Catholic Church. An article in this morning's Observer-Dispatch reports that while three adults and one child were saved, one person was killed in the fire. Other coverage can be found on WKTV.


At 5:30 a.m it's 3.2 degrees and clear.


WKTV's weather forecast: "Despite some sunshine on Tuesday, temperatures are only expected to rebound into the teens. Bundle up!

Our chilly weather will last into Wednesday. High temperatures will rebound to 20-25 degrees after a chilly start. By Thursday, warmer air will begin to push our way. As this warm air mass attempts to overtake the chilly air in place some light mixed precipitation is possible by the end of the workweek. Stay tuned! It still appears that mild air will make it into CNY for America's Greatest Heart Run and Walk on Saturday."


Gail Prentice has taken pity on us and sent this wonderful
view of the Ocean at Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.

After-dinner drinks in the Mexican restaurant at "The Breezes" resort.

Gail and her sister, Diane Bancroft, vacationed there during the President's Birthday Week and Diane's daughter, Stephanie, stayed with them for several days. Stephanie is in school in Santiago (about 2 hours from the resort) for the Spring semester. She will be returning home on April 29.



Do you know Who this is?

It's "Orangeade!"

one of the hundreds and hundreds of unique "sock monkeys" made by ZookeyQ, right here in Waterville. Read about these friendly creatures and their originator - Suzy Quayle - HERE.

The ZookeyQ website, by webmaster Amanda Briggs, is a delight and another new site, very professionally done, is that of the North Brookfield Fire Department by webmaster, Eric Bugbee.


I've received an E-letter from Jill Getman listing several upcoming events at the Waterville Public Library. DO take note that there will be another delightful Murder Mystery in late April - sign up now! (841-4651)

*The next Friends meeting is Tuesday, March 3rd @ 6:30. New people are always welcome!

*The next Knitting Circle will be Thursday, March 5th @ 6 pm

* Steve and Carol Mackintosh will be here Tuesday, March 10th @ 7:30pm for a slide talk that chronicles their summer 2008 bicycle trip across the country!

*Friday, March 13th @ 6:30 pm The Johnston School of Irish Dance will perform (which includes some locals), as well as Irish Folk Singer Vince Colgan. Kids are welcome to come early between 3-6 and do and Irish craft too.

*The Winter Warm Up is 2 weeks of programs at the end of March for kids. Every time they come in for a program or to check out a book they receive a ticket to enter a raffle for a large box of chocolates and a book.

* The next Murder Mystery, "The Unhappy Hour" will take place Thursday, April 23rd @ 5:30 pm. There are a mandatory 6 roles and 2 extra. I hope to have enough sign ups by April 6th to mail out everyone's characters so they have time to prepare.

*The next adult cooking class, "Lite & Springy Food," will be Tuesday, March 31st @ 5:30 pm

16 more days 'til Spring!

I almost feel like declaring that my cameras and I are on strike and hereby refuse to take any more pictures of WHITE, so - if there are other blog-readers who have more brightly-colored photographs to share - please send them along!

I'll follow up on the Stafford Avenue fire, later this morning.


Have a Great Day, Everyone!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday add-on

Some blog-readers already know it; others are wondering why their mailboxes are empty! It's because Frontier's "out." According to recorded message, the outage is in the Norwich area.

I'm posting from Nice n Easy in Sangerfield, and will add more later on!


10:00 am. - still no progress on internet access via Frontier. Thank You, Nice 'n Easy!

It's around 12 degrees and windy.

Here's WKT's forecast: "Good morning Central New York! The snowstorm all over the headines will be a big miss for us here in Central New York. It may not snow much over the next few days, but it will definately feel like winter with cold temperatures and windy conditions. Expect slow improvements through the week, with a warmup possible heading into the weekend. Today's storm system will draw in a large amount of cold air into the region, which wil last for the next few days. Temperatures this morning and afternoon are only expected to be in the teens. With winds from the north between 15-25mph, wind chills will make it feel like zero or less through most of the day. With some clearing, overnight lows are expected to fall to near or below zero in most locations."


Temperatures never got out of the twenties, over the weekend, but the sun was bright and fields became bare.

That spot on Hanover Road became interesting: the roadway is partly flooded and those white heaps, that look like snow? They're rock-solid ice!

Down on Austin Road, however, Lisale Haines has her sap buckets out ..........

....and, on Stafford Avenue, bright flowers bloom on the Morgans' front door!




To be continued ...........

Have a Good Day, Everyone!

and remember:

Tomorrow is BIG TRASH!