Friday, January 9, 2009


(A Special Greeting from Diane Nichols Marceau.)

Roger & Linda Nichols

and also

Coop & Judy Marceau.
"We also want to wish Roger a speedy recovery
& send get well wishes to him.


A note from Jill Getman, at the Waterville Public Library:

" Due to the lovely weather we had yesterday, we decided to reschedule the

"Healthy Comfort Food" class


Tuesday, January 13th @ 5:30,

and there are still a couple of spots available if anyone is interested.


It's 16.5 degrees; no precipitation.

WKTV predicts that: "It will turn much colder Friday, with lows by morning ranging from zero where skies clear out to the low teens under the lake clouds, and highs Friday only in the upper teens to perhaps near 20 degrees. Outside of lingering lake flurries south of Utica Friday, it will be partly sunny.
Clouds will increase Friday night ahead of another approaching storm system. This one will yet again be complex. What falls will be all snow, but this time, our question is regarding how much falls. We have some computer models bringing us merely flurries, not starting until Saturday afternoon. Other models are calling for heavy snow, starting as early as daybreak Saturday. Either way, expect clouds and at least some snow for Saturday."


It snowed off and on all day yesterday.
Out in the country, portions of roads like Fuess-Cleary seemed to disappear.

In the village, the green lights said "Go!" but there wasn't much moving!

I think that it was the first day in a long, long time that Tom's sidewalk display room wasn't filled with bright whirlagigs!

State plows were busy on Routes 12, 20 and 315 ................

......... County plows were here and there ............

............ and the Town of Sangerfield plow kept Village streets clear.

The "intrepid" Sidewalk Plow went on its fifteen-mile route........

............. and everything that could move snow was pressed into service.


Men like Tom Ireland, with plows mounted on pickup trucks, spent the afternoon clearing driveways ...........

........ while residents with snowblowers (George Reynolds, above, and Don Brown, below)
dealt with their own sidewalks and driveways, and ...........

Berrill Avenue

just plain old-fashioned snow shovels saw plenty of action.

W. Bacon Street


Of course different villagers have different views of Winter:

"What snow?"

(that even made my camera shiver!)

and the blogger's own

"But it's so pretty!"







4:30 P.M. AT WCS



There will also be a


at the Sanger Lodge

on Saturday, January 24, from 8:00 'til 11:30.

(Blueberry pancakes available!)

Details next week.


Have a Great Weekend, Everyone!

Thursday, January 8, 2009



to Dean Eisenhut's cousin,


visiting professor of Spanish

at Colgate University

and guest at the home of her grandmother, Heddy Eisenhut.


It's Garbage Day!
28 degrees;

Two or three inches of snow have fallen overnight, but there's no precipitation right now.

WKTV predicts that: "On Thursday,( a ) lake band will drop southward further through Oneida and Herkimer Counties and into the Mohawk Valley. Again, heavy snow is likely within the lake band. Outside of it, there will be a couple periods of snow tonight and tomorrow, depositing perhaps up to an inch or so each time they develop. It will be chilly, but not too cold and breezy. Sporadic power outages are possible tonight where ice is still caked on powerlines. Into Thursday, here's our snowfall forecast for the day:

Lake snow will settle south of the Mohawk Valley tomorrow night, with additional accumulation possible. The bottom line for the next 24-36 hours: Occasional snow, with locally heavier snow underneath the lake bands.
It will turn much colder Thursday night and Friday, with lows from zero to the low teens and highs Friday only in the upper teens. Our next storm arrives Saturday."


I've just received a "Hello and Thank You" Email from Ken McConnell, writing from his home in Wesley Chapel, Florida.

(Thanks, Ken!)

In a Happy New Year's note from Les Risley, who is enjoying LOOKING at our snow, this bit of "It's a Small World" News:

"Had an interesting talk on airplane yesterday... on way from Philly to Tampa. Couple had come from Syracuse , changed planes and were headed to Brooksville. It (after talking) was the former Jean Eastman that lived on Babbott Ave. Her mother ran nursing home. So, she knew where I lived and had graduated with Dan Condon so she knew Gil, Bernie etc. Small world, isn't it? She and her husband John Meyers will be married 60 years next September."

(That's neat, Les! Thanks for writing!)


Although Routes 12 and 20 and 315 were nearly bare, yesterday, all of the side- and back roads were very rough and ice-covered.

Parking lots posed a particular problem for shoppers, who "stutter-stepped" down grades to keep from having their feet go out from under them!

There was just a tiny fraction of an inch of ice on twigs on Austin Road .........

.... but ice ......

........and rime coated bushes and trees at the top of Shanley Road at Paris Hill.


Small picture;


Mayor Jim Younes telephoned me, yesterday afternoon, to tell me that he and his wife, Maryanne, have indeed purchased the former "Hap's" building and that they will open a



They plan on being open Monday through Saturday from 6 - 2:00

and Sunday from 7 to noon.

And what will the diner be called?


(of course!)


Not such Great News!

(but right across the road, at Fallon's Sangerfield Auto & Tire
- a full-service gas station -
gasoline was priced at 3 cents less, per gallon.)



and have a great day!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Early Wednesday

It's Recyclables Day!

27.5 degrees at 5:50

Strange Weather!

Here's the link to the WIBX School Closings list:

just up, at 6:07


The headline on today's Observer-Dispatch reads: "Slippery Roads ahead: Morning Storm Expected."

From WKTV, as of Tuesday evening: "South of Route 20: Snow tonight, mixing with sleet by Midnight. Becoming all sleet and freezing rain overnight. A couple inches of snow and sleet possible, followed by some light to moderate icing. Freezing rain will continue into the morning and early afternoon. Temperature and daylight may limit ice accumulation on some roadways, but ice should build up on trees and powerlines, perhaps in excess of 1/2" in spots, before transitioning back to snow after dark.
Between Route 20 and I-90: Snow tonight, mixing with sleet just after Midnight. Precipitation will become mainly sleet and freezing rain later in the overnight. Sleet and freezing rain will continue through the morning and early afternoon. Temperatures may briefly warm above freezing during the early-mid afternoon. Ice buildup will continue on trees and powerlines, as well as some roadways, and could reach as much as 1/2". Precipitation will transition back to snow and some plain rain after dark."

Midnight update:
Snow has moved into the region. To the south snow is beginning to mix with sleet and even freezing rain. That mix will spread north through the night and most folks should see a mix by 3-4 AM, except the Tug Hill and Adirondacks. Snow accumulation by daybreak should be a coating to 2" south of the Mohawk Valley. And perhaps 2-4" elsewhere, with isolated higher amounts possible north of the Mohawk Valley. Ice accretion should be 1/10" to 1/4" in most areas, with slightly higher amounts possible south of I-90. Temperatures should remain steady or rise a few degrees.

Here's the link to the WKTV "School Closings" list.


Despite the cold, Tom climbed the ladder to change the sign!

It was still icy-crunchy under foot, yesterday, but the sidewalk was clean in front of Morgan's and the sidewalk display was in place!

Afternoon runners were out in force!

Something's happening, and

I'm just waiting for confirmation!

It appears that ALL of the units at the Pumilia Townhouses on Madison Street have been spoken for and more people are investing in the future of Waterville!

This Sanger Avenue building, damaged by fire last year, is being renovated by its new owner, Mr. Wayne Brouillette.

Extensive refurbishments are also under way at this residence on Madison Street.


I happened to be on Osborn Avenue, yesterday afternoon, when a train came through.
Whistles sounded, bells rang and gates came down.

I couldn't help but think that a train coming through Waterville 100 years ago would have stopped at the depot.

I'm sure that many of you have read the account of the arrival, in 1867, of the very first train to come to Waterville - but if you haven't or if you're curious about what it took to feed the 10,000 guests, click here!



at Stinkers Tavern 118 W. Main Street, Waterville.


Pam is a life-long resident of Waterville. She was recently diagnosed with lung cancer and is currently undergoing costly treatments. As her friends, we would like to help this family with some of the costs involved.

Please come join us at the benefit.


Food, drinks, raffles, Chinese auction, door prizes and more…..

Any donation for a Chinese auction can be dropped off at Stinker’s Tavern from 4-7pm weekdays.

If interested in making a monetary donation, please make checks payable to:

Carol Camp, 7 Tyler Road, Waterville, NY 13480



("It's the war in Israel," I was told.)


Val Schenk guessed what was going to happen at Key West

on Saturday!

Best Wishes, Mark!


More later.........

In the meantime ---- drive carefully, and

Have a Good Day!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


The Epiphany


News spread rapidly around town, yesterday, of the sudden - and most untimely - death of Rebecca S. (Gorton) Fleming, whose Obituary appears in today's issue of the Observer-Dispatch.


It's 10.8 degrees and starry-clear.

WKTV's forecast: "Most of Tuesday will be quiet, with partly cloudy conditions. High clouds will lower and thicken as the day progresses. This is out ahead of an extremely complex storm that will pass through Wednesday. We're actually going to be dealing with two storms. The first will track into Western New York...the primary storm. The secondary storm will be a coastal low that forms to our east. Getting caught between those two systems poses forecasting problems.
The first question will be how much snow we see in advance of the first storm. We expect snow to arrive here around Midnight tomorrow night. The snow may start earlier south of Route 20, as dry air will slow the advance of it further north. The snow may begin later in the Adirondacks. Snow may pick up steady to heavy at times overnight into the morning commute Wednesday. The duration of this heavier snow may be a bit short lived though.
As the transfer of some energy from the main storm to the secondary storm takes place, a lull will occur. At the same time, warmer air will filter in a few thousand feet up. This will allow the snow to mix with and change to either sleet or freezing drizzle. Backlash snows will kick in behind the storm for late in the afternoon Wednesday and early Wednesday evening."


It seemed to be extremely quiet in the village, yesterday. Perhaps that was because - although it was sunny, and not too cold - sidewalks and parking lots all had a tricky surface of very slippery hard-packed snow and ice!

Icy sheen at Hubbard's Corners.

There was more activity on the snomobile trails, which now seem to cross every field in every direction!

One image that I'm NOT seeing is that of tracks made by X-C Skis!

Pictures of skiers, anyone?

Sunset from the CVS parking lot.


I confess that I'm getting bored with "snow pictures!"

I kept remembering some shots that I'd taken two years ago today - on January 6, 2007 - which, 'tho not a day of national historical importance, can be remembered because ..............

in Waterville the temperature reached 60 degrees!

Dolly, Nancy and Lynn were out running ...........

............ and I found this pansy in my front yard!!


It snowed a few days after that, and I posted this series of Bird Photographs, which I'll do again, for their benefit.

Here are some of the varieties of birds that were at my feeders, yesterday.

Except for the last, the photos are all from "Google Images."



tufted titmous(es) - or is it "titmice"?

house finch,


mourning doves,

and my fairly rare pair of Carolina Wrens.

The greediest is this red-bellied woodpecker. He'll work on a block of suet 'til it's nearly gone!


Out in the cornfields, watch for wild turkeys and flocks of little Snow Buntings: you won't see them until they all fly off, flashing their white wings!



On that very sunny day, last week, when I looked to see if Fr. Tom was out on his front porch pondering the design of his Summertime Garden, he was actually at "Longwood Gardens,"

enjoying the Christmas Displays, there, and pondering Christmas '09 Displays at St. Bernard's!




Have a Good Day, Everyone!