Friday, June 26, 2009


At 8:30 ----- both a phone call and an Email to say that the dog was safe at home!

Are you missing a St. Bernard?

at 7:30 A.M. he was sitting in the back of a pickup truck at 169 Madison Street!!

(Seems he followed someone home from the Park.)



It's 61 degrees, dark and muggy.

The forecast from WKTV: "Hit or miss showers will be the theme here over the next several days, with seasonable temperatures.

A cold front will slowly pass through the region early this morning. While the majority of severe weather is expected to be well south and east of the area, a few pop up showers and thunderstorms are possible at any point today. Most of the day will be dry, with a mix of sunshine and clouds. High temperatures expected in the upper 70s to low 80s. It will feel less humid than yesterday as well.

Mostly cloudy tonight with hit or miss showers and sprinkles. Overnight lows near 60.

Continued unsettled weather into the weekend. An area of low pressure will dive in from the north, bringing with it scattered showers. It will be in no hurry to leave either. Both Saturday and Sunday, expect a mix of sunshine and clouds, with hit or miss showers. High temperatures in the upper 70s to low 80s.

Another cold front is expected to arrive on Sunday night, increasing the threat for more showers and thunderstorms. Yet another area of low pressure will advance from the west early next week, increasing the threat for showers and thunderstorms. This storm will stall just to our west, and is likely to give us cooler weather with scattered showers into next week."


Peter Bridge recognized yesterday's picture of the super-thorny wild roses and sent me this nice Email:

"RE: 'Multi-flora roses'
It was sometime in the late 40's when Norm Eckerson, a fellow New Jersey ex-patriot and a Craigfoot Hill neighbor, suggested to my father that there was a better way to keep cows from wandering (literally) through barbed wire fences than perpetual maintenance of those fences and we both decided to experiment with what became known to us as multi-flora roses. I don't know where Norm planted his but we planted ours between a meadow and a pasture as an experiment of sorts atop the hill behind the barns. Good thing we didn't remove the fences. At first we watched them closely but became bored when we realized that where we had planted maybe 50 bushes, there were only about 10 growing, none contiguously. And not too vigorously at that! So much for floral fencing. Maintaining barbed wire fences was a nettlesome job most farmers saved for rainy days in springtime and not uncommon emergencies anytime. It appears from your description that these roses can and do flourish but only where they choose to. Ours never became fences and I do not remember any of them earning the appellation "multi-flora."

Thanks, Peter - I liked reading that! Coincidentally ---- I took the photograph of the trailing runners very close to the old Eckerson place on the road to the Fish & Game Club!

Now HERE's a "fence" of roses - decorative only - in front of Walt and Joanna Johnston's on Sanger Hill Road.


(Click for explosion of color!)

We've had a mixture of weather and Fr. Tom's flowers have thrived in it!

The Rectory Hop Yard is doing well, too!

Please click on the image for details about The Wall, when and where you can visit it.

HERE, too, is a link to more pictures of The Moving Wall.


This looks inviting!

Catalpas are blooming!

I wonder if little girls ever string fallen blossoms to make necklaces
the way they did 70 years ago!


The Moons on Madison Street definitely need a "Geese Crossing" sign!

On the Marshall Trail, it's Beavers vs. ATVs: who will win?


Gasoline is staying the same: $2.79.9

The new "Informational Kiosk" will NOT be going here:

that's all the information that I have!


It's Graduation time, and to all of you who are "graduating,"
I send my congratulations, best wishes, and hopes that whether or not you're ever given more pieces of paper or "sheepskin," you'll never let the learning stop.

That's what makes life fun!


In yesterday Email, from Jim Beha:

"Krysta Beha, daughter of James and Deborah Beha of Marcy, and Grand daughter of Joseph and Leonie Beha of Waterville, received the Triple "C" Award, as she joined the new freshman class at Whitesboro senior high school, on June 24. Krysta is a member of National Junior Honor Society, girls modified basketball, lacross and field hockey teams, along with her many other activities."


Have a Good Weekend, Everyone!

Thursday, June 25, 2009


It's Garbage Day

58 degrees and clear

WKTV's Weather Forecast: "Hazy, hot, and humid today...but a different story as we head into the weekend and beyond.

Summer heat arrives this afternoon. We'll call it hazy, hot, and humid, with highs approaching 90. Scattered showers and thunderstorms are possible by the afternoon. Some of these storms could be on the stronger side, producing gusty winds and small hail.

A cold front will slide through tonight, accompanied by widespread showers and thunderstorms. Some of these showers and storms may last into early Friday.

Cooler Friday afternoon, with highs in the low 80s and much less humidity.

An area of low pressure will dive in from the north over the weekend. The first half of Saturday is expected to be dry, but as this storm approaches we'll see an increasing threat for showers, especially to the north and east. Another cold front is expected to arrive on Sunday, increasing the threat for more showers and thunderstorms."


WKTV NEWSCHANNEL2 also has a new "Boilermaker" site for all sorts of event information and Boilermaker news!


to John & Elaine Peterson!

"Good News" came in an Email from John Peterson saying that he and Elaine will celebrate their fortieth anniversary on 3 July. They have just returned from NC where they have a brand new grand daughter, Alicia Lynne, who was born on Sat, 13 June in Wilmington, No. Carolina to John & Rina Peterson. "She is beautiful and healthy - 8lbs, 21 In."


In the Park, yesterday ...............

all sorts of bright displays at the Farmers' Market!

I've received two Emails and had a few other conversations with local folks who wish that the "Market" stayed open later than 5 o'clock. The better place to send such "wishes" is to Municipal Hall!


If not the "Trike," shown on yesterday's blog post, how about this?

(This unicyclist must be the one who performed so dramatically during "Hello, Dolly!"

Can anyone tell me who he is?)

Immediate response from Kristin Strohmeyer! "The unicyclist is Max Perrin, son of Keli Perrin and Mark Perrin. It’s his primary mode of transporatation!

(Thanks, Kristin!) (and Debby!)


Scraping and fixing on Main Street.

Refurbishments continue at "Town's End," south of Sangerfield on Route 12.

The "greens" were being tended at the Sangerfield Golf Course.

(Will it be open, soon?)

Country roadsides are heaped with trailing runners of tiny white roses ........

.......... pretty, up close, but full of thorns!

(I was once told - a long, long time ago - that during the Second World War, when there was no metal available, farmers were given rootings of this rose to grow instead of barbed wire fences. Is there any truth to that?)

Also blooming: mallows. Just pretty: not prickly.



courtesy of Jeff Reynolds

Click image to enlarge, and



Have a Great Day, Everyone!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Blog's Back!


Now we're up and running again!

It's Wednesday;


54.5 degrees and sunny.


The solution to the blog formatting problem was correcting one line in the (13 page) format HTML and that was a "pain."

However, I can also tell you that "Angels & Demons" is
a dandy movie and the Redsox won, 11 - 3.

WKTV predicts that: "Another beautiful day expected today, with increasing heat and humidity by tomorrow.

A weakening storm system in the Atlantic will continue to throw in a few extra clouds for areas east of Utica today. The vast majority of the day is expected to feature pleny of sun with highs in the mid 80s. Not as much of a breeze compared to the past two days, making it feel even warmer. Very comfortable this evening, with temperatures falling into the 70s. Mostly clear skies tonight, with overnight lows in the low 60s."

As the storm out in the Atlantic continues to weaken, summer warmth will arrive tomorrow afternoon. We'll call it hazy, hot, and humid, with highs in the upper 80s. Scattered showers and thunderstorms are possible by the afternoon. A cold front will slide through late Thursday night, accompanied by widespread showers and thunderstorms. Some of these showers and storms may last into early Friday. Cooler Friday afternoon, with highs in the low 80s and much less humidity.


Great thanks to Pam Brown for taking a picture of Pat Roger's rare


for all of us to see!

Also - my thanks to Marilyn Maine for phoning to let me know that it had bloomed. They're native to the Himalayan Mountains and, 'tho Pam has heard that there are some in the Adirondacks, I never saw any.


Another rarity: I don't know what it's called or who the owner is, but I like it!

(Do they come in purple?)

8:26 A.M. - I've just received Email from Steve Pirger of Cassville who writes, "The trike is a Stallion, made by Thoroughbred Motorsports in Texas. Sorry, it doesn't come in purple. Will candy apple red or black cherry do?
It's owner is Ralph Trumble from Bridgewater." (And in another Email, Sandy Harding agrees!)

Thanks, Steve and Sandy!


I think that I have a few more "bloggable" items,
but they need to be confirmed!



Tuesday, June 23, 2009



Many, MANY cups of coffee later (and several generous offers of help from blog-readers!) this is just a temporary "fix" --- at least it's readable. I still can't communicate with "Blogspot" as easily as I usually can - when it comes to changing format, font, type style or color - but at least I know that it's not ME and not my computer - and that's a help!


It's 51.4 degrees and sunny.

From WKTV: "Nice weather continues today, with summer weather arriving tomorrow afternoon.
An area of low pressure continues to sit and spin in the same spot as it did yesterday in the Atlantic Ocean. For today, a carbon copy of yesterday. Plenty of sunshine this afternoon, with more clouds to the east. Staying dry with a breeze picking up again by the afternoon. Skies will clear out tonight, with overnight lows in the upper 50s.

As the storm out in the Atlantic weakens, summer warmth will arrive tomorrow afternoon. Sunny skies, with highs in the mid 80s. It will also feel slightly humid by the afternoon as well.

The heat and humidity will peak on Thursday. We'll call it hazy, hot, and humid, with highs in the upper 80s. Scattered showers and thunderstorms are possible by the afternoon. A cold front will slide through late Thursday night, accompanied by widespread showers and thunderstorms. This will cool us off on Friday, with temperatures returning to the upper 70s."


Monday afternoon on Main Street.

What a different six months makes!


19 days and counting!

"Boilermaker" flags are appearing: they're flying at the Hudson home on Sanger Avenue ........

......... at little way down the street at the Burbacks'.

(Click image for "Boilermaker" website!)

On Babbott Avenue S., slow down (or come to a complete stop!) and enjoy Pat's flowers!




Something Special has been added to this Friday morning's "Story Swap" at the Waterville Public Library:

thanks to Jill Getman and her mom,
the suggestion that there be a traditional Birthday Recognition

(that means Cake and SOME candles!)

for a fine story-teller and

Legend in his own Time,

Dick Woodman,

who will be 96 years old on the 29th.

(Bring stories of other great celebrations or about

R.S. Woodman, Esq., himself!)


(Click image for enlargement.)

Have a Great Day, Everyone!

Monday, June 22, 2009


It went dark brown? and so I turned the type white, but now .....


At least this is readable --- I'll work on it after I've had another cup of coffee!



It's Garbage Day!

59.5 degrees and dry.

From WKTV: "The clouds and showers of the weekend have now moved out to sea. An area of low pressure will park itself out across the Atlantic, and for once we'll be on the dry side of things. Expect a mix of sunshine and clouds today with highs in the upper 70s to near 80. It will be a bit breezy at times, with winds from the north between 12-18mph, with gusts over 25mph at times. Quiet weather continues tonight, with partly cloudy skies and lows in the upper 50s.

Continued sunshine tomorrow, with highs near 80. As a storm tracks north through the Great Plains, the jet stream will shift north, ushering warm weather into the Northeast. Highs in Wednesday will climb into the mid 80s, with noticeably higher levels of humidity. Ditto that for Thursday, with the chance for showers and thunderstorms as a cold front moves through.

Generally pleasant from Friday and beyond, with the threat of some pop up showers and thunderstorms into the weekend."

Anyone who was in town over the weekend was busy - either at the Library or giving blood at the Municipal Hall or at St. Bernard's Rummage/Bake Sale and Car Wash (moved, due to weather) or playing in the WCS Foundation Golf Tournament ......... and everyone was WET. It rained and rained. (At least there was no lightning!)


Some of the hop bines at the Library are doing very well and, according to Pete Kane, "hops like the rain!"

On a gray day, what brighter place than the Library Garden!

New life for the "old" library!





Waterville Public Library,
Strawberry Desserts,
5:30 p.m.
Sign up: 841-4651
$5 for local

Cans & Clams
5-8 pm
or until Sold Out
CJ Fulmer Post #92


The Oldtimers’ Story Swap Continues

next Friday morning at 10:15
at the Waterville Public Library

So far, there have been about forty participants who have told some wonderful tales and touched on TOPICS that have included:

“skinny dipping” in the Tower/Tyler Reservoir
News Year’s Day parties at the Battles’ home on Stafford
the night of the Candee Block Fire
why is there a lady’s bonnet in the vault at Dick Woodman’s office?
where was the steam plant on Mill Street?
the Gas Plant on Babbott Avenue
The “Home for Homeless Ladies”
riding a “double rip” from Livingston Hill all the way to the Buell Ave. dump
sledders’ means of getting back up hill
1940’s laws prohibiting married women from teaching and more
picking hops
the “clay pits” and brick works

and LEGENDARY PEOPLE, including:

Wm. Cary Sanger, Jr. and his “ideosyncrasies”
Dr. Battles and his horse-drawn office; Dr. McConnell
Bobby Lawson and his firearms
Jimmy Etchingham’s famous smoking chimneys
Johnny Silvadore’s secret still on Hooker Street
Hilda Barton’s youthful experiences
Truman Jones and his bicycle
the reclusive Kate Candee and her Brunswick “take-out”
Mrs. Battles and her car
Anna Cleveland James, actress, owner of “Illahee”


Edward Barton and Barton Family Money
The fire at “The Corner Store”
The “Borden” fire
Ruben Tower and "the tower"
Gerald Coggeshall

.............. and much, much more!

Please join us! Coffee and donuts are ready at 10:00



Three years ago on Sanger Avenue ..............

...... and Main Street.

This was taken about two years ago. If you slow down as you pass Edie Eastman's home on Route 315 you can still see a few poppies growing in the rye!


(Click to get started!)

Have a Great Day, Everyone!