Tuesday, December 29, 2009


It's just 8 degrees F. / -13 C.

with lots of wind blowing a small amount of new snow.

Be wary of the Wind Chill!

Click the image for more amazing photographs from SnoCrystals.com!

(The annual visit to my favorite "snow appreciation site!")


WKTV's forecast: "Snows will wind down gradually on Tuesday but windy and bitterly cold conditions will continue along with some localized blowing snow. Highs tomorrow near 10. Wind chills minus 5 to minus 15.

Winds should diminish on Tuesday Night with partially clearing skies. Low zero. Partly sunny Wednesday. High 20-25."

Yesterday's forecast called for everything from 2 to 4 to (overheard at Fallon's) 15 inches of snow.

Paul Holic and Kevin Kelley were two of many who decided to make room for it.


This was the scene at the corner of Main Street and Route 315 early Sunday morning: the DOT - with Mayor Younes on the sidelines - were looking for a broken water main! More DOT personnel were at the point of Monument Park checking a line there, but as of yesterday afternoon the only sign I saw of digging was in the O'Briens' front yard on E. Bacon Street. Whether or not the incidents are related, I have no idea, but the only good thing to be said about any of it is that it happened before this morning's "cold snap!"


Yesterday afternoon's Country Views:

Sally Road, above ..........

........... and Lewis Road west of Route 12.



One of the twenty windmills at the Fenner Wind Farm fell down, over the weekend.
"Safety Oversight Lacking," from the Observer-Dispatch.

Erin Hamlin

I think that by now we all know who Erin Hamlin is and what she does*, but now she's earned another claim to fame: "Hamlin Among Top Female Athletes."

* Click here to learn about the luge!


My "feathered friends?"

I keep filling bird feeders, but between the red squirrel and ......

......... greedy gray squirrels, it's almost a losing battle.

Does anyone have any suggestions?
Something that I can sprinkle around that squirrels don't like?


Yesterday afternoon I received a very nice letter from a Mr. John Ogden who had grown up in Waterville and is a blog-follower. He'd noticed, suddenly, that he was "hit" number 200,001, and was enjoying that bit of unusual excitement. Then, this morning, I found an E-note from Rob Verdon on Putnam Street saying that he was the 200,000th viewer, around 3;30 yesterday afternoon. He included this screen snap which, I imagine, I should print and frame.

It never occurred to me that I should have "door prizes" on hand for just such blog viewers: Oh dear! Maybe I can think of something!

Two-hundred-thousand sounds like such a huge number! But -- does anyone have any idea how that compares to other "small town" based blogs?

Whatever - my thanks, again, to all of you who got in on the race. It makes a very memorable Christmas present for me!

Have a Great Day, everyone!

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