Thursday, October 8, 2009

Turkey dinner add-on!



45 degrees and overcast, but the wind and rain have stopped.

WKTV's forecast: 'A mix of sun and clouds are in the forecast for Thursday, along with milder conditions and considerably less wind. Highs 60-65.

Another storm system will approach the area on Friday with cloudy skies and a renewed chance of rain."



WCS Auditorium


"Once Upon a Time in Waterville"

Old-timers' story swap

Friday at 10:15 at the Library

(Please note that although coffee will be ready, the usual Donut Delivery will be delayed by two weeks!)

Can any blog readers tell us where "Onion Hill" - Berrill Avenue from the cemetery northward - got its name? Was there a family there named "Onyon" or "Onyan"?

Where was "California"?



Remember to contact Joanne Campbell!

It's time for the 10-Year Reunion

Friday, November 27, 2009, 8:00 p.m. Michael's Fine Food & Spirits, Sangerfield, NY For information and to make a reservation, contact Joanne Campbell at (with "Class of 99" in the subject line).


More Autumn Decorations every day. Here's a Babbott Avenue doorway.

On Shanley Road at the Landis Farm.

But there are very few blasts of color, like this on Bailey Lake Road.

Even these trees on Tower Street are unusually subdued. (Perhaps it's still early?)

"Why do Leaves Turn Color?"

Click to learn!

The Winged Euonymus - or "Burning Bush" - at Grace Episcopal Church is right on schedule.


Jody Hildreth, of course, has found bright foliage in the High Peaks.

Here are three photographs that Connie Bocko has just sent to me: wonderful Fall views from St. Regis Mountain (the trailhead is only 200 yds. from Paul Smith's College) ...........


.......... Dave Bocko at the summit of Azure Mountain.

Enjoying Retirement!



DeWitt Clinton Boutelle oil on canvas 1857

Trenton Falls Scenic Trails are open this weekend

Saturday and Sunday, 9:00 - 5:00.



Annual Turkey Dinner

at the Deansboro Methodist Church

Sat. Oct. 10, 4:30 pm.

Adults $8.50, Children 5-12 $4.50 and under 5 free.

Homemade apple and pumpkin pies for dessert!



at the Aud this weekend!




Momentum is in full swing

for the updating of




(Please Click to Enlarge!)




Have a great weekend, everyone!

I'll be in and out of town, but will "blog" news as soon as I hear it!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

It's Recyclables Day!


at 6:00 it's 55 degrees and

"raining cats and dogs!"

WKTV's advice: "Bring the umbrella as you head out the door this morning. Showers and thunderstorms will move in between 6-7AM. These thunderstorms will be accompanied by locally heavy rain. Temperatures are mild this morning, starting out in the upper 50s.

A strong cold front moving through this morning will be followed by some stronger winds. Winds are expected to pick up behind the thunderstorms this morning. A wind advisory is in effect for most of the area. Winds are expected to become sustained between 15-25mph from the west, with gusts over 35mph. Expect a lot of leaf fall today, especially in the higher elevations.

As for rain, it is not expected to be a washout today. The wettest part of the day for many will be in the morning. A break in the rain by the late morning. Lake effect rain will develop today. Winds will shift from the southwest to the northwest today, causing the band to shift through the day. Showers will move in by the afternoon, with scattered showers in many spots. Temperatures are expected to slowly fall through the 50s through the day.

Another break in the rain on Thursday, before our next, stronger storm system moves in for Friday. Friday will be a warm day, with a bit of a breeze, followed by much cooler but mainly dry weather for Saturday and Sunday. Some rain is possible as we look ahead ot Columbus day."


The WCS Boys' Varsity Soccer Team beat Sauquoit 2 - 1 on Monday evening!



An Enote from Liska Savage that tells us what sister Lucy was doing all Summer! She was "working" as a member of the "Dreamteam" on the set of "Survivor: Samoa!" (You can learn what the "dreamteam" does by clicking here, 'though this is from another Survivor series and you won't see Lucy.)

But here she is!

Click the image to go to a video of her "at work!"

(Thanks, Liska!)


Fred Ashforth sent this picture of Corrine and Troy Bishopp "learning the slow, smooth and romantic Night Club Slow Dance." The Ashforths are teaching a Basic Ballroom Dance class at the Waterville American Legion, again. "Couples from Waterville, Deansboro and Hamilton get together Monday nights to have some fun while learning the Swing, Night Club Slow Dance, Foxtrot and Waltz."

Classes will run until mid-November. (If you feel inspired, call the Ashforths at 841-4875.)


Stafford Avenue was resurfaced a couple of weeks ago and now Elmwood is smoooooooth!

The giant scaffolding has been moved and repair work is under way on the south tower of St. Bernard's Catholic church.


On White Street.

On Sanger Avenue.

The Haunted House is open, now, at Alcotts' Greenhouse.

(It sounded really creepy .......... I didn't dare ..........!)


Jody Hildreth and three of his buddies climbed Wright Peak, last weekend.
(At least they think that's where they were!)

There's nothing like crawling uphill for three or fours hours and then not being able to see anything!

It was much less foggy at lower altitudes, and - as always - Jody's eye saw some wonderful sights ..........

........ both great and small!

(This is a red-spotted newt.)



In re: yesterday's post and my remarks about the services performed by the Waterville Area Food Pantry I gave the wrong impression when I wrote that about 20 families were served. This, from Coordinator Vicki Sabol, is accurate:

(The Food Pantry) "may be helping about 20 families this month and 20 on average, but they may all be different or overlap, as families have differing needs. Some may come to us monthly, some only a couple of times a year. So, overall we are assisting many more than 20 families, probably double that at one time or another. At holiday time, we surely are helping about 40 families."


It's the Yankees vs. Minnesota tonight at 6:07 in NY.

The Sox travel West to meet the Angels Thursday night at 9:30.


More, as it happens.

Have a great day, every one!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

46 degrees and overcast


From WKTV: "Good morning Central New York! A brief break from the rain today before we're back in it again by tonight.
A few leftover sprinkles from lake effect in northwestern Oneida County early this morning. Most areas starting out rain free, but it will feel a bit damp this morning with clouds and patchy fog.
Today is expected to stay rain free. A weak area of high pressure will pass nearby, bringing us drier weather. A few breaks of sunshine are possible this afternoon, but more clouds will arrive by evening. High temperatures this afternoon near a seasonable 60 degrees.

Rain arrives before midnight tonight as our next storm system approaches the area. Rain and breezy weather will continue tomorrow morning, lightening up a bit in the afternoon. Scattered showers through the afternoon and evening. Highs on Wednesday only in the upper 50s.

Another break in the rain on Thursday, before our next, stronger storm system moves in for Friday. Friday will be a warm day, with a bit of a breeze, followed by much cooler but mainly dry weather for Saturday and Sunday. Some rain is possible as we look ahead ot Columbus day."


Yesterday, sunshine turned off and on and off, again.

The sky was really dark, dark gray at around 4:00 P.M. when I drove along Main Street ...

........ sun shone on corn on Fuess-Cleary Road ...........

......... but five minutes later gray clouds appeared behind wild sunflowers.


Jeff Reyolds picked a sunny day to take these pictures of Autumn color.

Japanese Anemone.

(Thank you, Jeff!)


Pat and Sheena Moshetti took these pictures of the Moose River, last weekend.

Great View!

(Thanks, Pat!)

Jim Bogan, author

He probably didn't know it, then, but when Jim Bogan was a boy he was storing up memories of events and mental images of familiar people and everyday things all of which would ultimately add that "something special" of awareness to his adult life. He was born in 1938 and has always lived on the hill above Forge Hollow; always hearing the sound of Big Creek, down in the valley.

Over the past twenty-five years he has written a great number of essays, stories and poems based on those early memories. Back in 2003, then-Library Director Susy Quayle helped him get copyright for the collection. This past January, after a fall immobilized him for several weeks, his friend Allan Staley encouraged him to use that time to finally put the collection to print. Now he has!


by Jim Bogan

is a seventy-five-page book printed by the Hamilton College Press and available, at this time,
either by contacting Jim, directly, or by stopping at Main Street Liquors.


The same Susy Quayle that encouraged Jim, as well as her own very successful children, Catharine and Matt, can take more than a little pride in all of them - even her other "children" - known as "Zookeys!"

These bright little creatures (and she) were awarded First Place in the Arts & Crafts division at the Remsen Barn Fest! (And she didn't even know that such a prize existed!) Congratulations!


When Matt Quayle offered to do a "benefit" concert for the Music Department at the High School, he knew that no admission fee would be charged.

How do you do a 'benefit" that way?

Well, of course, you can say that concert-goers will benefit simply by the experience of hearing Matt and his friend, cellist Jameson Platt, perform on Thursday evening.

The Brothertown Music Boosters stepped in and suggested that the admission "fees" be contributions to the Waterville Area Food Pantry.

The "Waterville Area Food Pantry" was established twenty or more years ago and serves all of the communities and residents of the Waterville Central School District, and ALWAYS welcomes donations of either goods or money!

I spoke, yesterday, with Vicki Sabol, Coordinator of the Food Pantry, who told me that at this time about twenty households are being helped out and, with holidays coming, there will probably be more requests. Participants are suggested by the schools, churches and doctors' offices in the area. The Food Pantry is located in the rear of the Schoolhouse Apartments and is open on Mondays from 3:00 - 4:30.

The Food Pantry always needs:

all non-perishable foods that come in boxes, cans or plastic containers - no glass, please;

toiletries: like shampoos, lotions, toothbrushes and toothpaste;

household goods like dish and laundry detergent, paper goods - even toilet paper!

Because the Waterville Area Food Pantry acquires a considerable portion of their supplies from the Central New York Food Bank, actual money is also necessary.

If you would prefer to help by making a monetary donation, please make your checks payable to the "Waterville Area Food Pantry."


How will the concert benefit the music department?

(Thanks for asking!)

The Brothertown Music Boosters will hold one of its famous raffles!

This time the winner will have


at the Stanley!


I'm running late! Sorry!

Have a great day everyone!!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

47 and overcast


(it's a day late - but you can still remind her!)

It's Garbage Day!




"Hamilton Officially Opens the New Chenango Canal Trail"
from the Madison County Courier and Google.



If you haven't checked the blog for a couple of days,
scroll down for several items that I posted as they came along.

The WKTV forecast: "A generally quiet start to Monday morning. A few lake effect rain showers continue across the north country this morning, with plenty of clouds elsewhere. Take the light jacket and umbrella heading out the door this morning.

Lake effect rain showers will slowly push south through the day, as wind shift slightly into the northwest. We expect scattered showers for Oneida County and into the Mohawk Valley today. It will be a very changeable weather day with mostly cloudy skies, some sunshine, along with those showers. The breeze will pick up in those rain showers, with gusts up to 20mph today.

Lake effect rain showers come to an end tonight. Mostly cloudy with overnight lows in the mid 40s.

A break for Tuesday, with mainly dry weather. Our next storm system will bring a steady rain by Tuesday night. Cooler weather to follow by Wednesday with a breezy, showery afternoon. A break on Thursday again, with more rain and cooler weather Friday afternoon. Columbus Day weekend looks likely to be chilly."


The Hot Air Balloon pilot's map must have a large circle on it indicating Forge Hollow!

Barely two weeks after the VanDenberghs played hosts to a similar (or, possibly, the same) aircraft, I received a 'phone call from Jerry Burdick just a bit before 6:00 p.m. last evening telling me that yet another balloon had landed - this time in the old orchard next to his yard in Forge Hollow. And just a few minutes later, these photographs arrived: thanks to Val Schenk, who interrupted her dinner to grab her camera and snap these pictures!

Thanks, Val !


On Barton Avenue

On Sanger Avenue

On Barker Road




With more and more acreage being given over to soybeans, and knowing that I'm not the only (city) person who didn't know, I asked Jack Brouillette to tell me"Why?"

And here's his answer!

"There are several reasons that soybean acreage has increased:

1. Soybeans are a good quality protein source in dairy rations and growing them on the farm helps offset the cost of purchasing soy. Farms raising SB's are either feeding them "raw" in a few instances, or as in most cases are having them "roasted" at local mills like Gale's Feed or by a custom roasting service. Heat treating the soybeans makes them more nutritionally stable to animals and helps enhance shelf life of the bean. They are high in fat as well, so they can go rancid after time, just like peanuts.

2. Soybeans are a good cash crop and can be planted and harvested with existing equipment on the farm Soybeans fit well into crop rotations and do a nice job of conditioning the soil and enhancing fertility. They are a legume, so they "fix nitrogen" and provide good fertility for subsequent crops like corn and small grains. Many local farmers sell extra soybeans as a source of additional income. They are sold either directly to local mills or done via commodity brokers in which they lock prices for a delivery date on the Chicago Board of Trade in 1000 bushel increments. These beans often go to a processor where the soy oil and fat is extracted for human food use and the leftover " soybean meal" is also used for feeding animals.

3. In the last 10 years they have been many new soybean varieties that are fit well in our climate here in CNY. In addition, CNY has been able keep free of major fungal and insect challenges that effect soybeans, hence they grow well for us, especially with our good soils around Waterville and CNY."

Thank you!!



The Waterville Historical Society's Annual 'Victorian Tea" won't take place for two months -- December 5th -- but there are only eleven tickets left! Call the Falks at 841-4018 to reserve yours, now!




A year ago!

It'll be up to the Yankees to decide whether they want a seven- or eight-day Series!

The Sox know they'll meet the Angels, but they don't know when it'll happen!


(Click to enlarge.)


A new author!

New Autumn photos
from blog-reading photographers


'The Food Pantry"

Have a good day, everyone!