Wednesday, June 10, 2009




from me!


and also to NANCY DITCH from Frances.


It's also "The Blog's" third birthday!

1,361 posts

and all because Nora Keating said to me, "You ought to do a blog!" and my husband thought that it was the most clever thing I'd ever done.

I don't really know how many readers the blog has, but

Thank You for being out there -

whoever, and wherever, you are!

I'm going to be "on vacation" for about a week but I will be checking my E-mail and I'll post important announcements/news when they come along.


It's Recyclables Day

55 degrees
and grayish.

From WKTV: "A return to quiet weather today, with rain in the forecast for tomorrow.

Clouds, with some patchy fog in spots this morning. Expect clouds to give way to some sunshine as we head into the afternoon. Temperatures expected to climb into the low 70s. Increasing clouds tonight, as our next storm system pushes in. Overnight lows in the mid 50s, with rain developing before daybreak.

Mostly cloudy tomorrow, with scattered showers and storms. Temperatures in the low 70s. Showers will linger into Thursday night and early Friday as our storm system slows down. Wet weather is expected to shift east by Saturday, with a return to drier weather with sunshine.

The rest of the weekend and early next week looks generally dry and seasonable, with temperatures in the mid to upper 70s."


from 11:00 'til 5:00

in the park.

  • Edith Reile will be back with all of her homemade goodies and handwoven baskets (and, presumably, John!)
  • Pamela Brown ("Pammycakes") has more local photos and gift cards as well as her delicious baked goods. (She told me yesterday that she'd been dipping biscotti in chocolate. Oooooh!)
  • Tim Pryputniewicz - "The Wooden Pig" - with homemade Arts & Crafts.
  • The Blunts of "Longview Produce Farm" with their own fruits and vegetables, honey and homemade Arts & Crafts.
  • Mary McLean will be back with her popular handmade jewelry.
  • Teresa Cerminaro of Hans Haven Rescue offering Dog Leashes, Beds, Collars, etc. All proceeds will go to the Waterville Vet Clinic for veterinarian care of the animals.
  • Tanya Giedraitis - homegrown fruits and/or vegetables.

Jody came back, yesterday afternoon .........

....... bringing a very tall stepladder and equally impressive Canon camera to continue his documentation of the Red-eyed Vireo and her three Vireo chicks - plus an unexpected cowbird child.

Once again, Thank You, Jody, for sharing your extraordinary photographs with all of us!




(Click to enlarge!)



.......... on Babbott Avenue .........

.............. White Street ..........

............. and Sanger Avenue.


Out on Madison Street, there's a dense patch of wild Scabiosa between the Pumilia townhouses and the medical building.

The Tulip Tree in front of the Coffmans' (where Gary and Ellie Allen used to live) is starting to bloom .................

............. and ditches along Swamp Road are filled with Blue Flag.




Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tuesday with add-ons

It's 61.5 degrees, drippy,
and we've had some impressive thunderstorms.

From WKTV: "A warm front moving through the area this morning will be accompanied by showers and an isolated thunderstorm. The first round of rain will last until 7-9AM this morning. Humidity will be on the increase as we head into the morning, with overcast skies. As an area of low pressure drags a cold front through the region, more showers and thunderstorms will be possible this afternoon. An isolated strong storm is possible this afternoon. High temperatures will top off in the low to mid 70s.

Showers and storms pass east tonight, with slowly improving weather. Mostly cloudy tonight, with fog developing. Overnight lows in the 50s.

Drier weather will attempt to build in on Wednesday with some slow clearing, followed by another storm system for Thursday."

It was very dry, and we really needed the rain that fell during the night.


Yesterday I found an Email from Ken Eddy, telling his wife's friends that his wife had passed away, and this morning I found Kim Pesto Eddy's obituary in the Observer-Dispatch.


Mary Beth Sigmund has sent me a wrap-up on the "It's a Zoo" performances that took place over the weekend at the Stanley Theater:
"Last night (Sunday) at the Stanley Theater, the MPS cast of "Anansi" placed 4th in the regional competition, winning the Bronze Tiger award, a trophy for the school and a guided tour of the Utica Zoo. The production won Wise Owl awards for Direction and Choreography early in May. The Grand Tiger Award and trip to the Bronx Zoo went to Albany Magnet School in Utica with their lively adaptation of Noah's Arc. There were 11 schools in the whole 2009 competition, and 6 had the wonderful opportunity to perform on the grand Stanley stage. Our cast of 42 1st-4th graders did an amazing job on stage Saturday night, and we congratulate them all!"

We'd already seen photographs of the Anansillions and the Anansi Monkeys, and here are the Rhinos!

Thanks, Mary Beth, and Congratulations kids!!


I just received this great photograph of a Flicker
from Rusty, in Brookfield!




The Waterville Public Library’s new story hour,

"Story Swap for Old Folks,"

will continue on: Fridays, June 12th & 26th @ 10:15am;
July 10th & 24th @ 4:30 pm,
(because there’s a scheduling conflict)
and August 14th @ 4:30 pm.

You’ll be glad to know that even before last week’s gathering had ended, Jeff Reynolds had been “online,” ordering a special microphone to be set in the center of the table so that we’ll ALL be able to hear better!

If you have any question or suggestions, please feel free to ‘phone me at 841-4679 or send an Email to <>.


I haven't had any response regarding the lost and found


Please ask around!



Painting - on Sanger Avenue.

The black locust trees really are putting on a grand display, this year!

Mike Tower was back in the Park, yesterday, starting to move earth to shape twin walkways.


Once again, photographer Jody Hildreth is bringing his stepladder and cameras to Whiskey Hollow. When he arrived, yesterday, he got a good look at the occupant of the nest I found a few days ago, a Red-eyed Vireo,
before she flew away. Vireos aren't rare, but because they usually spend their lives and build their nests high in hardwoods, finding this nest almost within easy reach is a real treat for him.

Then, he got a good look at the nest and said to me,

"Oh-oh.... We have an ethical dilema!"

In the nest were four eggs - three Vireo and 1 "Cowbird!"

(Cowbirds never build their own nests - they use other birds' nests and let the hosts raise their children!)

Obviously, we decided to leave the cowbird egg where it was and let nature take its course.

To be continued!


Those pictures of

the MPS production -

"Anansi and the Moss Covered Rock" -

were taken by Guess Who!

(Click that link to see more and order prints!)

Have a Great Day, everyone!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday with MORE!

Laney & Patti Hinman


Jennifer Neff

June Richmond



This message and these photographs have just arrived in my morning mail:

"Anybody recognize this handsome fellow? He wandered in last Thursday and
he looks too good not to have a home somewhere. Contact the Blogger and we'll get together. He is too nice to get hurt by a wild animal or a wild motorist."

He is handsome, isn't he!



Today is Garbage Day!

53 degrees with some clouds.

From WKTV's meteorologist: "Sunshine to start the week but unsettled weather returns tonight and tomorrow. Summer still on hold. A stationary front to the south will be far enough away to keep us dry today. Expect a mix of sunshine and clouds today, with highs in the low 70s. An area of low pressure approaching from the west will bend the front northward, giving us clouds and showers tonight and tomorrow. Increasing clouds this evening and early tonight. Rain will develop after midnight. Overnight lows near 60.

Clouds with occasional rain showers and perhaps a rumble of thunder expected tomorrow. Highs in the low 70s, with a touch of humidity. Drier weather building in on Wednesday, followed by another storm system for Thursday.

No real summer heat is expected this week. Temperatures over the weekend into the mid 70s, with continued unsettled weather."


There was perfect weather for Saturday events: the Annual Women's Club Tea in the afternoon and the Rotary Club's Annual Auction in the evening at the Sangerfield Town Barn.

(From the amount of "stuff" that Rotarians were able to collect from the cellar at the House in the Hollow, that event may well have lasted 'til Sunday morning!)


The WCS bands and color guard all got a great send-off when they left for the Sherburne Pageant of Bands

This sign gave me a clue as to the results of the competition, and here they are:


W.C.S. Marching Band - 1st place

W.C.S Concert Band – 1st place

W.C.S. Jazz Band – 1st place

W.C.S. Drum Line – 2nd place

W.C.S. Color Guard – 2nd place

Best in their Division – Waterville Central School!!!!

( ...... and I'm told that the Ice Cream Social was also a huge success.)



Also heard: music to children's ears!


Yesterday was fairly quiet.

These was a hum of Summertime activity over near Bouckville ......

bees buzzed among the flowers on S. Babbott Avenue.


Sunday afternoon on West Main Street.
Diane Clapp and her friend were working at "Purrfect 10,"
Gary Hudson's truck was parked near his "Red Lion Pub" ...........

...... and, on East Main Street, Pat Louise was in her office at The Waterville Times.

On Sanger Avenue, a resident was mulching trees in the tree belt .......

.. and a motorist slowed to admire the hanging baskets on this front porch.

One of my favorite gardens - on Burkert Road.


In this morning's edition of the Observer-Dispatch, a brief notice of the death of Denise Reuter's mother, Mrs. Gladys Leveroni, who passed away at the age of 100 and whose obituary you can read by clicking HERE.



The standings, after an interesting weekend!

(Click to enlarge.)