Wednesday, December 23, 2009

About an inch of new snow.

Recyclables Day

13.5 degrees F. / -10.3 C.

O.K. I'm back!
After a very late start having simply overslept!

From WKTV: "Light snow continues for parts of the area this morning. Lake effect bands are making their way into the Mohawk Valley, with a light accumulation of fluffy snow on the roadways. Give yourself a few extra minutes to reach your destination today.

A weak upper level disturbance will give most of us a round of snow showers for today, with some lake enhancement in areas from Utica to the south and west. Snow will fall lightly through most of the day. Here is a look at the snowfall forecast:

If you are traveling across the northeast on Christmas Eve, the weather is expected to be nice and quiet. High pressure will bring sunshine and warmer temperatures to Central New York, with highs in the low 30s.

A storm system will develop and move into Central New York by Christmas Night and the morning of the 26th. Most of Christmas Day should feature generally quiet weather under considerable cloudiness. Precipitation is expected to initially start out as a mix of snow and ice after dark on Christmas Night, followed by a changeover to freezing rain and rain through Saturday morning. Cooler weather with snow showers heading into early next week.

O Tannenbaum


A nice note from Gil Condon (who really likes the blog!) adding that "This fall Les and I got to Newgrange and the Boyne Valley, Ireland. Amazing history lessons, how we / ancestors survived 5000 yrs ago. We stayed in the old village of Trim located on the Boyne River. 1 day turned into 3. Been there 5 times but I never knew that Ireland was that pre-historic...... or caveman-ish..and how we made it back then in "Certain Valleys." Almost a hint of the Global Warning threat!"


A letter from a gal named Pamme Swan who is a new bartender at "Michael's" and is also a Folk Singer with six CDs. "My latest CD, "Songs From Mountains East And West".... have many story songs about local CNY history, such as the Loomis Gang, Chester Gillette and Grace Brown (The American Tragedy) and songs written about several infamous characters from the Adirondack Mountains.
I'm trying to find out who is in charge of hiring music for the lovely new bandstand in Waterville this summer.
I would love to perform on it!!!
Any information would be great!
Thank you"

You can check out her website and songs by clicking HERE.


I was surprised that I only received ONE E-note about the New York Times article
which had suggested that ALL New Yorkers are "sad sacks!" Jane Schwartz wrote:

"We disagree..., we're happy!"

(Thank You!)

Any others??


There are so many things about living in "Upstate" New York that my friends and relatives "Downstate or in more congested areas of Massachusetts or Connecticut will never understand: I'm happy here because - for instance - there are people like Jack Prior who I can 'phone at 9:00 in the morning, wailing, "Help! My stove's dead!" and have him reassure me that he'll save the day (and the cookies) within an hour or two!

(Actually, that's where most of my day went, although I did get some more Christmas cards written! Perhaps today I'll bake!



Are you following SU Basketball?

"Orange Improve to 12-0 with Win Over Oakland."


Have a Great Day, Everyone!

I just checked: 4,363 hits to go.

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